Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wednesday Thoughts

A Tigers ice cream helmet plus
a Sox helmet = a collection. FYI.
My friend Christi and I are in Chicago for a couple days this week. We're going to do all the touristy things today (the Bean in Millennium Park, the Navy Pier, etc...) which I have done before, but still enjoy. But the main thing we were excited about doing, we did last night: see the Tigers play the White Sox! And win (again!), I might add!

Have you ever seen your team play at a rival stadium? I never had before, and it was a unique experience. Usually, when at Tigers games, I do a lot of this: "WoooooOOooOoOO! Yeah!!" Last night, however, I had to suppress my natural self which was not easy. I'd find myself standing up and shouting, "" then quickly sitting back down and politely clapping, quietly.

At least 30-40% of the fans at the stadium, including the two guys sitting next to me, were Tigers fans, which made it that much harder for me to suppress my cheering instincts. But two things made me feel slightly guilty. One, Christi overheard the people next to her complain, "There's too many Tigers fans here." And two, the other half of our row was a group of nuns cheering for the White Sox.

The nuns spent a lot of energy trying to get on camera (and succeeding at times), which was very funny. But their presence also made us feel a little guilty about being too obnoxiously supportive of the Tigers. For example, one of the guys sitting next to me felt extra bad when he yelled at the White Sox, "You suck!" Then realizing what he was saying, quickly ducked his head, covered his mouth and said, "crap, do you think the nuns heard that?" The nuns being there almost made me wish the White Sox could actually come close to beating the Tigers. Not beat them, mind you, but come close. Just for the nuns.

Now I'm off to enjoy some of the sites of Chicago. What's your favorite thing to do here?

Happy Wednesday!


Katherine said...

That ice cream looks SOOOOO GOOOD!! And congrats on the new collection! I can't believe those nuns trying to get on TV! I've heard they know how to party. And I love the story of the guy yelling "You suck!" Hee hee!
I do like "the bean" and Millennium Park and all of that, but (surprise, surprise), I really love the Art Institute of Chicago. And seeing "Wicked" there was so fun!

Savd said...

I was cracking up about the nuns trying to get on the video screen!! :)

violet50 said...

The nuns might want to rethink their cheering efforts there. The Sox still lost. But maybe it was good for their morale. Go Tigers!!

karajean said...

The nuns! Too funny!

(Lame comment, but I'm not feeling witty right now... I'm simply avoiding homework.)

Brian said...

When you texted me back saying you were watching the Tigers game, I thought you meant on TV, not in person, and certainly not in Chicago. How cool!

Yes, I have seen my team on the road: Jazz 120 - Pistons 114 in overtime ( I remember you not being too thrilled about my enthusiasm that night ;)

Liz said...

I love Chicago. It's one of my favorite places to visit.
Nuns are allowed to like and attend sporting events?! That changes everything, I was so worried that if I became a nun I wouldn't be allowed to cheer for sports. I can become a nun now!