Thursday, September 15, 2011


After another fun-filled night in Chicago, I drove home very late last night/early this morning. I should have taken the whole day off work today but like a fool, I didn't. As a result, I've been a zombie all day! But instead of going on and on about that, I thought I'd show you one more picture from Chicago. Check out the cheese on this deep dish pizza!

Christi was trying to get a piece on her plate but the pizza didn't want to release it to her and held on with all its cheesy might. (What am I even saying? It's the exhaustion speaking.)

The diet starts tomorrow? I felt kinda bad consuming that many calories, but when in Chicago, you have to eat deep dish pizza. It's un-American not to. That's what I told myself anyway. No regrets!

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lizzie mc.- said...

All the best things converge in Chicago, pizza, Frank Lloyd Wright...

I love the arrows. I love the exhausted blog. Cheesy might is a great description!