Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Cider Mill

It feels like fall today, and I started out the day with one of my favorite fall traditions: going to the cider mill for fresh donuts and apple cider. My friend Sarah went with me and the donuts were so good we each had...well, we each had more than one. That's all I'll admit to.

The moment we walked into the cider mill, I said the first thing that popped into my head (as per usual): "I wish I could take a picture of this smell." It doesn't make sense, but I think you know what I mean, right?

Fact: Michigan is the number three apple growing state in the country!
 (After Washington and New York.) In case you were wondering.
And I know you were.

Check out the apple slushy maker!

Sarah's not blurry in real life, for the record. (But she is a
teacher,which is why she's hugging the
"great teacher gifts" products.)

We sat on a beach towel because it's been raining all week. Look at
those donuts! Fresh and warm, crisp on the outside,
but soft on the inside. Get in my belly!

The rest of the afternoon has continued to feel like fall. The University of Michigan/Notre Dame night game (first night game ever) is tonight and nearly 1 out of every 3 people I've seen today (including Sarah) has been sporting the maize and blue shirts and hoodies. There are already planes flying overhead near the stadium with banners flying behind them for all the sports fans to see. And the grocery stores are packed today with fans loading up on tailgating food.

It really doesn't get much more autumnal than days like today, does it?


Amy said...

Utah has great summers, but it just can't compete with Michigan in the fall. Reading this makes me miss Michigan so much!

lizzie mc.- said...

UT should be nice this year with all the rain they've had. It was as verdant as Virginia in June.

Football, powdered sugar donuts, apple cider & apple syrup. Okay, so I guess I'm one of Johnny Appleseed's biggest fans!

Melissa C said...

Yeah! Less than a week to go and I will be at Parmenters in Northville!!!!! WHOO HOO!! Love me some cider and donuts!

violet50 said...

Cider and donuts in Dexter is such a big part of my fall experience. Yesterday was perfect! Although fewer bees would have been nice. A few more and they would have been able to carry one of us off, donuts and all.

Katherine said...

Ooooh, I LOVE the Dexter Cider Mill! And before you say it, I love it so much, I WOULD marry it. So there. Their cider and donuts are just Yes, heavenly. They're SO GOOD! And I completely understand about wanting to take a picture of the smell. Fall smells are my favorites, I think - cider, pumpkin pie/cookies/bread, crisp fall air, burning leaves, Larry corns - so good!

Kristin said...

my mouth is watering. and my eyes. You made me really homesick.

Liz said...

Cider mills, that's one Michigan tradition that I never did. I really wish I had gone to one.