Saturday, September 3, 2011

Release The Kraken!

My good friend at work saw the movie "Clash of the Titans" Thursday night, and as a result, she threatened to "release the Kraken" on anything (or anyone) that annoyed her yesterday. Now, you guys don't annoy me, so don't misunderstand me, but since you didn't give me much love on the Brady Bunch Hawaii trip, I'm about to release the Kraken on you all!! By which I mean I'm going to show you a whole bunch of pictures of things I saw yesterday and you're going to like it!

Ready? Here comes the Kraken (what the H is a Kraken anyway!?). Pictures first, captions later.

1. This picture was taken at my work picnic. That fruit bowl is no joke.

2. I saw this in a garden this morning. I'm not going to say which season this makes me kind of excited for for fear of retribution.

3. Since it was nearly 100 degrees all afternoon, I spent a glorious chunk of the day floating around the pool while catching up with my friend Sarah. Heavenly.

4. I got a temporary tattoo on my arm at my work picnic. The tattoo has the name of the company I work for on it and says "summer picnic 2011." I crossed out the name of the company in this picture just in case any of you are crazies. It's pretty nerdy (read: awesome), but I figured I'd be able to scrub it off pretty easily.  However, it turns out the "temporary" in "temporary tattoo" is a bit misleading. After I went swimming, I took a shower and scrubbed and scrubbed to get it off and couldn't. Which meant I had to go to the community fair tonight looking like... well, like I fit in completely, actually.

5. Is it just me or is the fair the perfect place to shop for that impossible-to-buy-for person? This ingenious (read: terrifying) vendor sold bracelets, computer accessories, necklaces, and pens with REAL bugs/spiders/creepy crawlies in them. Why!? WHY!?

6. I saw a sheep get sheered. And I'm not making that up. And it was amazingly bizarre and foreign to me. It felt like I was watching the sheep get undressed.

7. This brings me to the best part of the evening: motocross. I'm not sure if you all know this about me or not, but I have a redneck streak in me and I love things like this. In fact, I feel like part of me comes alive with the revving of the engines. So redneck, I know. We sat there, eating fried fair foods, mesmerized for hours watching these guys (and some girls) go around and around and around the track.

The event rotated different groups the whole time, with kids going sometimes (cutest thing ever), to teenagers, and up to grown men. The grown men were the most fun to watch because of the speed and jumps. So while the kids were cute, they were a bit boring. Adorably boring. At one point, after the kids finished, we heard the engines of the bigger bikes rev and I said to my friend Sarah, who is a middle school teacher, "Woohoo! We're getting to the men!" Then on further inspection, I said, "Or rather...16 year old boys?" To which she said, "That distinction right there is exactly why I don't teach high school."

8. My day ended with going on what was probably the most fun fair ride ever - the Cortina Bob. This ride was like the dance club of the fair. Strobe lights, loud hip hop music, lively crowd, and so on. Oh, and complete with a really upset stomach afterward! The full fair experience.

You guys, so much more happened yesterday that I didn't post pictures of. I got an awesome shoe for my fractured foot, I saw the craziest looking chicken at the fair, I ate a can of tuna, and so on. It was nonstop adventure all day. Now I'm off for a weekend road trip.

This post feels more journal-y than I like. Tomorrow's blog post forecast: vague with a chance of cryptic. See you then.

Oh, PS, I updated my movie blog for the first time in a million. Here's a link if you're interested.


NOURNME said...

6 bucks

Elizabeth Downie said...

I knew you'd catch that, Adam. haha

Katherine said...

Oh, I love the fair! I also love the photo you sent me of the chicken - that deserves a post all by itself!! It sounds like a pretty awesome day. I am pretty much jealous of the whole day, with the exception of getting the shoe for your fractured foot. I hope it heals quickly! I'm also glad that I commented on the Brady post and hope the kraken leaves me alone!!!

lizzie mc.- said...

I was under the impression that the watermelon/ shark was the Kraken. I love your social definitions and what it really means. You make me giggle. Thanks for the daily blog, it's a great way to start my days.

And as for sheep being sheered here a little something to cheer your weekend while you're healing...

Heather said...

I will be making that Kraken shark at the very next available opprotunity(sp?), you better believe it. I have already thought of how to work it into Paige's birthday party. :)
I have seen many a sheep sheered and I LOVE it. I watched 9 seasons of an Australian show called McCleods Daughters(by which I mean I was completly obsessed and still think about it quite often). Two sisters owned a ranch and they often had sheer off's with bets attached. Never a dull moment. (In my head I know it's just a show, but in my heart they are all real.)

You know I was thinking about posting on the brady vacation. I really think you should have gone easier on the brady's. I know they didn't invite you on this one, but they were really streching Mr.Brady's work budget bringing 6 kids and Alice along. I'm surprised that they didnt see you when they got all their photos back, you must have shown up in some of them.

The picture of the floaty in the pool, i thought it had all different flavors of jello cups in it. That would be a really good idea though, don't you think. Market a pool floaty that also double as a snack lounge?! Let's get on that. We'd just have to figure out where to keep the spoons for all the cups, maybe a little waterproof pouch on the side. (this idea was just copywrited as a downie girls product in my head so no stealing,strangers.)

The bug stuff is totally creapy, and yet I can't seem to look away.
(That scary green scarab in the mouse! Are we in ancient egypt!I think those very same scarabs are all over the tomb of Akmun Ra!)

I'll try and get on the 'puter more often to comment. I know how much you enjoy my ramblings. :)

violet50 said...

I agree with Heather on the jello cups. I had to look at it for a while to figure out that it wasn't really jello cups. I wish I had gone to the fair. It sounds like it was fun!

~ Malissa ~ said...

1. That bug computer mouse really freaked me out!

2. Diggin' the tattoo. I think a real one would suit you well! We could call you Biker E. ;-)

3. lol I was very mislead by the water bed floaty thing. When I first looked at the picture I thought there were cups inside. Can you see it?

4. Yeah for the fair!!

Liz said...

I am terrified of bugs but those bracelets are pretty awesome.
Wait, you fractured your foot?! Did I miss something?