Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wednesday Thoughts

I'm two parts today: one part melancholy and one part cheerful. I think the melancholy is coming from the rain and the fact that I'm a little bit sick. But no one really wants to hear about that stuff and I don't really want to write about it so instead I'll focus on the cheerful part.

Some people have asked me if I saw the Labor Day Dancer when I was up north this weekend. Well, the tragic answer is no, I didn't see him. However, he did show up at the beach and dance his heart out for a few minutes, but then he took off and I arrived just minutes after that. Heartbreaking! I missed it! Everyone told me it was amazing though.

The rest of the day I sang "Tiny Dancer" a lot but changed the words to "Laborday Dancer." It didn't exactly flow, but I had to express what I was feeling and it worked. If you don't know who the Labor Day Dancer is, it's this guy who goes to the beach for one magical weekend and dances his heart out along the shore while listening to a walkman. He fills me with joy.

Here's a short video from two years ago. Turn the volume down because it's a tiny bit windy. But, you should watch because not only do you get to watch the dancing, but you also get to see a little bonus around the 20 second mark.

In other thoughts, last night I got chatting with a friend about the singer K$sha, wondering if her parents named her with that dollar sign in her name. I'm assuming not. But I am jealous of that dollar sign, and want a symbol in my own name too. I suggested "E!izabeth" to my friend, but he came up with something even better: El¡zabeth. Pretty genius, huh? Where would you use a symbol in your name?

Happy Wednesday.


Katherine said...

For short, I like K$. But for my whole name, K@therine. Or K@#h&r!ne. Yeah, K@#h&r!ne's the way to go.

I LOVE that video, AND the Labor Day Dancer! Though I don't really want him to hold me closer. I'm sorry you missed him, but I can say that he was just as good as I remembered him, even if we only got to see him for a few minutes. Sigh!

lizzie mc.- said...

And she makes my day with another blog, a silly video about uncoordinated fat people, er, um, I mean the Labor day dancer.

Pollz said...

P0!!Y @nn@

Sara said...

Why don't people get up and dance along with him? Like a parade. Maybe because they can't hear the music? $@r@

Liz said...

Haha! So I got confused and I got Tiny Dancer mixed up with the song Private Dancer by Tina Turner and I was like wait a sec isn't that song about a prostitute, and why would you refer to the Labor Day dancer in that way. Anyway I had a good chuckle for about a minute.