Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Halloween Planning

Is it bad that I'm already thinking about Halloween? Wait, let me go one further, is it really bad that I'm also already thinking about Christmas? I'll stick with Halloween for this post though, so don't worry.

A few years back I had an annual tradition of throwing a huge Halloween party with some close friends. We loved hosting that party, and we'd start planning for it months in advance. Even though I haven't hosted many Halloween parties in the last few years, I still get that excitement around this time of year. Halloween is just such a fun holiday.

Feeding my Halloween obsession this year is Pinterest which has some amazing ideas. It's been filling my head with holiday craft ideas for days. What I'm trying to say is, Pinterest is an enabler.

Here are some of the spookiest ideas I've found so far. I'm sorry if it's too early to be thinking about Halloween. Don't blame me. Blame society.

So freaky!!! From here.
 LOVE this idea from here.

This has to be my favorite. From here.
(It's made from chicken wire.)

I'm determined to make at least one of these. Maybe all three. Which do you think is the scariest?


Melissa C said...

We went to Micheals last month and Soren came home screaming to Ryan, "It's Halloween at Micheals". I have been thinking about Halloween (and Christmas too). I just can't wait to decorate this new house of ours for the holidays.

I LOVE the pumpkin skull inside the pumpkin head. I might have to do that one too.

Brady said...

The pumpkin skull is brilliant, but I think the chicken wire ghost would freak me out the most.

Katherine said...

Yeah, I think the chicken wire ghost is my favorite - it's SO spooky!!! And don't worry, I was thinking this morning about getting out my Halloween decorations, but decided to hold off just a little longer...! :) I love that holiday!

D said...

We decorate for Halloween on Oct 1st. Gotta make the most out of our decor. This year we'll wait until the middle of oct cause we are buying a house but we'll definitely be decorating even if it means throwing sheets over stacks of boxes to make ghosts. Lol

Furry Bottoms said...

The chicken wire is the scariest! It could totally pass for a ghost at first glance. I never saw anything like it!

Limequat said...

love the chicken wire, but with the right details, the skull pumpkin busting out of the other pumpkin may be the scariest!!

btw, Pinterest is amazing!

lizzie mc.- said...

Loving the ghost. However, anyone that's worked with chicken wire will tell you long sleeves and gloves. Then there's where do you store it. I'm kid friendly rather than scary though. Which is why I love that you're thinking about it already!

As a kid, Mom always made costumes from scratch. I still try to do my best to make my children's costumes to carry on that tradition. I'm relieved that I have mummy for one wish. SO EASY!

Alexis Kaye said...

oh my gosh! the skull inside is genius! I love the ghost thing! creepy! I am so with you though :) I've already started thinking about christmas :) and me and my hubby have already decided what to dress as for Halloween. I can't say yet, but it's gonna be da bomb!!!

Kristin said...

Oh my gosh! That leg! Seriously? I was not expecting that.

Hi, by the way.