Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wednesday Thoughts

Guess where I am right now? Here's a hint: I'm at the last Tigers game of the regular season (wow, I'm bad at hints). Sigh. I can't believe it's my last game for the year. The Tigers will go on playing, but I won't be there to cheer them on because, alas, playoff tickets cost an arm and a leg. But I shouldn't complain. I got to go to a lot of games this season, and none of them were losing games! (Great, now I feel like I cursed the game tonight by saying that. Good thing I wore my lucky underwear.) So it's been a good season for me.

For them too.
(Unrelated to me. [Though I like to think I helped.])

Here's what I love about going to baseball games:

The atmosphere! I love the crowds and the revelry.
The Tiger growl when the team scores.
The "eat 'em up Tigers" guy outside the stadium - in fact, all the colorful characters outside the stadium.
The kosher dogs.
Justin Verlander and Miguel Cabrera.
The sun beating down!
The Detroit skyline.
The music. I love the music they play at the stadium! 
And everything else, except the wave. I'm not a fan of the wave. Too distracting. The wave not only requires a lot of concentration, but the people who want to get it going are bullies!

What's your favorite sport to see in person (vs. watching on tv)?


lizzie mc.- said...

I'm a football fan live, or the last 1/4 on TV. I just can't sit for 10 min for 10 seconds of action. And basketball is a joke. Whoever has longer legs and can cross the court faster wins. I like watching golf... while I check my eyelids for wholes. But I've heard I'd really like to see a Hockey game... Me? I don't think so. Tennis is hilarious in spurts. She who grunts loudest wins. Car racing... HA! I dated a guy that was into stock cars... needless to say I just couldn't marry him (and I was 16, minor detail.) But winter Olympics and I'd be there. Skating, skiing, louge, bobsled. WaHOO!

Now participating is totally different, I like Basketball, bad-mitten (does that count?) Running. (Okay, I used to), biking. (Again, a past thing.) I keep trying to be active, but dragging kids in a bike, or running with the child flapping in the wind behind me, just loses all the fun.

Savd said...

Michigan football games!! :) (And soccer games are only really tolerable in person versus being dreadfully dull on TV). :)

Ben said...

Cage fighting is pretty exciting in a live setting... especially when the cage WINS!

Elizabeth Downie said...

When the cage wins!? Hahaha, Ben!

Maxabillion J said...

Hockey. I can't watch it on TV. But I absolutely love it in person, especially if I'm right down by the action. What other sport (besides punching sports) allows you to punch the other guy? And the checking into the glass! It's the best thing America's hat ever invented!

Katherine said...

Tigers baseball!!! For all of the reasons you listed!!! Sigh. I love them. After baseball it's basketball. I love the slow pace of baseball (which I know some people hate), but at the same time, I love the fast-paced action of basketball. I'm just full of contradictions.

Elizabeth Downie said...

Basketball is actually my second favorite for the same reason, Katherine. Must be a family thing!

Liz said...

I agree with Jesse, Hockey live is awesome. Especially when fights occur.