Thursday, September 29, 2011

Seasonal Shifts

My friend Erin painted these. Isn't she talented!?

Indications of the changing season: 

I've never been so cold at a Tigers game as I was last night. I drank a cup of hot chocolate to stay warm. My friend drank two. I wore a scarf, a jacket, and put a poncho over my lap and yet still I shivered throughout the whole game. 
(Still had a blast. Never doubt that.)

I got a flu shot today at work. I've been looking forward to it all week because it gets me away from my desk for ten minutes. How sad is that?

I bought a groupon for two passes to a haunted corn maze. I could have bought one for a normal corn maze but I decided to live on the edge since it is the Halloween season now. If you go to that with me, be prepared to guide me through the corn maze while I close my eyes and hold on to you the whole time. 
That's what I did in the last haunted house I went to. 
Only problem was, I didn't know the guy who's jacket I was holding onto. I was so scared I didn't care. I just held on for dear life and kept my eyes closed tight. He never said a word to me about it, and we parted ways without so much as a passing glance. I loved that man.

This morning I heard the geese flying south. That's one of my favorite sounds. It makes me want to curl up under a warm comforter for the season. 

I made myself sick eating candy corns yesterday. (That only required eating ten candy corns. Do those things have a small amount of ipecac in them or something? Still, the first five or so are delicious.)

I'm cold all the time. Someone please remind me to wear a jacket?

What are some fall signs you've seen or experienced lately? 


Katherine said...

HA!! Funny stuff. I do love candy corn, and think I need to build up a stronger stomach so I can eat way more. They're so good! I haven't heard any geese yet, but yesterday it smelled like fall for the first time this season. It was nice! I've started making more soups, which starts happening as soon as cooler weather comes. Yum! I just want to hibernate! :)

Claire said...

HAHAHA. LOVED the part about Haunted Houses/ Corn mazes. I refuse to go to haunted houses- they are way scarier! I think last year when I went to a haunted corn maze, my friends and I teamed up with a group of 11 year old boys. They were our scouts.

lizzie mc.- said...

Best. Blog. Ever!

I love paInted eggs. Great craft!

Flu shot escape... yeah, that's pretty bad. (he-he)

Poor Innocent happy stranger. I love that you went, shut your eyes and want to do It again! (Started throwIng my head back.)

Geese. They make me smIle and now that I lIve In the land of wInd, (It makes me gIggle), there was a flock (not just one uncoordInated fellow) that took off, flapped as hard as they could and made ZERO progress... and they too don't learn from thIngs the fIrst tIme around. (GIggle, chuckle.)

Candy corns, lIterally I eat lIke 6 per season. I LOVE your reasoning! Ipecac(LOLOLOLOLOL, hahaha, snort!)

ThIs mornIng? Powdered sugar donuts and apple cider.

SAC said...

One...What's going on with your I's there Lizzie? Throwing me off my reading groove. :) candy corn days are over, the stuff is just so sweet now that I eat just one measley little kernel and I feel like I"m going to get diabetes. And three... if you're planning on an excursion to a haunted corn maze and there are available spots in your cortege, count me in, that sounds like some sweet fun right there.

Life Is What Happens When said...

Dear Elizabeth Downie,
Do you pop the entire candy corn in your mouth or do you eat it in the fashionably popular colored layers method? I myself enjoy the latter, and I have found that if I only eat the tips.. the little white parts, I never get sick! I can eat 50 of them and never a gaggy moment. True, I am wasting about 85% of the candy, but this tired and true method always works for me. Just curious on which method you use and if you are willing to try a new one. Cheers and Spooks! Jess

violet50 said...

Ha! "I loved that man". Funny, Elizabeth. I have seen fields of pumpkins, geese honking loudly, and a beautiful tree with green leaves but with a red leafed vine winding its way up the trunk and branches. In the sunlight the contrast is stunning.

Liz said...

OMG was that the Tigers game that we went to? I love being mentioned in your blog, even if you don't actually mention me.
I remember going to a haunted house and clutching onto a guys whole arm and pressing my body close to his. Luckily I had a huge crush on him.
Candy corn? Don't you mean Larry Corn.