Thursday, February 18, 2010


Hey guys, this post is just for you. Being a woman, I'm not exactly sure what men like to hear about but I got some ideas from comments from the last post and came up with a few of my own. Here's what I know about you.

You like: crazy reality shows like The Deadliest Catch and Dirtiest Jobs. So for your enjoyment, here is a list of some of the dirtiest jobs: 1) sewer cleaner 2) cow inseminator 3) fuel tank cleaner 4) porta potty cleaner 5) bat cave scavenger 6) hot tar roofer 7) chimney sweeper 8) avian vomitologist 9) cow hoof trimmer 10) Lake Erie water snake researcher. If you had to chose one of those, which would you choose?

You like: sports. I got nothing. But here's a link.

You like: weird trivia. So here's a little fact - the person who's balanced the most spoons on their face ever is this guy named Joe Allison. But here's what I didn't tell you - he was nine years old when he did it. And the number of spoons was 16. You can beat that. Here's a tip, use a lot of lotion on your face before attempting this.

You like: growing facial hair. I'm a fan of facial hair, but as far as mustaches go, I only like them on Magnum. But if you are going to grow a mustache, I double dog dare you to try one of these:

You like: toys and gadgets. What do you think of the 3-d t.v.? Would you ever own one? I can see watching some things on it, but I can't imagine watching Jeopardy in 3-d. It seems like overkill. Plus the idea of Alex Trebek popping out of my t.v. like he's in the same room with me is terrifying.

You like: comedies and action movies. I don't watch too many action movies but here are my top 5 comedies:
Any to add?

You like: cars and boats. So here's a question for you: which would you rather drive, the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile or this thing? You'd have to drive whichever one you choose for a whole year. This is non-negotiable.

You like: women. For those of you who like women, here are a couple tips. 1) If you want to approach a girl who's in a pack of girls, approach her. Her friends will (should) scatter. 2) A little cologne never hurts.

You like: acting manly. So here's a little clip for you - no warps. (Watch the clip to get that reference.)


Robert said...

You lost me at "cow inseminator"! That's not a dirty job Elizabeth! Maybe something more like nasty! Guys aren't into nasty!

I did rejoin the conversation when I saw sports though. I can also grow you a beard in about 7 days if you want. ;) Not going to ever sport the Magnum mustache. Just can't get myself to do that.

Little red car. Not the weinermobile. Weinermobile doesn't have any potential for getting into or out of the car and looking manly.

Katherine said...

Man, I love that MANtage!! Hilarious! And I'd really love to see some of my guy friends get out of that little red car. Preferably one after the other like a clown car. Great picks for funniest movies!

Sara said...

hilarious! Guinness Book use to be the one and only book my brother would read. The only magazine - Sports Illustrated for Kids.

Erin said...

ooh! ooh! i know of guys whose job it was to throw dead animals into a pit of decomposing animal life. that seems like a gross man job. or just gross.

(maybe that's what they'll make me do for my prison sentence with the EBT fiasco)

Sarah said...

Wait, I'm confused, can I still comment as a female reader?!? Altho, after reading this list, apparently I have a bit of a masculine side. :) For example, I've watched many Dirty Job episodes (that guy cracks me up!), and would probably choose chimney sweeper, mostly on account of watching "Mary Poppins", which puts me firmly back into the female category. :)

Other thoughts: You are right on about Alex Trebek...(shudders)....I'd add Indiana Jones movies onto the list...Your point about cologne is SO true...and that Mantage was AWESOME! :)

sterlingandbrandi said...

Oh I love love love the MANtage!

D said...

For comedies, gotta include Dumb and Dumber (not that I like it but most guys I know do and knew it by heart at one time in their lives).

Vaughn said...

where to start where to start.....this has me thinking like 15 different thoughts. Being a Mans man can be tough sometimes. I am so glad you said Waynes World is number 1. I am not going to divulge how many times i have seen it...but it is safe to say it is watched at least once a week...Cheers, i think i need to go eat some meat, taste american soil, write off a business expense and cry while watching Lassie...minus the crying part

Wolfgang said...

I used to watch Dirty Jobs and remember thinking that some of the jobs seemed kind of fun (who wouldn't want to recycle tires for a living?), but not anything that involved snakes or cleaning up bodily matter. I would rather get kicked in the face while giving a cow a pedicure than deal with avian vomit or poo.

The Mantage video cracked me up. I've walked on the railroad tracks many times, but mostly to play chicken with the oncoming train. That's manly right? I've also cried during most movies involving a dog; Lassie, Benji, Old Yeller, The Incredible Journey, 101 Dalmations (that Cruella was SO evil; I still have nightmares about her), and Lady and the Tramp, to name a few.

Kathy said...

I think you hit the nail on the head with all of these manly things! My husband especially loves anything involving fire or knives. We went to this giant knife store in Tennessee, and he spent about two hours drooling. He came out with about 4 pocket knives, a set of throwing knives and 3 machetes. All completely needed while living in the City of Saline.

Pollz said...

I had seen the MANtage before, but forgot about it. It was just perfect for this post. Very funny!

Anonymous said...

The Deadliest Catch is awesome and Sportscenter is a daily ritual and I can probably survive on watching soccer. So I am really looking forward to the World Cup this summer.

I am not much of a facial hair guy so I am usually clean shaved.

I love gadgets

Movies, well since you cover comedy I’ll give you my top action

The Dark Knight
Star Wars – The Empire Strikes Back
Raiders of the lost Ark

I am definitely driving the Weinermobile…I want to be a hotdogger. Hahaha

Yes – We like women…that is an understatement

An admirer from the distance.

Drake said...

Wow I picked a good day to start reading your blog, being a man and all.

Let's see.

Lake Eerie Water Snake researcher (because I'd pretend to be Samuel L. Jackson from snakes on a plane pretty much every day)

Sports: Meh. Does fencing count?

Weird Trivia: Slumdog Millionaire reinforced the idea of how its important to know a little bit about everything, no matter how useless.

Facial Hair: One of the simple pleasures of life, and my best shot at not being mistaken for one of the high school students where I work.

Gadgets: 3d-tv...the biggest joke ever played on the people who just bought their HD tvs.

Comedies: Don't forget Mystery Men. I think you have to be a guy to enjoy a comedy that's also a parody of a superhero movie. Also Zombieland, same principle.

Women: Noted!

Mantage: One of my favorite skits they do. Also check out their douchebag contest, by the same group.

Heather said...

I love Mike Rowe (from both deadliest catch (narrator) and Dirty Jobs. I secretly have a crush on him.

Since I'm a girl I read Ethan this post and he said, as a boy, he like's Mater from "Cars"; poop; throw up; being tall like Daddy some day; Batman; Scissors; dinosaurs; poking Samantha in the head.

This from a 3 year old.

Katherine said...

Ethan's responses are the best!! That kid cracks me up! "Poking Samantha in the head..." Hilarious!

Mary said...

For you car choices I would have thought they would like to chose between the Batmobile or Kip from Night Rider. On the funny movie....not that I agree, but most guys seem to think The Blues Brothers is funny....go figure.

Kristin said...

i can't believe you didn't include the dream team or uhf in your movie list.

Liz said...

Wow! How do you know so much about guys?