Friday, September 16, 2011

Hard Core

The following is a real conversation I had with a friend last night, who I will call C, to protect his identity. (I will call myself "me" because I'll be the other one talking. I can't believe I had to explain that.)

C: I'd read your blog more if it weren't so generic.
Me: What are you talking about!? I'm not generic! I'm unique!
C: Yeah, in a generic way.
Me: (outraged)
C: I'd read more if you'd dish about the real details of your life. The juicy stuff. Be more personal.
Me: That's not happening.

If he feels that way then I'm assuming others might too. So I spent some time today racking my brain for juicy stories I could talk about: dating, ex-boyfriends, journal entries, personal struggles, menstrual cycles, and so on. I asked my friend Jesse what he thinks would be more exciting to hear about from those options. He said it'd be fun to hear about menstrual cycles because "it's funny to hear about irrational behavior." My response? "WHAT DO YOU MEAN IRRATIONAL!?"

So after exploring all the juicy things I could talk about, I finally landed on the most hard core thing I could think of:

That's right: crafts. No but for real, I just feel like writing about crafts right now. I'm sorry if that's not juicy in the traditional sense. You know I'd love to blog about other stuff but I'm sort of limited since guys I might want to date are reading.

Do you mind? In fact, I'm going to start doing posts here and there featuring fun things I've found on Pinterest. I hope I don't lose my male readers. But if I do...... ladies have I got some juicy stories for you!! (I'll tell you when/if the guys are gone.*)

*Guys, don't go. ;)


Vance said...

Those juicy stories, might just be the best way to separate the men from the boys.

SAC said...

LOLOL. I just about coughed up a lung on this one. Oh jeez, tears. So, omitting the Jesse inspired talk on menstrual cycles, we go to crafts, which in fact isn't talked about, but turns into a veiled plea for guys to keep reading the blog. Though I must say, if they keep being this quality, you should never have to worry about it. Hahaha.

SAC said...

You crack me up to a high degree.

Sara said...

I guarantee you will lose 100% of male readers if you start writing about crafts. Just warning you! ;)

Katherine said...

That crafts graphic is amazing! Almost as amazing as actual crafts.!!!!! What crafts are you working on?!?

SAC said...

You won't lose male readers if you decide on going so hard core crafts you have to use power tools. Then you might increase the male readership and draw out such male things as grunts, Tim Taylor style. Uh UH UH!

Maxabillion J said...

Write about things that make you angry. Especially if they are irrational.

D said...

Yeah I think it depends on the kinds of crafts and the number of craft only posts you do. That chicken wire ghost is one guys wouldn't mind reading about. I;m looking forward to it cause I LOVE craft blogs. I also LOVE your blog just the way it is. So just keep the posts coming and I'll be happy:)

Limequat said...

Elizabeth, you made me laugh REALLY HARD and call my boyfriend over to look at your blog because of your "CRAFTS!!!" macro. Well done.

Liz said...

Crafts! Whenever I think of crafts I think of that YouTube video I tweeted to you. Craft Talk by Leslie Hall and the lys.