Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wednesday Thoughts

A few weeks ago I had a bad dream that prompted me to join a dating website the following morning. I joined on a whim and realized halfway through the process that in order to read messages people sent you, you had to pay. I waffled a bit over this decision and several weeks later, I still haven't decided. I've received emails telling me I have messages waiting but I can't bring myself to pay to read them yet. It's not like it's a ton of money - it's really not. It's just that years and years ago I joined another dating website - a free one - and I wouldn't be willing to pay for the majority of the messages I received on that website. 

In fact, out of curiosity, I logged onto that old website recently to see if there was anything interesting. I found this series of emails that demonstrated exactly why I'm unsure about paying for messages. All four of these came in less than ten minutes. Why this guy thought I was online, I have no idea. I don't feel like translating these but if you speak Spanish you will enjoy them:

1:47 hola hermana como estas ,sabe me gustaría saber de usted y tener tu correo para estarnos comunicándonos
1:50 estas ahi?
1:52 sabe hermana quiero una esposa eterna ? seras tu. 
1:54 me gustaría hermana conocer lo que hay en tu corazón y tu mente?

Oh brother. I don't know though - maybe on a website where you have to pay, the messages would be less weird? What do you think? No offense to the above "hermano" who's just trying to find "una esposa eterna."

Anyway. I'm thinking about doing a summer movie series with some friends. What are some fun movies that men and women both like, and that are fun and summer-y? I mean, besides the Sandlot which is clearly the best option. Any other ideas? Karate Kid? What About Bob? I'd love your input!

In other thoughts, I kind of can't believe it but the fireflies are already out! I was on a run last night (grumble grumble grumble) and unexpectedly saw one! (I gasped!) Then another and another. I saw several more before I got home. Does that mean summer has officially begun?

And lastly I want to share with you a funny picture I saw online earlier. Sadly, I can kind of relate to this. Can you?

Happy Wednesday.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Weekend Update

I had such a wonderful weekend. I almost don't want to write about it because that means it's over. But the good news is, summer has only just begun and a ton of fun still awaits! I thought I'd share with you some of the highlights of my weekend, but just to warn you: this is going to be a picture-heavy post! Hope you can handle it.

1. On Saturday, my mom and dad and Katherine (one of my sisters) and I went to the annual Scottish Festival in Alma Michigan, where Alma College hosts the festival. The Alma mascot is "the Scots." My grandpa came to the states from Scotland as an adult, so Scottish culture and pride has always been a part of my family. Besides soaking in the culture, eating meat pies, and listening to bagpipes, I saw a really attractive older man there, who looked like a white Lester Holt (one of my celebrity crushes) when he wore his glasses. Katherine suggested I take a picture of her with him in the background and of course I agreed that this was a wise idea.

2. I swam in pure ice water, also known as Lake Michigan. Anyone familiar with Lake Michigan knows how cold it is in July and August - but have you tried it in May? It feels like swimming in glacial runoff. I wouldn't have been surprised to see chunks of ice float by! But my uncle Bill, my sister Katherine, and I toughed it out, even completely submerging ourselves (and squealing out in pain in the process), and swimming for quite awhile. Our bodies numbed to the point where we could bear it though we never felt comfortable. While we were swimming, it began raining on us. To put it lightly: we may have been insane to be swimming that day. No wonder the beach was empty:

3. Later that afternoon, the weather cleared up and it turned into a beautiful day. So, I borrowed my aunt's bike and went for a ride down the lake shore. I rode to a boat dock where I sat and dangled my feet just above the water. I was in a state of complete contentedness.

4. That evening, we went on an evening boat cruise around Hamlin Lake. It was perfect. The weather was nice, and the water was calm. Not to mention the most fun part: we saw a pontoon boat being towed to shore by the sheriff. Based on the look of the people on the boat, it was clear they were in trouble. It was pretty funny. Here are some scenes from our boat ride:

The lake shore

5. Katherine and I walked the trails at the Ludington state park too - one of my favorite things to do. The pine smell in the air, along with the faint smell of the lake and the cool breeze. Heavenly!

And of course, we walked out to the lighthouse a couple times.

6. There are two book stores I have to go to whenever I'm in Ludington: the first is called "the Bookmark" and it's been there forever. Years ago it had a different name: "Read Mor" (with  no "e") which made me laugh. The smell has always been the same though - a heavy book and paper smell. In other words, bliss. The second book store is a semi-recent addition to Ludington: "The Windowsill", which sells both new and used books. The best part of this store is the fact that it has a chair that fits me perfectly. It's as if it were made for me.

At the Bookmark, I bought a book about Helen Keller, which I read to Katherine on the drive home. At the Windowsill, I bought an Agatha Christie I haven't read before, and I found a true gem: a new (to me) Murder, She Wrote. It was perfect timing, because I'd just finished a Murder, She Wrote over the weekend while laying in a hammock. Yes, I know I have a degree in English and should be embarrassed about this, but I love the Murder, She Wrote books. Love, love, love. Please accept me anyway.

"my" chair

So, there you have it. A summary of some of my weekend highlights. Not pictured: toasted marshmallows, my new best buddy Ernie (my aunt and uncle's dog), some wonderful meals, game night, fun family time, and more. But that's ok, I think you get the idea, right? It was a fun weekend.

How was yours?

Friday, May 25, 2012

What's Making Me Happy Today

My goof-ball nephews

1. An eye doctor named Dr. Goggle
A back doctor (chiropractor) named Dr. Backian
A dentist named Dr. Pain
These are all real. 

2. My new bathing suit which should be arriving soon!

I look nothing like this person. But this is the suit.

3. Northern Michigan, where starting this weekend, I will be spending as much time as I can this summer.

4. Summer!!! Please read that in a sing-song voice. And more specific than summer: the lake. And more specific than the lake: Lake Michigan and Hamlin Lake, where I plan to get some tubing (and plenty of swimming) in this summer.


5. Green. Michigan is finally green again. Technically it's been green for at least a month now, but it still fills me with joy. I hate the greyness of the state from November to March. Michigan is meant to be green. I took this picture while on a walk with friends this week:

6. Ok, how cheese is this, but I'm about to say "friends." But seriously, I know it's such a cheesy, girl-ish thing to do but I have the best friends! I have always prayed to find good friends, and the Lord has always delivered. Not all friends are pictured here, by any means. But here's a selection of the people who help make my life happy. If you and I are bff and you're not pictured here, it just means we need to take more pictures together. Doesn't mean I don't love you tons!

Also, if you are pictured but don't want to be because you're in the Witness Relocation Program but forgot to tell me, let me know.* 

What's making you happy today??

*This is my sneaky way of finding out which of my friends are in the Witness Relocation Program.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wednesday Thoughts

The weather in southeast Michigan this week is the stuff dreams are made of. It's the reasons we Michiganders stick around despite the winters. 70-80 degrees, sunny...perfect. And, a three day weekend coming up? It's a good week!

Now on to Wednesday Thoughts.
I read an article the other day about a study that showed that people who eat organic foods are more likely to be judgmental than people who don't. Here's a quote from the article:

It was published in the Journal of Social Psychological and Personality Science. It found people who were exposed to organic foods rather than comfort foods were less likely to volunteer to help a needy stranger.

Authors say organic food eaters judge moral transgressions significantly harsher than those who associate with non-organic foods.

You know what I conclude from this article? That THIS:

is the Christian thing to do. A belly full of hot fudge doesn't judge.

In other thoughts, are you guys watching Bob's Burgers? If you're not, you should be. It's one of the funniest shows in my life right now. Here's a trailer. Watch it.

And lastly in Wednesday Thoughts, this picture has been being posted all over my Facebook news feed this week. It's a map of the U.S. according to Michiganders. Some of it was very relate able to me! And very accurate. We do see Ohio as "Cedar Point" and Illinois as Chicago. Some of it wasn't true for me. I am very familiar with Utah and Idaho so I wouldn't see those as "Unsettled U.S. Territory." I'd probably replace that with "Mormons."

Anyway, enjoy the map. For the most part, it is true to the Michigan view of the rest of the country.

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A little slice of life

Puppies and toddlers have a lot in common. They both bite, they're both cute, and they both draw an audience. At my cousin's birthday dinner on Sunday, we all sat around watching Blue, the newest puppy in the family. He loves tormenting Ernie, his (adoptive) uncle. Ernie, on the other hand, hates it. He's kind of curmudgeonly and never in the mood to wrestle with a puppy twice his size. So sometimes Blue gets banished to the back porch (first picture) and sometimes we let him and Ernie fight/play (second picture). Blue loves putting his paw over Ernie, but you can see in Ernie's face how much he's loving that. 

The next picture down is of some hoops I made this week - two of many. I'm loving it. If you live in Michigan and would like to buy one, let me know!

The last picture is of a cat sleeping on a rug in Downtown Home and Garden, where I went today to get some tomato plants. I haven't grown any tomatoes in a couple years and am excited to do it again this summer. Yummm.... garden tomatoes. I just have to be patient until July....

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Junk in the Trunk

Saturday was the perfect day to do some planting! So I went to the garden store and bought some flowers and soil and whatnot. When I got home and opened the hatch to take everything out, I realized that my car has some pretty random stuff in the trunk. So I thought I'd do a little show and tell. Feel free to judge away, but then I want to hear what's in your trunk!

1. Glove with ice scraper inside - one of my favorite winter survival tools! 

2. Blanket for emergencies (cold legs on winter morning drives to work) (or impromptu cuddling).

3. Flowers, plants, and soil.

4. Bag with blanket for picnics.

5. "Preach my Gospel" manual. 

6. Ice scraper. I keep it in the car year round so I don't jinx myself. The moment you take it out, it snows or ice-rains. I don't care if it's July. That thing stays in my car year round. You're welcome, fellow Michiganders. 

7. Shoe from when I broke a tiny bone in my foot last summer. Not sure why I haven't thrown this away yet.

8. Mad Gabs. You never know when you're going to need an emergency game! Or when you're just too lazy to bring the game inside...

9. Fireworks left over from last summer. Think they're still good? I'll let you light them and find out. 

So what's in your trunk?

Friday, May 18, 2012


Today I'm delivering a bunch of hula hoops I made last night. I still have a handful to make this weekend and I love it! If you live in Michigan and want to buy one, let me know. (I haven't figured out how to ship them yet.)

This week I decided to upgrade my hoop by adding glow-in-the-dark tape. The tape is SUPER expensive, but I had a 60% off coupon. Sadly though, it didn't go all the way around. So I'm going to have to get my hands on another coupon to get another roll. I wish I'd gotten a picture of myself actually using it in the dark because it looked really cool, but I did get a picture of it propped up:

It's going to be so fun to hoop this summer with my glow-in-the dark hoop. I just hope fireflies don't try to mate with it. It is a pretty attractive hoop so I could be bombarded by the wrong kind of fireflies (the kind you don't take home to meet the parents).

Glow-in-the-dark tape pretty much upgrades everything. No exceptions. We all agree on this, right?

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wednesday Thoughts

I'm thinking about buying a tent. If you have been reading this blog for awhile, you might be shocked to hear this because last summer I wrote a post about how I don't like camping. But this summer, I think I like it. Or at least, I like the idea of it. The reality might smack me in the face when I actually do it - too cold to sleep, dirty clothes, muddy shoes, frizzy hair, marshmallow-y fingers, raccoons and snakes, walking to the bathroom...

Nevermind about the tent.

Over the weekend I made some insanely good cookies. I realize that sounds like bragging, but it's not since I did not come up with the recipe for the cookies myself. All I did was mix the ingredients perfectly then bake them in my skillful way until they turned into the most delicious cookies anyone had ever eaten. See, that's not bragging at all. The reason I mention these cookies (besides the joy of bragging) is because some people asked for the recipe, so here it is! (Link) But be warned, it's a huge recipe - I had to mix it in a punch bowl it was so big! 

Speaking of cookies, I'm on a diet. Sort of. Lately I've been impersonating someone who's not on a diet and I've pretty much mastered the disguise. But in reality, I'm supposed to be on a diet, according to my scale. Last night, Katherine and I decided to work out together, so we got our hula hoops out and hooped for a good while. It was a really sunny, warm day and my mind got to thinking about ice cream. But I didn't dare mention it because once you put that into the universe, it sets a string of events into motion.

About fifteen minutes after we were done hooping though, Katherine and I had the following conversation:

Katherine: You know what I'm thinking about?
Me: Dairy Queen.
Katherine: Yes! 
Me: I know. Me too. But we can't. We shouldn't.
Katherine (sighing): I know.

Ten minutes pass:

Me: I wonder how many calories are in a small sundae.
Katherine: I'll look it up!

We got online and let the justifying begin. We decided walking there would help, and getting bananas in the ice cream would make it even healthier. Not to mention the cherry on top. Fruit. It's in the food pyramid. Look it up. Then to make things even healthier, on our walk back, we saw a guy we wanted needed to avoid (for reasons of him being weird), so we turned a corner and walked an extra two miles to get home.

In the end, I'm not sure who won: the ice cream or us. Pretty sure it was us though.

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Weekend Update

Is it still ok to write a weekend update on a Tuesday? I hope so because (in case you couldn't tell) I'm doing it.

My weekend was a whirlwind which I suppose is why I didn't update on Monday. But even though the weekend was jam-packed, it was fun and full of good things. Here are some highlights:

I saw The Avengers: The reviews of the Avengers are all over the place, ranging from:

Best: "it's the most amazing movie you'll see in your life time."
Worst: "it's the most amazing movie you'll see this decade."

With reviews like that, I really had no idea what to expect. Was it going to be the best movie I'd ever seen? Or just the best movie I'd seen this year? Was I going to get a crush on the obvious eye candy, Captain America? Or the less obvious eye candy, Bruce Banner, in Hulk form?

I think the best part of the movie for me was the crowded audience I was in, specifically the super animated man sitting next to me. About 20 minutes into the movie he jumped and said, "Oh crap. I fell asleep!" But later he made up for it by stomping his feet excitedly whenever the Hulk was in a scene and occasionally loudly saying things like, "Where's the rewind button!?!?!" I enjoyed him.

In conclusion, here's my review of The Avengers: "Yeah, it was pretty good."

Ethan's birthday party: My adorable nephew, Ethan, turned six last week. One quick story about his birthday party: I had to leave a little early to pick up my grandma for a graduation party, and when Ethan found out I was leaving early, he grabbed me by the hand, led me into the kitchen, and told me to get a piece of cake before I left. Adorable? Or super adorable? I love that kid.

Graduation party: Later that day, we had a family graduation party for our three recent college grads (including one with her masters degree): Polly, Dana, and Katherine.

We had a bbq, played a game called Ladder Ball, and had a bonfire. My nephew, James, and I created some entertainment for people when we were playing our own version of Ladder Ball (which has nothing to do with the way the game should actually be played), and got one of the balls stuck in the tree. I'll let the following pictures tell the rest of the story:

I saw a snake.  And lived to tell the tale. The snake was heading right into the bonfire, but Brian saved it, and guided it to safety (shaking fist at Brian). Silly Brian. I don't know what it is about snakes, but they're creepy. I think it's the way they move - it's too snakey. Last night I laid in bed, wondering what could make snakes less scary. Legs wouldn't work because then they'd be more like centipedes. Fur wouldn't help either. I finally came up with the solution: mustaches. I really don't think I'd mind snakes if they had mustaches.

Mother's Day Mother's Day was fun. We had a nice dinner for my mom and gave her some gifts. My mom is great, and I love her a ton. Here's a picture of us from about 20 years ago*

How was your weekend?

* Indulge me.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bear Cubs

I've mentioned the bear sanctuary I'll be visiting later this summer several times recently, so imagine my surprise when pictures from said sanctuary began appearing on my Facebook news feed!! My friend Hoon, who is in the U.P. for a dental rotation, visited our friend Dustin's family owned bear sanctuary and posted some pictures from his visit. 

I could hardly take in the cuteness! Look how cuddly those bear cubs look! With Hoon's permission, I had to share with you some pictures from his visit to the sanctuary. 

Cuteness overload, right!? My camping trip isn't until August, so I kinda need to stop thinking about those adorable bears or I'll just torture myself for the next four months. But I just had to share since several of you have asked about this place! Is anyone else as curious about this place as I am?

Tube Top

Yesterday my sister, Heather, told a story on her Facebook page about my four year old niece, Sammy. Sammy recently made $1.00 selling something at a garage sale and was super excited about earning her first dollar! She begged my sister to take her to the store so she could pick out some candy to buy with her own money.

Here she is, proudly holding up her dollar and the candy she's about to buy with it.

Her story reminded me of my own childhood purchases. My brother and sisters and I used to ride our bikes to the local drug store and spend our allowance on root beer, Twinkies, and Doritos. You guys, I loved Doritos so much. My childhood dream was that some day as an adult, I'd have enough money to have a room FULL of Doritos, like Scrooge McDuck's room full of coins. I need to get on that.

But my first "big" purchase was when I saved up enough money to buy a tube top from Ben Franklin (remember those stores?). My mom and grandma and I went to the store and I just had to have the most beautiful article of clothing I'd ever seen. It probably cost about $6 and I was so proud of it! It was a rainbow of pastels - pink, purple, mint, yellow, and peach. To my six year old self, it was beautiful. It was ruffled, and in design it looked something like this:

Sad news though, everyone. That was my first and last tube top.

What was your first childhood purchase?

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wednesday Thoughts

Sometimes "Wednesday Thoughts" is a hard post to write. Today, for example, I'm kind of in a "blerg" sort of mood. Just feeling kinda blah, you know? We all have days like that I suppose.

So I think the right thing to do for Wednesday Thoughts today is to write about "things that are making me happy" rather than vent about all the things that are buggin me. (That would make for a more interesting post, but would probably lead to fighting as well, so I'll just do the happy one instead.)

1. Kittens
I captured this wild kitty yesterday and he temporarily made my life complete until he escaped my friends arms and ran free. He was so cute!

2. Vespas
I've decided owning a Vespa would make me happy. Random, I know.

 3. Graduations
Three members of my family just graduated! Katherine with her MFA and Polly and Dana with their bachelors degrees. I couldn't be more proud of them! And I'm really looking forward to the big graduation party we're having for them Saturday night!

4. Holidays
This Sunday is Mother's Day! And this weekend is also my nephew's SIXTH birthday! I can't wait to celebrate both.

5. Spring
Last night my friend Erin came over to hula hoop outside. The weather was perfect - it was the kind of weather meant for optimal human comfort. You know - neither too hot nor too cold. Perfect spring weather. And it got me thinking about what will be appearing soon: fireflies!

6. Hooping
Hula hooping has been making me happy lately. It's relaxing, fun, and good exercise! Win-win-win! Even my friend Adam has gotten into it. He likes it way too much when I reference him on my blog so I try not to but this is too funny not to share. After hooping a lot recently, he declared himself: "a hoopa loopa, like an oompa loompa but different."

7. Camping plans IN ACTION! Already requested some time off in August for the trip and now can start the planning. Super excited to hold a bear cub and see the Falls. I wonder if I can combine the two and bring the bear cub TO the falls? Probably not, huh? Oh well.

Ok, after focusing on the positive for a bit I think I'm feeling a little better.

What's making you happy today?

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, May 7, 2012


I'm excited for summer. Every year I make a little list of things I want to do this summer. Usually it's things like: "hike to a lighthouse" and "find a summer romance." This year my list is going to be different. I still want to do those things of course, but they should just be a given. They don't even need to be listed anymore.

Here are a few of the other things I'm looking forward to doing this summer:

* Go Camping! I've had a real camping itch lately. Wait, that sounds like a rash I got from camping or something. What I mean is, I've been really wanting to go camping lately. So I have decided to plan a camping trip in the UP (upper peninsula) this summer. I want to see Tahquamenon falls there, which I haven't seen since I was a kid, and I want to go to my friend's bear sanctuary. Yes, that is actually a thing. You get to have your picture taken holding a baby bear cub! I'm all over that!


* Run a 5K. So, I'm on week six of the Couch-to-5K program and it's still not easy for me. Can I still learn to love running? Or should I love it by now? Either way, I'm running a 5K in June whether I like it or not. I'm kind of excited about this since I've never done it before.

* Bike around Mackinac Island. I have done this before, but it's been awhile and I need to get back there. Mackinac Island is a small island right between the upper and lower peninsulas. You can rent bikes and ride all the way around - it's an easy ride (flat and only 8 miles). The views are gorgeous. Though lots of people live on the island, and there are loads of B&Bs and shops and restaurants, there are no cars on the whole island. Only carriages, horses, and bikes. It's enchanting.

* Eat at Bill's Drive-In. Bill's Drive-In is a local place known for it's amazing hot dogs and homemade root beer. I've been hearing a lot of buzz about it lately. I haven't been there since high school (so, like two years*), so I think it's time to go back.

* Get my bike fixed and ride in the Tour De Troit. My friends Sara and Sarah did it last year and I was super sad not be able to join them because of a bad back tire on my bike. This summer I'm going to get that fixed and prepare for the tour. Last year 4,400 people registered and rode their bikes through the historic districts of Detroit. Yes, please!

* Go to a couple drive-in movies. Drive-ins are one of my favorite things about summer. The drive-in I usually go to looks like it hasn't had ANY work/improvements done since it was first built (back when drive-ins were first invented), but I think that adds to the charm. I can imagine Archie Andrews is in the car (jalopy) next to me.**

Other than this list of goals, I have the usual summer plans: eat lots of watermelon, go to the farmers market a bunch, swim in Lake Michigan, go to Ludington several times, watch old timey baseball games, go to as many Tigers games as I can, wear white, get a suntan, roast marshmallows and hot dogs over a campfire, etc.  Oh my goodness, I can't wait!

How about you? What are some things you want to do this summer?

* yeah right.
** this joke is a stretch.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Snip Snip

So, I got my hair cut today, as I mentioned earlier. The change isn't drastic by some people's standards, but for me it kinda is! So I thought I'd show it to you. It'll probably look different (worse) when I do it myself.

I forgot to take a before picture, but here's a picture taken on Sunday and you can see the length clearly here.

And here's one of me tonight. I know my eyes look really open, but it's because I stink at having normal eyes in pictures. I'm terrified of blinking so I overcompensate. It's an issue. Once, I had some passport pictures taken, and they were the worst EVER. I had my head down, and was looking up (I was doing what the guy told me to do), and the pictures looked all shadowy and creepy. I looked like a terrorist suspect. So maybe that explains the occasional "wide eyed" look I give in pictures. I'm tired of being questioned by secret service for looking suspicious.

But wow, that's a digression. New haircut:

Shorter in time for summer! Woohoo!

Wednesday Thoughts

Well, it's finally Wednesday! This week has been really rainy and gray where I live, so I'm kinda ready for it to speed along to the weekend. As per usual, I have some thoughts for you this morning. They are all unrelated so I'm going to number them to make it easier to follow along, k?

1. As I have mentioned on here at least once before, I have started running recently. About a month ago, to be precise. And to be honest, I'm not a natural runner. By which I mean, even five weeks into my training, I'm not awesome. I can do it, but it's clear I wasn't born to run. And I'm  not an attractive runner, to say the least. In fact, when I run my first race next month, I want no "after" pictures taken! I tend to turn a reddish purple color after a run, reminiscent of Violet Beauregarde after she ate the three-course dinner chewing gum even though Willy Wonka specifically told her not to.

Me, crossing the finish line (in color, not size)

Yesterday something kinda cool happened when I was on my run though. I was struggling. I only had another five minutes to go but I was losing stamina. Just then another runner ran by me, going to the other direction, and he reached out and side-fived me (like a high five, but on the side)! It made me feel like a legit runner, part of a club. It was the motivation I needed to finish up.

2. I'm just going to warn you right now - if you're a classy individual who is offended by bathroom talk, just skip to number 3. I'll meet you there.

I hung out with a guy friend last night and something weird happened as I was leaving. My friend was walking me out to my car and it was super dark outside. So, I asked him a simple question about turning the porch lights on and found out more than I'd bargained for.

me: why don't you turn the porch light on?
him: cause I don't want people to know I'm peeing.
me: how will they know you're in the bathroom from outside?
him: because I'm going to pee outside after you leave.
me: What!? Why?
him: because it's awesome.
me: What!? I don't understand! Why would you pee outside?
him: because peeing outside is better. Ask any guy! All guys love peeing outside! Put it on your thing! (Translation: put it on your blog.)

I'd be kinda surprised if I got a bunch of comments from guys confirming this, but I was curious if this is a thing.

3. I'm getting my hair done after work today and I'm thinking about mixing it up and getting a few inches cut off. I'm nervous about this though. I know hair grows, but it can be really traumatizing for a woman to lose too much length on her hair. I'm sure I'm not the only woman who's cried over a hair cut  before. When I look back on my hair experience, I can think of many mistakes but these are my top four biggest regrets:

1. cutting it too short (cried)
2. accidentally dyeing it purple (had it fixed)
3. purposely dyeing it red (huge mistake, ended up having it stripped....both times)
4. short bangs (rarely a good idea)

Do you have any hair regrets?

Happy Wednesday!

PS, Happy birthday Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson! Call me!