Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wednesday Thoughts

I'm glad you guys enjoyed the first installment of "why you're not married." I say "first" because another friend  begged me to write about him next and I'm pretty sure I caved. So far I've been able to resist everyone else who's asked.

But seriously, what the heck!? I honestly can't believe so many people want to be roasted in this fashion. I don't have it in me to actually be mean so if I do keep doing these, they're going to be tongue-in-cheek like the last one. After all, I know a lot more about Vaughn that I could have put in that post but didn't. In fact, he was surprised I didn't use all the ammo I have on him. This was part of his response to his post:

"It was a good laugh.  I thought you were going to stab a little bit harder or a little bit deeper.  I was disappointed with the pain level.... much too low."

Which reminds me, if you haven't read the comments to his post, you should. Both Vaughn and his motorcycle commented. Yes, his motorcycle. I believe my point has been proven.

In other Wednesday Thoughts, it was 83 degrees on Sunday! Of course, that didn't last and the temps have since dropped at least 20 degrees, but that one day was glorious. My friends and I grilled outside to celebrate - a perfect way to spend the first warm day of the year. However, when night came, the warmer temperatures presented a problem I'm not used to.

See, in the winter, I sleep with approximately one million blankets covering me. And no matter how cold it is, I like to have a fan on too. I feel cozy in a cold room, all snuggly under umpteen pounds of blankets and quilts. But that night, it was too warm for that. So I slept with just a sheet and a couple of my lightest blankets. It was weird to have so little weight on me as I slept. I remember half-awake thoughts throughout the night like, "What's on me? Cotton balls? Clouds? Feathers??" This confusion led to weird dreams.

In case you're having a hard time visualizing this, here are a couple fab drawings I did to illustrate:

Winter sleeping

Sunday night

The drawings of the blankets are to scale. Oh, and I really do look that good when I'm sleeping, in case you were wondering. It's hard to look stunning while in a deep sleep but what can I say? It comes naturally.

I promise I'll stop subjecting you to my "art" soon (that's a lie - I've started and I can't stop). Anyway, now that the temperatures are slowly on the rise, what are some summery things you're doing for the first time this year?

Happy Wednesday.


lizzie mc.- said...

Well we skipped spring for the most part. About 90 degrees 3-4 times already. We like to grill out too. But the thing that made me laugh the most was standing under our BIG tree getting hot. The leave haven't finished blooming, but it 90 degrees. Go figure.

violet50 said...

I love your artwork! I think you may have a new career on the horizon. I also like lots of covers on when I sleep. I sleep soooo much better when there's a lot of weight on me. Going back to the womb? As for summery things, I just like to sit in the sun and read. I love being able to go outside without a coat on. That's kind of the antithesis of my sleeping preferences. It's all or nothing I guess.

Diane said...

You CRACK me up!! I LOVE the drawings, Elizabeth.

Mark said...

I HATED the 80+ weather on Sunday. It was too hot in my house, and when I opened the windows, more hot air blew in. I can only cool off so much by stripping down to just *underwear. I thought about putting my air conditioner back in my window, but felt guilty about it being the Sabbath. I mean, just being hot and sweaty isn't the same as having your livestock in a ditch.

I also like to sleep with something covering me (thousands of blankets in the winter), so I wasn't able to get any rest until the wind blew and the rain came in my window.

I look forward to weather where I can run around in shorts again, but I'd like a little advance warning, so I can get the AC unit out of the attic and replace it with my quilt collection.

* If this is a disturbing mental image, replace it with an Elizabeth Downie rendering of a stick figure, except skinnier.

Ashley said...

Haha! I love your illustrations! I love the warmer temps! We went on a picnic yesterday. :)

Katherine said...

YAY E-llustrations!! (I think you should call them that.) They're my favorite! Do you have a picture somewhere of those caricatures you did of our students at the one Spanish summer camp? SO good! I also like a lot of blankets and a fan going, and like Mark, had a similar conundrum on Sunday of wanting to put my AC unit back in. But I love the fresh air!! Once my semester's over (1 week, 5 days...), I have big plans to just be outside! Meijer Gardens, Reeds Lake (no swimming, but hanging out by the water and reading), and busting out the old George Forman grill. (Living in an apartment building makes grilling out a little tricky...I may invest in a little grill and use it outside, then bring it back in when I'm done?) I also plan on enjoying all of the spring flowers! Yay spring!

Heather said...

Please keep drawing I am a visual person!!
I am glad it warmed up for you. I have been thinking about you while I put aloe on my sunburn.

Can't wait to read the next non mean post about why people are single!!

Melissa C said...

Your artwork is great!

We had the same problem Sunday night, and ended up turning on the air conditioning. that was a totally bad idea....It got super cold at night Monday night and we totally forgot to turn the heat back on. My cold won't go away and the kids are now getting sick. Oops.

movingluggage said...

There was a missionary on my mission who liked to see his breath when he wakes up in the morning....