Thursday, April 21, 2011

Would you rather

Take a truth serum and spend an hour answering questions from a panel of random people in your life (chosen from among your family, your coworkers, your ex boyfriends/girlfriends, people you know from church, people who don't really like you all that much... You have no say who's on the panel.)


Let those same people see you naked. (No streaking.)

Things to consider:

That thing you did
That one time
That thing you're afraid of
Your real weight
Your real age
That guy you like
That weird growth
That show you like
That non-funny embarrassing moment
What you look like naked
Who might be present

Which do you choose, and why?


Katherine said...

Holy canolies. I just sat here for the longest time with my fingers on the keys imagining who might be on that panel and what I wouldn't want them to know about me. But then, I really don't like option B, either. But that one time...and the thing I'm afraid of, and that awful embarrassing moment... But then...naked! Ooof. Can I sleep on it and tell you tomorrow? Yeah, I'm gonna sleep on it. This needs some thought.

lizzie mc.- said...

A definite affirmative on the truth serum... And I can confidently say that I know that what everyone else would prefer too. I'm an open book, but then again at the birth of my children every nurse in training was present. So I've already been there and done that; do I get a gold star? I'm sure they like to gouge their mind's eye.

Elizabeth Downie said...

Nurses are different from that man who works in the grocery store, Lizzie! My doctor's seen me naked too, doesn't mean I want my boss to! But you still get a gold star. ;)

Maxabillion J said...


Mark said...

Look at me Naked! And they must watch me for the entire hour. No turning away in embarrassment and disgust. None of my secrets have anything to do with my physique, lack of tone, or possible diaper rash, so this is an easy choice.

Are you sure we can't have any say on who has to sit on the panel?

Katherine said...

I slept on it, dreamed about it, and came to the conclusion that I really don't want to do either. But I guess the truth serum, if I HAVE to pick....I think.

Vaughn said...

is this even a question? Do i not get prosecuted for being naked? Do I not have to register as a sex offender? If these things are so I am going naked all the way.

AngelaBeth said...

@Katherine - OMG! Someone else besides me says Holy Cannolis?! I think I love you.

IN RESPONSE TO THE ACTUAL QUESTION: I think I would go with naked. Because people who didn't want to see me naked could just turn away. Right? It's not like 'OR have those people stare at you for one minute straight while you're naked'. I assume my close family and friends would turn away and the guy I like.. likes what he sees? IDK. hahahaha

Caitlin said...

Naked. Why should I suffer the scrutiny of an interrogation when I can make others suffer by subjecting them to Ground Cinco (the site of mass destruction caused by five children)? After all, my loved ones are responsible for most of the damage. Look at it! LOOK AT IT! You did this to me! I don't care if your eyes are burning- keep them open!

Limequat said...

I would rather do the naked thing. I don't have any real secrets to hide, but I do think that people who would show up to the panel are people I don't want to tell the truth to anyway. Also, to Caitlin: Ground Cinco is the best term ever.

karajean said...

Uhm, naked? I suppose.

Sui Sin Far said...

Naked. I suppose it's different when it's not for art, but still it's really not that hard. However, I think I'd like a truth serum for just myself. I'm sure the answers would surprise me.

elliespen said...

I'm going to have to go with naked on this one. As someone else pointed out, it doesn't seem so bad after the sheer number of people who see you naked in connection with childbirth.

That being said, I would like to make it clear to any TSA agents who may be reading that I'm still gonna opt for the pat-down. (If I have to be uncomfortable going through the airport, by golly, you should be uncomfortable, too.)

Liz said...

As much as I hate my body and wouldn't want anyone to see me naked, I would choose being naked because I have secrets that are locked in a vault and I want them to remain there. For- e- ver.