Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wednesday Thoughts

HaPpY HaLLoWeeN!!! 

I loooove this holiday! In honor of Halloween, I am going to share my "best of Halloween" lists with you today. I would LOVE to hear yours too! 

Best Halloween Movies:

2. Hocus Pocus

3. Mr. Boogedy

Scariest Halloween Movies:

1. The Grudge (that Grudge seriously needs to CHILL)

2. The Changeling (see link above)

3. The Sixth Sense (yeah, I still find this scary)
Best Halloween Songs:

1. Thriller (duh!)

2. Nightmare on My Street (Will Smith)

3.  The Monster Mash (old school)

Best trick-or-treat candy:

1. Reese's Peanut Butter cups

2. Almond Joy

3. Milky Way

Worst trick-or-treat candy:

1.  Necco wafers

2. Good & Plenty (sorry, Mom, I know that's your favorite)

3. Now and Later (I'd like to keep my teeth, thank you very much) 

Random Worst:

When Halloween is on a Sunday.

When the Great Pumpkin makes you look like a fool again.

When Hurricane Sandy makes it too cold and windy and rainy/snowy to be outside on Halloween.

Random Best:

 When you come up with an awesome and original Halloween costume - like a cat or a witch.

When you realize that as an adult you can buy a whole bag of Reese's Peanut Butter cups and eat as many as you want (NOT that I would ever do that...)

When you're a kid and you get to use Halloween as an excuse to wear make up.

When your neighbors decorate their porch like this:


What are some of your favorites??

I hope you all have a wonderful Halloween with no razors in your candy, no Necco wafers in your trick-or-treat bag, no Great Pumpkin disappointments, and no deadly monster encounters (or at least very few). That is my Halloween wish for you. Oh, and plenty of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. And maybe just one ghost sighting.

Happy Spooky Wednesday!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Best Hurricane Tweets (so far)

Whew! This hurricane is no joke. Flooding, power outages, and injuries. It's awful!

Here in Michigan we're getting sleet, rain, and insane wind (= power outages), but we're not getting the brunt of it by any means. It could be much, much worse. I'm praying for all of you on the east coast who are the most affected by it!  Stay safe!

Whenever something awful is going on in the world, I turn to my favorite Tweeters to put a funny spin on it. These are some of the hurricane tweets that made me laugh in the last few days:

"I wish CNN would show a montage of old men looking angry after getting their hats blown off. #hurricane" - @MarylandMudflap

"Ok, nobody drink the flood water. I just peed in it." - @johnfreiler

"I hate to have to make this observation, but the irony that I'm retaining this much water in a hurricane is not lost on me." - @AnaGasteyer

"The best way to maintain power is to believe in yourself #Sandy" - @astamate


"NYC HURRICANE UPDATE: Teenagers in my lobby made fun of the way I walk. I pretended like I did not hear them." - @MarylandMudflap

"There's a hurricane coming, you know. Better make it an everything bagel." - @UncleDynamite

"Yeah, remember when you guys used to make fun of me? I don't seem so useless now, huh!? - Aquaman" - @Nickadoo

"Hurricane update: Narnia on HBO, no pants on my body." - @FrankLongo

"I've still got power -- if any of you need me to watch some TV for you, just let me know." - @toyns

"If this were Hurricane 'Sandi' people would take it less seriously." - @ChrisRRegan

Hope some of those made you laugh!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wednesday Thoughts

I'm way behind on blogging! Life has been pretty fun and exciting lately but instead of stretching my updates out over a bunch of posts, I'll give them all to you right now in Wednesday Thoughts.

Update one: Over the weekend I held my annual fall bonfire! This is one of my favorite things all year. Highlights include: doughnut eating competition, ghost sightings, hot chocolate bar, and people falling in love around the fire (I have no idea if this happened or not, but it would be awesome if it did):

Update two: I spent a couple nights making special dipped marshmallows and spoons for the hot chocolate bar I set up at the bonfire. Not to toot my own horn, but they turned out pretty amazing.

Update three: The TIGERS swept the Yankees! Because I had a good friend in town last week, we went to Detroit for some adventuring. We ate at a delicious bbq place called Slows, we wandered over to the old abandoned train station, then we headed down to the Tigers stadium to join in the celebrating after the game. Someone had put a broom in the big Tiger's mouth since the Tigers swept the Yankees. It was pretty cool.

Game One of the World Series is tonight!!

Update four: My niece was baptized this weekend. In our church, children aren't baptized as babies - the age of accountability is 8. It was a really special day and I'm so proud of her. Here she is with my dad before her baptism, and after, showing off her cowboy boots.

Update five: The leaves are at peak color and are gorgeous:

Update six: Some friends and I went to the Greenfield Village Halloween nights celebration over the weekend. It was rainy and my feet got soaked but it was still super fun, so that's saying something. Afterward we warmed up at an Arab bakery - sooooo good.

Ok, I think I'm up to speed now as far as the bigger events are concerned. Whew! I have more updates coming soon though don't you worry all you people out there who are bored at work and need people to update their blogs more often.

I still have lots of things to do to celebrate the Halloween season. I'm way behind on Halloween things. I haven't even carved a pumpkin yet, watched Ghostbusters all the way through, or made myself sick on candy corn. Only one week till Halloween! I gotta get on it! What are you doing to celebrate?

Happy Wednesday!

Friday, October 19, 2012

I will wait

To all my single friends out there - I hope you enjoy this and that it means as much to you as it did to me. Thank you to my friend, Adam, for sharing it with me!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Los Colores

Today is an overcast, windy day. A pretty typical fall day in Michigan. The colors though!! The colors totally change the outside mood. The sky is gray and overcast yet with the brightness of the leaves, it doesn't seem that dreary out. I just had to share some pictures I've taken today. Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wednesday Thoughts

Today I'm feeling lots of thing... 

Grateful because I'm finally feeling healthier. I've been sick for a week or so and am so grateful for medicine and rest!

Tired because the medicine I've been on has given me insomnia - something I haven't had in awhile. I forgot how irritating it is. Guys... I've gotten like six hours of sleep in the last 48 hours. I'm struggling here.

Happy because the Tigers are going to beat the Scankees tonight (Yankees). Woohoo!!! So excited for this! On to the World Series!

Amused that both sides of the political spectrum view the results of the debate last night so differently. Both sides seem to think the other side doesn't get it, is dumb, doesn't have the facts, gets too easily offended, etc. That is, according to my Facebook news feed. I missed most of the debate due to the Tigers game, but from what I gather the key words were: Candy, binders, women, and Jeremy. I have no idea.

Excited for three reasons:

1. My annual fall bonfire is this weekend!

2. I'm going to Greenfield Village's Halloween nights this weekend as well! I need to finish making a wig for my costume. I started one this week but then my niece was having such much fun playing with it, I let her keep it. Can you blame me?

Could you resist that face?

3. One of my bff's is in town and I get to see him tonight! (I really hope he doesn't read this because it'll go right to his head. But also if he doesn't read this I will be mad because he's my friend and should be reading my blog.)

Enchanted because of the absolutely beautiful fall colors that surround me.

Unbelievable, am I right?

How are you today? What are some things you're feeling? Lay it on me. I'm exhausted and need some entertainment. (Also, I care how you're doing ...of course.)

Happy Wednesday!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Facebook + Politics = No Bueno

Things are really heating up with politics these days. And it's making things particularly tense on Facebook. Remember back in high school, when other kids would start shoving each other and we'd all start chanting, "Fight! Fight! Fight!" That's basically how I feel on Facebook lately. I've noticed there are different types of political Facebook posts that don't go over well. These are the types I've seen so far:

The doomsday post

Their message: If the other guy wins, the end is near.
Our (sarcastic) reaction: that makes sense. Seems logical. Can't see why this wouldn't happen.
Convincing factor: 0/10 Why? Too extreme.

The informed post

Their message: I'm simply trying to share the facts with you. I'm not trying to start any fights. Just putting more information out there. Information that proves that I'm right.
Our reaction: Ok. I probably won't read that post, and I may hide you from my news feed, but I don't hate you.
Convincing factor: 2/10 Why? Does anyone change their mind based on articles people post on facebook? Don't we just post articles to further prove why we're voting the way we are? Do we really expect to change anyone's minds?

The if-you-knew-what-I-know-you'd-vote-for-my-guy post

Their message: You're simply lacking the information that I have. If you had the information I have, you would have no choice but to vote for my guy. Let me share this information with you so you can be informed, like I am.
Our reaction: Stop being condescending.
Convincing factor: 0/10 Why? It's annoying to be talked down to like that.

The mean post

Their message: Usually in the form of "funny (mean)" pictures. Typically says that if you're a Democrat you both own an iPhone AND are on welfare, and if you're a Republican, you hate Big Bird.
Our reaction: You're a jerk.
Convincing factor: -10/10 All this does is further convince us that we don't want to be on your side 'cause you over simplify and are mean.

The one issue matters most post

Their message: The issue I care about the most is the reason I vote for the person I vote for. If you don't vote for the same one issue as me (abortion, gay rights, military, education, tax cuts) then you deeply offend me and are against me.
Our reaction:  Um..... ok.
Convincing factor: 1/10 We're convinced we need to avoid you until after the election. But we appreciate and respect your passion.

The violent post

Their message: I want to violently hurt the guy I'm not voting for. Don't you?
Our reaction: Not really.
Convincing factor: 0/10

The character post

The message: The guy I'm voting for has great character. He's done this, that, and the other for other humans. He's done x, y, and z for his church. Your guy is a Muslim who wasn't born in America. OR Our guy cares more about people. Yours cares about corporations. We have compassion and you don't!
Our reaction: Eye roll.
Convincing factor: -5/10  We feel like you're judging us when you say that.

The you're an idiot if you don't vote for my guy post

The message: No but for real, if you don't vote for the same guy as me, you CLEARLY don't understand the constitution or the issues at hand. You're misinformed and DUMB. Read a book for once in your life!
Our reaction: No, YOU'RE dumb.
Convincing factor: -20/10 

The I don't care how many friends I lose, politics are that important to me post

Our reaction: The feeling is mutual.
Convincing factor: nil

The clearly jumping on the band wagon post

The message: I usually don't care about politics but I heard this thing today and NOW I'M MAD!
Our reaction: Take it down a notch.
Convincing factor: Whatever the issue is you are mad about, we've already heard of it and are over it.

Facebook political posters - keep up the good work. You're changing all of our minds.

Sincere question though: Has any Facebook post ever changed your mind? What effect do these posts have on you? Is there such a thing as a positive political Facebook post?

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wednesday Thoughts

Whew! Wednesday Thoughts is a bit late today. I've been a little under the weather lately. Here are some things going on with me lately:

1. I am horrible at ding-dong ditching. That's what I call it when you leave a gift on someone's porch then knock and run. It seems everyone has different names for it. This week I've been trying to "boo" some of my neighbors (leave some Halloween candy in a basket on their door with a fun note, and run). It has been impossible. Either they don't answer the door no matter how many times we knock, or they're outside in their garage. It reminded me of some other failed ding-dong ditching attempts I've made: 

*the time my friend and I went to the wrong house and saw a ghost
*the time we almost got attacked by dogs
*the time the person stepped onto the porch to make a phone call as we were sneaking up the front yard
*the time the neighbor stole the package before the person could find it (and we witnessed it)
*the time the person opened the front door to throw a bug out as I was crawling up the front steps (miraculously they did not see me)

2. I've been obsessively taking pictures of the bright, beautiful fall colors lately. I can't stop!! But can you blame me with views like this? 

3. I'm opening a booth at the farmers market soon, to sell baked goods. I'll just be there on Saturday mornings. I have NO idea what to expect but I am looking forward to it. What do you recommend I make? What sweets would you buy from the farmers market? 

Happy Wednesday!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wednesday Thoughts

Tonight's the night: the first official presidential debate. ARE YOU ON THE EDGE OF YOUR SEATS!? Me neither!

I picture it being a lot of:

My opponent claims...
If my opponent truly understood....
I never said that...
I have already shown you my birth certificate...
Blah, blah, blah...

Don't get me wrong, I'll probably watch it. Or at least, as much of it as I can stomach. If you are like me, and need some distractions while watching it, I am now providing you with a different kind of debate. A presidential debate between two adorable dogs, who take the issues very seriously: Corgi and Collie.

How do you feel about restrictions on fire hydrants for urination purposes? Some are saying it should be outlawed.

Collie: What's next? Not allowing squirrels to urinate in trees? Not allowing fish to urinate in the ocean? I am strongly against this. **cough** Except for when I voted for it as governor.**cough**

Corgi: Animals have been relieving themselves in their natural habititats for far too long. I am proposing a potty-training bill, which is an 18 step program, and will span from the day I'm elected until 2080. And no, I will not raise taxes for this. The money will come from... something else... I'll tell you more about that after I'm elected.

One of the hot topics this election is health care equality for cats. What is your position on this?

Corgi: Health insurance shouldn't have to pay for litter boxes or litter for cats. I have the utmost respect for cats - I myself own a Calico (and by own I mean she works for me) - and she agrees with me on this topic. I hope the American cats will think about who has their best interests in November.

Collie: I believe health care should cover the cost of litter boxes and litter, but not the cost of spaying and neutering. That should be between cats and their religious leaders.

How will you handle the military commitments America is involved with right now?

Collie: We have to cut spending on the military and funnel that money into more important causes, such as animal sanctuaries, animal pounds, and Sarah McLachlan (just in general). Money is also needed for dog training courses, our rivers and lakes which suffer from illegal immigration from the Gulf of Mexico, and cat repellent spray development. 'Cause this stuff we have now just doesn't work. And that is unacceptable. Not on my watch.

Corgi: We absolutely can't back down on our current battles against mailmen, hoses, and loud noises. If a balloon pops or thunder rolls, our military will be there. If a garbage truck rumbles down the street, we will stop it before it scares any more of our citizens. We can no longer live in fear of loud noises, getting sprayed by hoses, or humans in uniforms stepping on our property.

If you have any more questions for Collie and Corgi, let me know. They may debate again.

God bless you and may God bless the United States of America.

Happy Wednesday.

Monday, October 1, 2012


Hey guys! Today is the first day of October - the best month of the year! To celebrate, I made a little something for you. And before you say anything, I'm aware that I'm being a little over the top about fall. But what can I say? I'm crushing on it big time right now. When we ladies have crushes on guys, we do certain things to express it - we doodle our first name with his last name, we imagine what our babies would look like, and we read into everything he says. And depending on our self esteem we determine that, "how are you today?" either means he loves us or will never love us.

We're complicated.

But my love affair with fall is not complicated. I love fall, and I have not been coy about it. But since fall isn't a man, and doesn't have a last name for me to doodle with my first name, I expressed it by making some subway art of a few of my favorite things about fall. And because I love you too (most of you*) I thought I'd share it with you!

Happy October!

If I'm being really real (which I usually try to do here), I don't really care for football. But I enjoy everyone else's enthusiasm. Plus, it brings back a lot of fun high school memories when I was SUPER COOL and was in the marching band. :)

Happy fall!

* Like 95% of you. You 5% know who you are. And you know what you did.