Thursday, October 31, 2013

Fear Farts

Remember when you were younger, and you'd watch a scary movie that you just couldn't get out of your head? Going into the basement without a companion became impossible after seeing that movie. Getting up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom? No thanks! You'd just hold it until you gave yourself a bladder infection. That sweater hanging in your closet? It's a ghost. That branch scraping your outside wall? An escaped mental patient. That  phone call? It's coming from inside the house.

Last night I showed the movie "Watcher in the Woods" to the group of girls I work with at church. They are 12-13 years old, and therefore had never heard of the movie. And since it was made by Disney, they weren't at all nervous about the movie. The scoffed when I told them it was spooky, but they were in for a surprise. I wish you could have seen them during the movie. Huddled close together, pulling blankets up over their eyes, gasping, screaming... It was awesome.

At one point, during a particularly scary moment, we all heard a strange sound. We looked around and one girl said, "sorry. Fear fart."

Was a fear fart the best part of the movie? Possibly.

But even though an FF broke up the tension for awhile, the girls were still terrified. One girl said she's "never going to look in a mirror again and will look terrible the rest of her life" after watching this movie.

Am I a good youth leader or what? Terrorizing the bright young minds of the future. I'm beaming with pride.

Earlier this week I was in the same position as these girls though - watching a scary movie through the safety of my fingers covering my face, cuddled close to my friend, and screaming at the appropriate cues. After the movie was over we cleansed our pallets with a couple of comedies. I thought I was fine! It was just a movie! A movie based on a true story but still...  Mostly fiction... probably. It was just a movie. I was fine.

But I wasn't fine. I wasn't fine at all!

The last couple nights I have been a nervous nelly when the lights are off - turning on all the lights to go to the bathroom at night, shutting my closet door before getting into bed, avoiding looking at mirrors in the semi-darkness, and so on. As much as I love Halloween (and you know I do), I'm ready to be a little less scared after today.

After today it's time to focus on turkeys and pilgrims, gratitude and thankfulness (crap, those are the same thing. It's too late, I'm leaving it), and pumpkin pie with whipped cream. The only scary thing about the next holiday is the weight gain. Oh and Black Friday.

Black Friday is very scary.

But I digress. Happy Halloooweeeeeeeeen! May seeing the Great Pumpkin be the scariest thing you experience tonight!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Wednesday Thoughts

Earlier today I started feeling pretty stressed out. Here's why: it's the 30th and I hadn't carved a pumpkin yet.

So, I did what any self-respecting Halloween lover would do. Staggered in the door around 9:00, exhausted from a long day, grabbed a month old pumpkin off the front porch, and went to work.

In case any of you are in the same position that I was a mere 1.5 hours ago, here are some steps you should follow for carving a pumpkin:

1. Decide on the design. Over-reach. I can't emphasize that enough. You know that crazy complicated design you saw on Buzzfeed? You totally have the skills to do that one!

2. Choose a pumpkin. That's it for step two. Choose a pumpkin.

3. Find a good knife. I, apparently, have none.

4. Start cutting off the top of the pumpkin. This is where you will start to realize that the year's gap between last year's pumpkin and this year's pumpkin has made you forget how thick and unyielding the skin of a pumpkin is.

5. Jerk the knife back and forth, creating a jagged top.

6. Remove top.

7. Smell the inside of the pumpkin. Really take it in. You forgot about that smell, didn't you? So did I. The smell of pumpkin guts. Mmmmmm... Really brings back the memories, doesn't it?

8. Remove insides. Feel the slime all the way up your arm. It's like birthing a baby cow (I imagine).

9. Scrape the sides a bit, then give up on a perfectly scraped inside.

10. Sketch out your design. Decide this is going to take way too long and that you can just wing it. You got this.

11. Start carving. Oops. The eye wasn't supposed to be there. The nose is too big. Crap, the ear is way too far away from the face. This looks nothing like Milhouse from the Simpsons, but that's ok, you can just turn it into a generic face. It's fine. No one will be the wiser. Crap, that part wasn't supposed to fall off. Does any one have some toothpicks to stick it back together? There, that's fine. Looks good...ish. Now there's something that resembles a face on your pumpkin.

12. Turn it around proudly to show your family or friends.

13. See that your sister's pumpkin looks like this:

"Quothe the raven, Elizabeth sucks at pumpkin carving."
14. While yours looks like this:

15. Roast the seeds and eat them until you feel better about your pumpkin.

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Edmund Fitzgerald II

This weekend I went up to Mackinac Island, an island between the lower and upper peninsulas of Michigan, to participate in the Great Turtle Run with my sisters. This was my second time doing this race, and it's one of my favorite races (if you can choose a favorite in something so horrible as running). 

Mackinac Island is a beautiful vacation spot and is completely car-free. The only way to get around is horse and buggy, biking, or walking (or I suppose crawling, but why you would want to do that is beyond me). The only way to get to the island is by boat, with most people taking one of the ferries. I have been to the island many times and mostly find the ferry ride to be uneventful (though one of my friends swears she saw a dolphin in the lake from the ferry. When we said there're no dolphins in the Great Lakes, she said adamantly, "But I saw its dorsal fin!!!!" She has never backed down from this story). 

The weather was a little stormy that morning. Just a bit of rain and some heavy clouds. Nothing that looked too treacherous. The ferry captain announced that the waves in the Lake (Lake Huron) were 5-7 feet high, which didn't sound too bad. 

The ride to the island was fine. A little rocky at times, but nothing to worry about. Here are some pictures I took:


The Mackinac Bridge

The ride back, on the other hand, was like a roller coaster ride. Up and down, side to side, and the screaming... So much screaming! As the ferry lurched about on the water, people gasped, closed their eyes, screamed, and held on tight to the bar in front of them. 

I started out fine. One of my sisters asked me where the life jackets were and I laughed and told her she was being paranoid. I thought to myself, "ferries are incredibly safe. Nothing bad happens to ferries." Suddenly I remembered hearing a story or two on the news about ferries crashing or sinking. That's when a little worry crept in. A few minutes later, I realized I was white knuckling the bar on the seat in front of me.The screaming in the front of the boat wasn't helping much either.

The screaming was of the roller-coaster variety. The kind that says, "I'm having fun and I know I'm probably not going to die but also I might die."

The boat was tossing to and fro, dipping a little too low and too much to the side for me. When we finally reached the shore, a kid in the row in front of me said to his mom, "I'm glad we didn't die."

In retrospect, I realize the odds of us sinking were extremely low. Waves that size aren't enough to sink a big hulking ferry boat. But if I'd settled on that thought at the time, we wouldn't have this blog post, now would we?

Alternate titles for this post:

The Perfect Storm II
Over-dramatic Blog Post
The Return of The Fish Tacos (what I had for lunch before getting on the ferry)
My Heart Will Go On

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wednesday Thoughts

I've fallen way behind on watching scary movies this season. Where are my priorities!? Last night I was lying in bed thinking about some of the lessons scary movies have taught me, so I thought I'd share some of them with you today:

Lesson #1 - Parent's just don't understand. If you see a ghost, don't even bother telling your parents. They definitely won't believe you. You're on your own, kid. (Mr. Boogedy, Hocus Pocus)


Lesson #2 - Ghosts don't really haunt apartments for the most part. Sometimes they haunt regular houses, but large old mansions? DEFINITELY haunted. Especially if you're a musician. There's something about musicians that really draws the ghosts in. Just know that if you move into an older mansion, it's haunted. No doubt about it. (The Changeling, Watcher in the Woods, the Woman in Black, the Haunted Mansion, this one Lifetime movie I saw that was really scary and I don't really want to get into it.)


Lesson #3 - Japan is full of scary stuff. And the ghosts in Japan? They don't follow the rules. Yes, I'm looking at you, GRUDGE. If I'm under my covers, I should be safe, right!? The Grudge broke one of the cardinal rules of ghost-hood. Respect the covers. (The Grudge, The Ring, Shall We Dance)


Lesson #4 - The woods? That's where the ghosts are. But let's be honest, that one's a no-brainer. We knew that without a movie telling us that. (Watcher in the Woods, Sleepy Hollow, our childhood imaginations)

Lesson #5 - Men are probably not going to help you much in scary situations, unless they're already dead. (The Grudge, The Others, The Sixth Sense, What Lies Beneath [times ten], The Skeleton Key, every Lifetime movie ever in the history of Lifetime movies)

Exceptions: Shaggy, Scooby, Fred, Eddie Murphy


Lesson #6 -  Kid ghosts? Kid ghosts are NOT. COOL. (The Changeling, The Sixth Sense, The Ring, The Others, the Grudge, Insidious, The Woman in Black)


Lesson #7 - Ghosts use water to their advantage. For some reason, ghosts love showing themselves in water. They also love trying to pull you under. I don't know why. Maybe being in water is the only place they feel alive? Maybe they like the way the water feels on their ghostly "skin"- there's no way of knowing. I just know that if you are in a horror movie, just don't look in the water. Don't even shower. Buy some handy wipes and call it a day - trust me on this. (What Lies Beneath, The Changeling, The Grudge, Watcher in the Woods, and so many more)

Lesson #8 - Mirrors. Just like you should avoid water, you should also avoid mirrors. Ghost seem to be perpetually trapped in mirrors. They also love writing on the fog on mirrors while you're in the shower. This goes back to rule #7 - no bathing in haunted houses. In fact, just invest in some Depends and avoid bathrooms all together. (The Changeling, Psycho, What Lies Beneath, Watcher in the Woods)

Lesson #9 - If you're a teenager do not do the following things: baby-sit, attend summer camp, make out with your boyfriend in a car, loiter, light a black flamed candle (if you're a virgin), hang out with the mysterious boy next door when your mom's not home, get frisky at all, and so on. Being a teenager in a horror movie is bad news all around. You probably won't die, but lots of other people will, and you'll be scarred for life. (House at the End of the Street, Watcher in the Woods, every single horror movie made in the 80's, Hocus Pocus)

Don't do it, J. Law. Just don't.

Lesson #10 - Most ghosts turn out to be Old Man Withers. And he would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for you meddling kids. (Scooby Doo, Wayne's World)

Fred is so brave.

Two Scooby Doo gifs in one post? You're welcome.

What scary movie lessons am I forgetting?

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

How Online Dating Feels

For the record, I haven't done online dating in years. But that's because when I did, this is what it felt like:

(No offense to Danny Tanner, of course.)

Monday, October 21, 2013

My favorite fall recipe

As you know, I'm not much of a recipe blogger, but I just had to share with you my recipe for a perfect fall weekend:

  • 1 homemade lasagna
  • 1 banana cream pie
  • 1 semi-competitive Jeopardy game
  • 3 bunches of good friends
  • 1 huge bonfire
  • 6-8 boxes hot chocolate + multiple crockpots of hot water and marshmallows
  • 1 table of Halloween decorations and treats
  • 1 viewing of Watcher in the Woods
  • 3 ghost stories
  • 1 donut eating contest
  • 2 walks, observing fall colors
  • 2 choir practices 
  • 1 church meeting block to rejuvenate and uplift
  • 1 visit with grandma
  • 1 warm apple crisp made with fresh Michigan apples, topped with one scoop vanilla ice cream
  • 10 homemade caramel apples with toppings

Mix together and enjoy.

What's your recipe for a perfect fall weekend?

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Electric Youth

Have you guys seen the new tv show, The Goldbergs? I caught up on it on Hulu last night, and so far I'm loving it. It's a total throwback. It brought back so many memories! The wallpaper, the clothes, the VCR's, the cultural references. It's awesome.

I started the 1980's as basically a toddler, and ended the decade in middle school. Those are some formative years, people. 

It got me thinking about all the things I loved in the 80's, which of course led to me making a list. A list I will now share with you. I'm freaking out because I might have forgotten something, and this list is official. Like, "going on my permanent record" official.

Anyway, here's my list of things I particularly loved in the 80's. Some of them I still love to this day. Do they still sell Electric Youth perfume by Debbie ("Deborah") Gibson? Asking for a friend.

New Kids on the Block (DUH)
charm necklaces
jelly bracelets
slap bracelets
trapper keepers
Saturday morning cartoons
my allowance
roller skating
music: Bon Jovi, Weird Al, Madonna, Michael Jackson, and when Kokomo came out, the Beach Boys
tv (esp TGIF)
Newhart (my parents watched it but I loved it)
Family Ties
Growing Pains
Full House (still my greatest love)
velcro sneakers
Hands Across America
Cap'N Crunch
frozen rootbeer
Teddy Ruxpin
the Disney Channel (I was SO excited when my dad started subscribing to this cable channel!)
Strawberry Shortcake
shopping at Kmart
in the late 80's, shopping at the mall (or more accurately, loitering at the mall)
Carebears (esp. the Carebear stare)
Cabbage Patch Kids
cassette singles
The Baby-Sitters Club
Teen Beat magazine
Top 10 video countdown Saturday mornings (I still remember my shock upon finding out that Rick Astley was [and still is] white)
Sassy magazine
The Cosby Show
Puberty (kidding, I hated that. It's the worst. Never mention it again.)
dreaming big
Recording songs off the radio
side pony tails
Punky Brewster (except the episode when Cherie got stuck in the old fridge)
Girl Scouts
We are the World
Fisher Price record players
Saving the people of Ethiopia, one penny at a time
Paula Abdul
Electric Youth perfume
New York Seltzer (why did it have to end!?)
You Can't Do That On Television
Book orders (gosh, why can't we still have those!?)

What are some things you loved in the 80's? And if you say something like, "not being born yet," or "I was just a baby," you're dead to me.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Wednesday Thoughts

Last night I went with some friends to a restaurant called Bone Heads BBQ. The restaurant's claim to fame?

It's haunted.

(Read about its ghostly history here.)

As you can imagine, Bone Heads plays up its haunted history big time at Halloween. Our server told us of several ghostly experiences she's had since she started working there a year and a half ago. Namely:

  • her "no break" hair band snapped after she felt a ghostly finger pushing down on it
  • her apron strings were tugged on when no one was behind her
  • some baskets near her started shaking when nothing else was moving
  • she's felt a ghostly presence
  • patrons have told her that they've held entire conversations with ghosts at their tables
  • the bartender has seen glasses fly off the shelves
I, myself, didn't experience anything other worldly. Though I did hear a voice whisper, "Are you the keymaster?" at one point. But it was probably nothing.

I took a few pictures last night in the hopes of seeing something...

The food at Bone Heads is average, but the pickle chips are out of this world. Seriously. SO good. I'd give up my first born for a plate of those pickle chips (joke's on you because I don't have a first born).

Are there any "haunted" places near you?

In other Wednesday Thoughts, the other day my grandma was telling me about a time she believed she got a phone call from her husband (my grandpa) who had passed away. In the phone call, he asked her to provide a gravestone for a relative who had died long ago and didn't have one. I told my grandma that she can feel free to call me anytime after she passes away, but that she better memorize my phone number now. She laughed and said that when she calls me, she will say, "Elizabeth, are you married yet?" Then she asked, "And what will you say?" I laughed and said that I will say yes.

Of course, I have no idea if I will be married then, but I'll worry about that when I'm getting phone calls from beyond the grave.

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


On the main screen of my cell phone, there's a notebook ap. It came with the phone. For the most part, I use this to store shopping lists, random thoughts, quotes, observations, and blog ideas. Once those thoughts are typed into the notebook, I almost never remember to go back and look at them again. But last night, I thought I'd scroll through and see if there was anything useful I should remember.

There wasn't.

But there were a lot of gems that I thought I'd share with you. Some of you might remember the last time I revealed the inner workings of my mind as manifested in a "Reminders" ap on my phone (link). These are almost as ridiculous.

1. A list of words that I think sound like their meaning. If I recall correctly, I couldn't sleep the night I made this list (the time stamp confirms this). I can't take full responsibility for my thoughts at 12:48AM. What words would you add?

2. I don't know what this list is about. I do know that I spelled poor Thaddeus McCotter's name horribly wrong. This list makes no sense whatsoever and I can not for the life of me remember how these things relate to each other. But the fact that it was made at 2:15 AM helps explain that.

3. I used to listen to A Prairie Home Companion on my way to church every Sunday (And I still would except church starts at a different time now). Apparently I thought these lines were hilarious in one particular show, so I typed them out to laugh about later. I must admit, I laughed last night upon finding this note.

"She gave new meaning to the word Caucasian" - ha!

4. This note is from when I came up with a BRILLIANT name for a plant store. Sadly, when I googled it later, I saw that it was already taken. I wasn't actually planning on opening a store for selling plants (I believe those are called nurseries?) but once I came up with the name, it became a real possibility.

5. I'm actually really, really surprised I stored this "joke" considering how un-funny I typically find sexist jokes. But for whatever reason, I thought this was worth remembering. It's a joke one of my uncles told at a family party. It was received with a lot of groans.

I'm still groaning and shaking my head, two years later.

Other notes simply said things like "egg white powder," "94," Cs3," my password to the Harry Potter website "Pottermore" (I'm in the Ravenclaw house), the name of the Family Ties episode in which I saw that the Keaton's and I have the same jello mold, and so on and so forth. Like I said, gems.

One thing I learned from this: I need to start deleting these notes way more often. Or start taking more notes. I can't decide.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Guest Post!

I wrote a guest post for one of my favorite blogs today! The blog belongs to my friend Brooke, and features fun things to do in Michigan! I wrote about ideas for a fun fall day. Check it out here!

(the gif is unrelated but is my gift to you today.)

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Wednesday Thoughts

Crud. I wrote an entire Wednesday Thoughts earlier today and it's gone! I have no idea where it went. And now it's late and I honestly can't remember what I wrote. I know it was some of my best material ever though. That much I can pretty much guarantee.

So now I'll basically have to go with my B material.

I do remember that I shared some fall themed instagrams I have taken this week, so I'll share some of those with you now!

Fall is pretty.

Oh my gosh, it's 11:53. I only have six minutes to finish this before midnight.

If there's one thing I know about you guys, it's that you're sticklers for deadlines. If I get Wednesday Thoughts in even one minute after midnight, there will be heck to pay.

Have you guys seen this video? In the spirit of October and Halloween, here's a little scare for you. How do you think you would react?

Happy Wednesday!

PS, I just saw a commercial for Poo pourri. Seriously can't believe that's real. Would you guys try it??

(This commercial is somewhat gross - don't say I didn't warn you!)

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Halloween Crafting II

Sorry non-crafting friends, but I have to post again about crafting! Whenever the weather starts to cool off, I get into crafting mode. Ok, that's not true - I'm always in crafting mode. But I'm even more into crafting in the fall and winter.

Ok, anyway. Onto the crafts! The first two crafts were inspired by projects I found on various blogs. The first comes from one of my favorite blogs, The Art of Doing stuff. The second one comes from somewhere on the internet. I seriously can't remember where. But it's out there. It's a super easy project! But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Project #1: Pumpkin Diorama

This pumpkin diorama is made by cutting a circle into a hollow craft pumpkin. Joann's has these paper mache pumpkins for 50% off right now. This one cost me $5. I just had to buy some craft paint for $1 to paint it. They also sell hollow craft pumpkins that I believe are made of foam, and those are also 50%,  but they are still kind of expensive.

Once you cut a hole, you just build a diorama inside! I bought a creepy light to put in mine, but it didn't work, so I don't have a shot of that yet. I got all the interior supplies (and the crow) from the dollar store. I think the total cost for this project was $10-$12! Not bad, huh?

I used an exacto knife to cut it open, but I kinda stabbed myself in the process so be careful! (A little blood on the pumpkin only adds to the spookiness though, so it's up to you and your level of dedication.) I cut the pumpkin before I painted it, and I painted the inside white. I left it looking crackled on the inside though cause it's spookier.

I'll post another picture when I get a new light for the inside. You'll be able to see the interior details better that way.

Project #2: Faux gumball machine

For the second project you will need: a clay flower pot and base, a wooden craft ball (JoAnn's), paint, a hot glue gun, ribbon, and a glass bowl.

You can see I'm not a craft blogger by the fact that I left it on the paper towel for the picture. I was afraid some of the interior paint might still be slightly wet and would drip through. Anyway, I think this project is pretty self explanatory! Just assemble as pictured. Plus, this one involves candy. SCORE.

Project #3: Gourd decorating

This project is a family tradition started by my aunt and uncle. We've been doing this for years! Every fall, on the weekend of General Conference (a semiannual church broadcast), we get together on Sunday to watch it together and paint gourds. My uncle is a teacher, and he gives most of these away to his teacher friends.

Supplies needed: gourds (duh), craft markers or paint, hot glue gun, and any craft items you want! Pipe cleaners, feathers, felt, doll hair, googly eyes, etc.

It's a super easy, family friendly project!

I hope you are all enjoying this season as much as I am! 

Friday, October 4, 2013

Halloween crafting


If there's a word that screams "sexy" or "hip" or "trendy," it would have to be crafting, am I right? I mean, if Miley Cyrus isn't twerking and sticking her tongue out, she's sorting out her glitter by shade. If Justin Beiber isn't peeing in a bucket in a restaurant kitchen, he's warming up his hot glue gun. If John Boehner isn't shutting down the government, he's at JoAnn's, using his 40% off coupon in the yarn aisle.

Did it work? Did I make crafting sound cool? I lost you at John Boehner, didn't I?

Oh well. I love crafting. I've been advised to not blog about crafting because I could lose my male readers, so I'll include something in this post for them. It's a list of things men like. Some of them might be wrong, and some might be suggestions. I'm not going to tell you which though.

Ok, for the rest of you, I had a super fun craft night last night with my good friend, Holly. She is a crafting queen, and is so skilled. She taught me how to make a decorative witch last night - a project I couldn't have been more excited about. She made one for herself a couple years ago and I have been coveting it ever since. I am suuuper excited to have my own!

Here are a few pictures of the process. We started with basic dress doll forms,  painted the bases, then started covering them with fabric:

We made the hats (Holly made one too) out of fabric and cardboard and stuck them into the form with a tall nail and hot glue. The broom is made out of cuttings from an actual broom, a stick, twine, and hot glue. The shawl is made from painted lace which stiffens when it dries.

Here is the final result:

I am crazy in love with it. In fact, Beyonce wrote her song "Crazy in Love" about how I feel about this witch.

While we were crafting, we talked about everything in our lives, laughed a lot, made a McDonald's run, etc. But at one point, since we were making a Halloween craft, I started thinking about scary movies and stories. I confessed to Holly that two things have always scared the crud out of me (pardon my French):

1. The story of Lizzie Borden.  Why did you do what you did, Lizzie!? Why!? That story scares me so much. I know she was acquitted, and the glove didn't fit and all that, but I still get scared whenever I think about her.

2. Karen Carpenter - when I was a kid my mom told me about how Karen Carpenter died of anorexia. I saw a picture of her when she was really skinny, right before she died, and it scared me so bad. Sometimes when I'd be laying in bed at night feeling scared, I'd picture the ghost of Karen Carpenter floating into my room and I'd have to close my eyes tight, and get under the blankets for safety.

What was the one thing (or two things*) that scared you the most when you were a kid?

*or three things.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Wednesday Thoughts

About a month ago, I started a new medication for a routine problem (I turn into a donkey if I don't take the pills). Out of curiosity, I thought I'd scan the new bottle for the possible side effects. Normally I don't like to do that for the same reason I don't like to read jacket covers on a new book. I like to be surprised. My doctor gives me a new medicine, and I run out the door yelling, "no spoilers!"

Anyway, I checked out the bottle and saw one of the weirdest possible side effects: fear. "Can cause feelings of fear." My first thought was, "Oh great, right before Halloween."

The good news is that side effect hasn't manifested itself.... yet. I'm worried though that it could happen at the worst time. Like, what if I watch Hocus Pocus and have to cover my eyes? What if "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" gives me nightmares? What if I have to sleep with the lights on after watching Mr. Boogedy?


I started looking through my scary movies the other day, in preparation for the season. I can't wait to start watching them. I only like to get mildly scared though - I like a good PG-13 scare. I'm not cool with being really scared and/or grossed out.

Here's a short list of "scary" things I do not think are scary:

Ghouls (no one even knows what those are)
Mr. Boogedy
Basically any monster
Witches, 50% of the time

Here's another list of things I do think are scary:

Witches, 50% of the time

I am NOT cool with ghosts or intruders.

I think the movie that scares me the most of any I've seen is The Grudge. I hate that movie. The Grudge (I refer to the ghost in the movie as The Grudge) breaks all the ghost rules. You hide under your covers? She shows up. I thought we had an agreement with ghosts - they can NOT go under covers. You know what, I'm not going to get into the other stuff the Grudge does, because I just can't. She's too much. I can't go there...

I think my medicine's kicking in.

What's your favorite kind of Halloween/scary movie?

Happy Wednesday!