Friday, January 30, 2009

Candy Challenge

Yesterday at work, something big and exciting happened: a new candy was added to our vending machine! A crunchy Reeses Peanut Butter cup has never gotten as much attention as it did yesterday in my office. And the bonus is that our vending machine guy forgot to change the price, so it was only 25 cents. After we all had one (or more) we remembered the peanut butter recall and were (slightly) concerned. But I think Justin spoke for us all when he said, "it was worth it."

All the excitement over the new candy got us talking about our favorite candies. This led to some heated debate, accompanied with shock and outrage over disagreements about which is truly the best candy. This isn't the first time we've debated about candy, but it was the funniest. I've never seen anyone so strongly object to toffee (Justin said it should be illegal). He even said I should do a poll to prove that many people find toffee disgusting. I told him he is going to be disappointed (see poll on upper left).

So I thought I'd do a little experiment. Today I brought some of the more controversial candies in to work. Here is a list of the candy I brought in along with the reactions they received:

Boston Baked Beans
Both Ann and Justin had never tried these and were repulsed by their name. This morning Ann said, "I can't wait to see the so-called 'baked beans.'" But when she tried them she reluctantly said, "they're ok. I don't hate them." Both she and Justin agreed that they almost broke their teeth on them. Fifteen minutes after eating them, Ann claimed her jaw still hurt.

Another co-worker said that they have something similar in the country she grew up in and that she loves them. She was gobbling them up. Kathy also said she can't stay away from them.

Overall reaction: people like them, but think the name leaves much to be desired. I disagree. I think the name is the best part.

Almond Joys

Coconut is surprisingly divisive. However, we had one shocking reaction. Ann, who thought she hated them, tried one today and absolutely loved it, practically shouting, "It's really good!!" But did say she could do without the almond. A little later, she proclaimed, "Elizabeth, you have just changed my candy bar world."

Hot Tamales
Kathy's favorite! Justin's reaction: "candy shouldn't be spicy."

Cow Tails

I love these things. Justin said, "it's a little weird. I'm leaning towards not liking it." In the end he decided to give it a C- because he liked the inside (calling it "delish").

Ann said they're good (agreeing that the cream center was the best) but said that with no outer coating, they're a bit dry.

Milky Ways
I thought it was a given that Milky Ways are totally delicious (they're in my top five), but I was wrong. Turns out some people think they're gross. Justin tried them again today and said, "it's not doing anything for me."

Other controversial candy that I could have brought but was too grossed out by: Necco wafers (nasty!), Circus Peanuts, and Good and Plentys. What do you guys think? What's your least favorite candy?

Thursday, January 29, 2009

An invitation to a triple dog dare

Yeah, you heard me right. I triple dog dare you guys to try this recipe. It's called the "Bacon Explosion" and it's made by weaving pieces of bacon together to create an outer shell, then filling the shell with sausage and cooked bacon. Click here for a link to the recipe and story.

You were looking for something special to make for your Super Bowl party anyway, right? Plus, it's only 5,000 calories and 500 grams of fat.

I may not know who's playing in the Super Bowl (Justin finally told me yesterday but I forgot) but I know what to make for it! (I'm actually not making this. I like my heart and I want to keep it.)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wednesday Thoughts

Yesterday Kathy asked Justin and me if we are doing anything for the Super Bowl. After discussing Superbowl parties, food, and commercials for a bit, Justin looked at us and said, "Do you guys even know who's playing in the Super Bowl?!" Can you believe his nerve? I mean, it's true that we don't know who's playing, but still. Of course at that point, we started acting even more ignorant that we are, with Kathy suggesting that the Super Bowl was a golf tournament and saying that she heard Tiger Woods and Shooter McGavin were going to be playing. (I would watch it if Shooter McGavin were playing in it.) Anyway, my point is that men always think they know more than women. Maybe my point would be stronger if Kathy and I had actually known who was in the Super Bowl, but still. I'm sure some women know.

In other news, I was really hoping this whole thing with Blagojevich would blow over before I had to learn to say his name but it doesn't look like that's going to happen. I try to stay up on current events, but whenever I try to say his name it comes out Glaboyglavich. It's embarrassing.

It's snowing today. Again. Maybe instead of hating winter, I should make some kind of challenge for myself to distract myself from my impatience with the cold and snow. Here are some ideas:
  • Break a world record for most snowmen built
  • Break a record for most time spent under a Snuggie (mine hasn't arrived yet)
  • Spend two to three hours a week sledding
  • Wear a different crazy winter hat every day for the rest of winter
Any other ideas? I did get a new sled a couple years ago, so the sledding idea is a real possibility. But honestly, I think you and I can agree the second one is the most probable.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Did you guys ever see that Full House where DJ has a crush on the paper boy?* He comes over to the house to collect money for the paper, and DJ is trying to be really smooth and cool. Everything seems to be going well until he leaves and instead of saying goodbye or bye or see ya, DJ yells, "tootaloo!" After she shuts the door she says to herself, "Tootaloo!?," mortified about having said something so lame.

The reason I mention this is that I have been having a lot of "Tootaloo" moments lately. Much as I try, I am so not smooth! Ok, truth is I don't try very hard to be smooth. Up till this point, I've operated under the idea that some lucky guy will (learn to) love me for who I am. But I don't know, I think I need a little help. I'm thinking maybe I should try harder to be smooth. You know, have less "tootaloo" moments.

I think this is going to take discipline and training. When I was about 12 or 13, my friends and I would often encourage each other to call our current crush on the phone. But we were terrified to do this (wow, some things never change), so in order to prepare, we'd write a script that we would follow during the phone call, anticipating what the guy might say. It might go something like this:

Me: Hey (current crush), it's Elizabeth... from math class.
Him: Oh. Hi.
Me: Hi! So, how's it going?
Him: Fine.
Me: That's good. How was your basketball game today?
Two options here:
Him: Good, we won!
Me: That's so great! Congratulations.... (ask more questions about the game...)
Him: We lost.
Me: That's too bad. So, when's your next game?

You'd be surprised, but this script worked pretty well. The guys we called were pretty predictable I guess. Anyway, after having several "tootaloo" moments lately, I'm wondering if I should go back to the script? Before approaching a guy, I'll quickly study the script. Or maybe I can write it on my hand and refer to it once and awhile? My new script could go something like this:

Me: Hi so-and-so (I think it's important that I remind myself not to actually say so-and-so)
Him: Hi.
Me: So, how are you?
Him: Fine.
Me: Have a good week?
Him: Pretty normal.
Me: Oh, well that's good, right? Better than a bad week, I mean.
Him: Yes.
Me: So, do you like your job/classes?
Him: Yeah.
Me: Tootaloo!

Dang it, I was supposed to try to avoid saying tootaloo. Well, you have to admit that that guy was pretty boring. So maybe that wasn't the best example. Anyway, I haven't worked out the kinks yet, but next time you see me, expect me to be more smooth. I'm just warning you. And if you see something that looks like a script written on my arm, pretend you don't see it.

*Yes I know I should be embarrassed that I'm referencing Full House, but I've already confessed that it's my guilty pleasure so there's no point hiding it any more.

Friday, January 23, 2009


Reason #467 why winter stinks: it keeps making me sick. I've been sick with the flu, or the flu's evil cousin, since Wednesday. The last several days have been filled with sleep, reruns of Sister Sister, more sleep, and Kleenex boxes. And now I'm getting cabin fever. (I guess it's better than the actual fever I couldn't get rid of until this morning.)

I think the thing that would make me feel a lot better would be my Snuggie, but it hasn't arrived yet. It feels like it's been a couple weeks since I ordered it, but I'm pretty sure it was just Wednesday. Time moves in slow motion when you're sick I guess!

I keep telling myself that summer is only months away to try to cheer myself up, but it's not really working. One of my coworkers named the months of January and February "Janufeb" because they seem to just blur together becoming the longest months of the year, which is ironic since February is actually technically the shortest month of the year. Technically.

Ok, I think I've done enough complaining for one post, so here are a few lighter things. First of all, when February finally does come, here's the picture on my "Just us Chickens" calendar for that month. Something to look forward to, indeed. Oh, and if you are interested in seeing the cake Amy and I made for the Lost party, here's a link to her blog, which has some great pictures of it!

And lastly, because I did so much complaining in the first half of this post, I feel I owe you one more funny thing. This video made me laugh. Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wednesday Thoughts

Today's the day! LOST starts tonight!! Last night Amy and I got together and made a Lost cake. It's an exact replica of the Lost island (to scale). Ok, maybe not exact, but close (ok, maybe not close). The point is, it's an awesome cake. I can't post pictures of it yet because I don't want to ruin the surprise for people who are going to see it later today. But I will post pictures eventually. I can't wait for tonight! I really hope the Smoke Monster makes an appearance (cross your fingers that this is the year the Smoke Monster will finally get that Emmy)!

In other news, I just ordered my (drum roll please) Snuggie! Finally, I can find out if it lives up to all the hype! Hype which was mostly generated by me, admittedly. All I know is that I'm cold all the time and I need help getting through the winter. I can't wait for my "knight in fleecy armor" to arrive.

Question (Schrute style): is winter almost over? We're at least rounding the bend, right? Groundhog day is only 11 days away, and I really hope that groundhog has good news. Is he ever right? When did we start relying on a groundhog for important weather news?

The next holiday after Groundhog day (which I always thought was Groundhog's Day until checking out the website), is Valentine's Day. I've heard it referred to as Single Awareness Day by some of my single friends, but personally I don't mind it. I think all the reds and pinks kind of brighten up one of the darkest, coldest months of the year. What do you think?

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Singlehood: Solved!

My friend Sara posted the funniest/most disturbing link in the comments section of my last post and what with Valentines Day coming up and the very cold weather, I just had to share it with you. You can thank me (and Sara) later. But I guess I'm turning into a bitter single person because even though I cracked up when I saw the link, I was also slightly nausiated. If you guys haven't seen Smittens yet, check out this site!

I'm going to buy a pair and just walk around with the couples mitten hanging off my hand. Then I'll approach guys who look cold and ask them if they want to share. What do you think? Will it work?

Friday, January 16, 2009


Ok, this is going to be the last time I talk about this product (or at least the second or third to last time). It has been brought to my attention by my friend Emily that there's a new Snuggie on the block and it's called the Toasty Wrap. It's a total impostor! I don't even understand what's happening - if you click on the Toasty Wrap link, you'll see that it has the same commercial as the Snuggie, and you even get a free book light when you order one, which is the same free gift you get with the Snuggie! Is it made by the same company or something? Why would they make two of the same products but name them different names?

Maybe I'm getting too worked up over this, but what is up with the name Toasty Wrap? It sounds like fast food. It's an even worse name than the Slanket, and let's be honest, Slanket is a horrible name. Can you even say it out loud without laughing? I haven't been able to yet, and trust me when I say I've tried.

Ok, last thing. I noticed just now that on the Toasty Wrap page they have a section for testimonials and they are clearly not real. The Slanket has the same section but instead of calling it "testimonials," they call it "Slanketeering" and they appear to be all too real. Here's one of the testimonials from the Slanketeering page:

The Slanket is my new best friend because all of my old friends may dump me if I don't stop raving about it. They assume I won't want to go out with them because I'd rather be wrapped up in it. (They assume right.) It arrived in the mail to save me as if on cue -- my knight in fleecy armor -- the day before temperatures in Boston plunged to below freezing. I brought it straight to the couch and it was love.

My knight in fleecy armor?

Anyway, which name do you guys think is the best (or worst)? Maybe I'll put up a poll. I know I'm obsessed by the way, but maybe if it wasn't -11 degrees today (not including wind chill) I wouldn't be constantly think about ways to warm up! Until then, I'm still waiting for my knight in fleecy armor.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wednesday Thoughts

So, I know I've joked about the Snuggie a lot, but what if I actually bought one? Can we still be friends? My friend Kara got one as a gift, and I'm really jealous! Her room mate Jessica loves it so much, she thinks it should be a national treasure (that's what she said in the infomercial she made for it anyway). And on the radio this morning, the DJ I was listening to was going on and on about how cozy his Snuggie is. I think it's time I just stop pretending and get a Snuggie.

Another thing. I know it's insanely cold out, but am I the only one who thinks that ski masks are really scary? On my way to work yesterday, I saw a guy standing at a bus stop wearing a ski mask and it freaked me out a little bit. Not that I blame the guy (or girl?), I mean, it is freezing out, but... it looked like he was on his way to rob a bank. Maybe if it was crocheted it would have been less scary? Maybe not.

Have you guys seen all the Youtube videos of people doing the dance from Beyonce's video "Single Ladies"? Honestly, once you start watching them, it's hard to stop. Check out this kid, or this dude, or these people, or these ladies. Some of them are good, some are just hilarious. I don't think I've watched any of them all the way through, but the first minute is enough. I should warn you though: you'll never get that song out of your head. Also, you might be disturbed. I should have said that first.

One more thought/question: exactly how much do I have to layer to stay warm in this weather? I went so far as to wear two pairs of socks today - one pair is knee length, the other is normal length. It wasn't enough. I need more layers - but I'm not sure where to draw the line. I want to be warm, but I also want to avoid looking like this person.

Well, those are my thoughts this morning. I'm sorry most of them are cold weather related, but what can I say? That's my reality today. Cold, cold, cold. Maybe I should learn the Beyonce dance to warm up?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

And the winners are....

It's a tie! Between Kathy and Sarah, who both only got one wrong. Great job ladies! (Katherine actually got all the answers right, but she's my sister so it doesn't count. And don't worry, she agreed with me on this.) So, as promised, here's a post dedicated to why the winners of the quiz are awesome. Since Kathy answered first, I'll start with her:

Kathy (the one on the right)
Kathy joined my department about a year ago and there has not been a dull moment since! She's hilarious, sends us (Justin and me) the funniest clips to watch and/or listen to, and has our backs if we have a problem. When my car was in the shop, she drove me to work until I got it back! What would I have done without her!? Our carpool worked out so well, we're thinking about going in together on a team of sled dogs (you guys still think I'm joking about that, don't you?). She's supportive, compassionate, kind, and fun and when she's not at work, Justin and I are bored out of our minds. I'm so glad to work with her!

Sarah and I have been friends forever! We met in middle school, and became good friends in high school. Without Sarah, my life would definitely be dull. Just in the past year or two, some of our adventures have included: seeing Maya Angelou speak, going to a Barack Obama rally, going to a tractor pull (oops, that was a secret), and many others. Sarah saved me last summer when a bug got in my eye! Now that's above and beyond. She listens to me vent about my problems and offers support and advice. On top of that, she motivates me to work out with her several days a week. She is a great support in my life and I don't know what I'd do without her!

Great job everyone! In case you were wondering, the correct answers to the quiz are: 1. b 2. b 3. c 4. a 5. c 6. a 7. c 8.b 9. a 10 b, and the extra credit answer was no (if you can believe that). Thanks everyone who took the quiz!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

A quiz for my birthday

Well guys, I did it. I survived another year! If you knew my fast paced life style, you'd know what an accomplishment this is! The sky diving, my part time job as a stunt double, and of course, when I toured with Bon Jovi last summer (back up guitar player).

What I thought I'd do to celebrate my birthday is think back on things I've done this past year. But I'm going to do it differently than you've seen done in other blogs. I'm going to give you a quiz and see what you remember from June of last year till now. June of course is when I started my blog. So here it goes. Post your answers in the comment section and I'll post the correct answers at some point on Tuesday. I know this is ridiculous and more than a little self centered, but just humor me.

1. To celebrate my friend Sarah's birthday in June, we:
a. Saw Maya Angelou speak
b. Went to an Obama rally
c. Went to a Bon Jovi concert

2. What guilty pleasure book did I read last summer?
a. a Mary Higgins Clark book
b. a Murder, She Wrote book
c. a Baby-sitters club book

3. Which Golden Girl did the quiz tell me I'd be?
a. Blanche
b. Sofia
c. Rose

4. If you want to have a spooky experience to tell around the campfire, one of the steps I listed is:
a. stumble to the bathroom with your eyes blurred in the middle of the night
b. spend the night in a graveyard
c. read a book of ghost stories

5. Which video game did I rediscover my love of this year?
a. Mario Cart
b. Guitar Hero
c. Dr. Mario

6. What horrible monster did I face last summer?
a. tomato horn worm
b. blast ended skrewt
c. wolf spiders

7. What film was being shot within blocks of my office building last summer?
a. Whip It!
b. An American Girl
c. Youth in Revolt

8. What do I hate the most?
a. bad movies
b. optical illusions
c. lame ghost stories

9. What was the problem that caused me to panic going into 2009?
a. finding the right calendar
b. making New Year's resolutions
c. writing 2008 on everything

10. How many votes for "not hairy enough" did Magnum PI get in the poll?
a. 0
b. 1
c. 3

Extra credit:
Did Kathy and I sell the clock on craigslist?
a. Yes
b. No

For the person who gets the most right, the prize is that I will write a little post about you and why you're awesome.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Winter Survival Kit

"Arctic Temperatures coming." "Cuddle Alert!" "Winter storm warning." What is with the weather reports lately? You'd think it was January or something. I've been thinking lately that it might be time to put together a winter survival kit - otherwise, I simply won't survive the winter. I'm going to find a big Mary Poppins style bag and pack it with all the things I need to get through the winter months ahead. I will of course bring it with me everywhere I go because you never know when or where you're going to need it. Here's what is going in it. Let me know if I'm forgetting anything:

hot chocolate/marshmallows
someone to snuggle with (I'll let him out to go to the bathroom and whatnot, don't worry!)
plane tickets to Tahiti
tons of warm blankets
wood burning stove and marshmallows
a good book
memories of warmer times
pictures of summer
tanning bed
tickets to see Beverly Hills Chihuahua
hand warmers
boots, shovel, gloves, etc...
variety of leis (goes along with denial)
two copies of Magnum: PI, the book (there's actually no such thing, but if there were, I'd have two copies of it on hand at all times)

I think that with this kit and the support of my friends, I will survive the winter. If not, I guess I'll have to just adopt the "if you can't beat it, join it" mentality and do my best to enjoy winter. ("Enjoy" and "winter" in the same sentence?!)For me that would mean getting out my sled and finding a good sledding hill. I've gotten pretty good in past years at standing on the sled, holding onto the rope, and surfing down the hill (I'm lying, I'm horrible at that).

Oh, and maybe I could fulfill my life long goal of owning a team of sled dogs! I've always wanted to yell "Mush! Mush!" repeatedly, but no one ever lets me. This would give me an excuse. But remember, this is my back up plan. I'll try the winter survival kit first.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wednesday Thoughts

Is it just me, or is Sean Connery just getting better with age? I was at my friend Sarah's the other day and did a double take when I saw this picture on a magazine on her coffee table. Sarah confessed to not being able to take her eyes off it herself and later sent me a link to the picture. The man is 78! 78! Well. 78 never looked so good.

There is quite an age difference between us, but with my birthday coming up, I am closing that gap. Although I suppose he will also have a birthday this year so technically I guess I'm not really be closing the gap. Remember when you were a little kid and you thought that eventually you'd catch up with your older siblings or friends in age? I guess we forgot that they too had birthdays. Of course I never did that, but I saw other kids do it.

I feel bad for my guy friends who read my blog because I posted yet another picture of a good looking man and asked you all to weigh in. I suppose I should post a picture of a woman too, but I have no idea who might be a semi-controversial women to ask about. Any suggestions? Sophia Loren? She came to mind because she's around the same age as Sean Connery. Maybe Madonna? Dang, Madonna would be so mad at me if she knew I put her in the same category as two people twenty years (plus) older than her, but I don't know. She came to mind. That's all I'm saying.

As long as we're talking about age here, I should add that I un-subscribed myself from those AARP e-mails. Hilarious, whoever signed me up for those!

Alright, I'm cutting myself off. Wednesday thoughts can get out of control if I don't rein it in. Happy Wednesday guys!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Entertain me, box of lights!

Is it bad to say that T.V. makes me happy? Is it so wrong that when I'm having a bad day or feeling blah, knowing that one of my favorite shows is on that night lifts my spirits? Don't misjudge what I'm saying - I don't watch T.V. nonstop. I know my limits. In fact, friends will often tell me about shows they watch and love and I'll have to tell them that while I'm sure the show is really good, I just don't have any openings right now. That having been said, I do love me some good T.V.

Excluding syndicated shows and other shows that are no longer on T.V., my favorite shows (in this order) are:

The Office

I have one or two other favorite shows but they're guilty pleasure shows and won't be revealed in this blog post. Maybe if you promise you won't mock or judge, I'll tell you. (Here's a hint: one of them starts with "A" and ends with "Idol.")

Anyway, this is a big month for me and a couple of my favorite shows. That's right, new seasons of both Lost and Psych start this month. Psych is on the USA network, so it has two seasons (winter and summer) and Lost, well, Lost just does its own thing. Not having any clue when Lost is going to start every year is just one of the many mysteries this show has to offer. I know that some of you get sick of those of us who can't stop talking about Lost in anticipation of it's imminent return. Well, if you don't want us to talk about it, maybe you shouldn't bring up words that remind us of Lost! Words such as: island, boars, smoke monster, Keamy (whew... I almost lost my train of thought at the mention of Keamy...), hatch, or even just the word "lost." These are trigger words that get us Lost fans thinking about our favorite show and once we start, well, we can't stop.

This wasn't meant to be a post about Lost, so I will move on. Hard as it may be, I will move on.

You know what I love? When you ask someone if they've ever seen one of your favorite shows, and they say, "I don't really watch T.V." Ok, that in and of itself isn't bad - I mean, some people don't have a T.V. or don't have cable, or work long hours or go out with friends in the evenings. That's fine. What I love is when people end that sentence in this way: "I don't really watch T.V. (pause) I read." What do they expect me to take from that? I think I know. And I think I don't like it.

Once, while I was a missionary, I went a year and half without watching any T.V. And while I didn't miss any specific shows too much, I hope it's not bad to admit that once or twice, I did miss the catharsis of vegging out in front of the T.V. The feeling of letting your mind go blank as the programs manipulate your emotions, making you happy, then sad, then angry, then back to happy... It's so mind numbingly wonderful from time to time.

I think I've revealed too much.

What I meant to say was that I enjoy the plot twists, the engaging dialogue, and of course admiring the actor's skills. Either way, I'm looking forward to my favorite shows returning with new episodes this month. An added bonus for us Lost fans: the words "spoiler alert" will now be a regular part of our lives again. It's been too long.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

We can do it. I'm pretty sure.

Hey guys! Ready for a new year? Well, ready or not, it's here. I for one am so ready to start a new year. I've already forgotten almost everything about 2008. And yes, I am making (and so far keeping - third day and I haven't given up yet!) New Year's resolutions. I know some people don't believe in making New Year's resolutions. I've heard people say it's pointless and that they never keep them, so why make them? To each his own, I suppose. But I am a believer in New Year's resolutions. Yes, I often fail at them, but I succeed at them at times too. And why not keep trying if you fail? (Isn't there an old adage about that?) If it makes you feel better, you could make new goals for yourself on a different day - like your birthday or Groundhogs day or Labor Day or something. Your choice.

Some of you might be wondering what my resolutions are. Sorry, that's private. Plus, if I tell you, you'll hold me accountable if I fail. I'll already be feeling bad enough if that happens, and I don't need you hovering over my shoulder asking, "are you suuuure you want to eat that?" Oops, that may have given away one of my resolutions. No more hints!

My birthday is coming up which actually helps me with my New Year's goals since I will also be starting a new age with the new year. I'm pretty sure this is the magic age where all women start lying about their age. Or at least, I will be. Count on it. So don't ask how old I'll be - or do ask, just don't expect an honest answer. Fair enough?

Anyway, what with the new year and a new age, I'm feeling motivated. Some of my goals are pretty lofty, and might take awhile to achieve. So I'm thinking about making a few that are easily achievable to go along with them. I think that will boost my self esteem and empower me to keep the harder ones, such as waiting for the Snuggie to get off backorder. Here's a list of these easier goals:

1. Don't miss an episode of Lost.
2. Eat at least one meal a day.
3. Laugh really really hard at Seinfeld reruns.
4. Hug my nieces and nephews three times (minimum) per visit.
5. Use more italics in this blog. So far so good.

Let me know if you think of any other fun and easy goals. Good luck with your goals! Here's to 2009, the best year ever!