Sunday, September 4, 2011

Pure Michigan

I love Michigan, this is no mystery to you all. People from time to time say to me, "you'll probably never leave Michigan, huh? You love it here so much!" Well, yeah, I do love it. But I also like day dreaming about living somewhere else from time to time. A change might be good at some point. So here's what I'm going to do in this post. I'm going to tell you a few things I love about Michigan. Then I want you to tell me what you like about where you live, k?

I'll be brief. I love the richness of the seasons in Michigan. It's freezing in the winter, and sweltering in the summer. Fall is rich with color and has the perfect crispness in the air. I love the people in Michigan. They're diverse and friendly, intelligent and fun. We love music and sports and have a lot of Michigan pride. I love that in Michigan, we show people where we live by pointing on our palm (the hand map). I love the Great Lakes, and while I'm on that subject, I love that Michigan is surrounded by water on three sides.

Now tell me what you love about where you live! What are some of your favorite things there? Maybe I'll day dream about moving there some day.

While you're thinking, check out these two Pure Michigan videos. Do other states make these types of videos? If so, please post a link. I'd love to see them.


lizzie mc.- said...

What's good about Texas... it's sunny, it's cheap. THE END.

However, Virginia, Maryland (I mean you just visited DC, isn't that self explanatory!?)

Have you ever been to upstate NY? I could go on forever about that! Here's a link to my grandpa's old house/ now a B&B.
It's adjacent to this
A perfect fall trip!

{jaclyn} said...

oh yes, i definitely have my MN pride. sometimes i think it would be fun to live somewhere else for a bit but i think i would always come back home to MN. i love our changing seasons as well, just starting fall up here and the cool air is sooo refreshing. i love our frigid winters and the fact that driving to work in a blizzard is part of the job description. i love the isolation of the northwoods but that we have a large metropolitan area to the south. i love our scattered and plentiful lakes and i loooooove the north shore of lake superior, so beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Well, I just moved out here to PA a few months ago, so I'll tell you about my true love and state of birth, Colorado. It is beautiful and diverse, from stunning alpine meadows to romantically isolated deserts, Colorado has anything outdoors you could want. Denver is a great city, but I prefer western Colorado, where I am from, with perfect seasons and lots and lots of sunshine between the winter snows... We average around 300 days of sunshine a year... Heaven!

Melissa C said...

I am not going to watch the videos right now. It is going to make me miss MI fall. However, there are some pretty cool things about KY.

The Kentucky Derby is pretty cool! We just went to the museum this weekend. We also went to the Louisville Slugger museum/factory too, and it was very fun.

I'm going to get really strong here running, since it is so hilly and hot. However, I might soften up during the milder winters. People could tell we were not natives this weekend when Keira had on a sundress and everyone else had on pants and coats.

Katherine said...

Oh, MAN, those Pure Michigan commercials always make me misty-eyed with love for my state! I love that Tim Allen, too. I am definitely a Michigan girl through and through - it's the best state in the Union! And I love the diversity of what we have to offer, from the seasons and trees and lakes and trails and waterfalls to the museums and cider mills and concert halls and sporting events. Yay, Michigan!