Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wednesday Thoughts

A friend of mine has a weird phone - he claims it's my phone that's the problem but that's not true. It's his. Anyway, the thing about his phone is that whenever I talk to him, I hear an echo of my own voice. Which I hate. And which completely distracts me. Finally last week I said, "Honestly, how can you stand listening to my voice!? It's awful!" His response? "I wonder that myself sometimes."

Insults aside, why do we all hate the sounds of our voices so much? Does anyone out there like their voice?

Ok, in other Wednesday Thoughts, I'm thinking about adding a new feature to the blog! Here are some options I am considering. Help me decide?

1. Would you rather? My sister, Katherine, told me she misses "would you rather" so I'm considering bringing it back for awhile.

2. Elizabeth of Yesteryear. I really didn't know how to do my hair in high school. Any of you who have seen my senior picture know that's true. In my defense, it was the 90's, which was half of the problem. My only problem with this feature is that I'm not sure my self esteem will be able to handle the inevitable mocking. At the same time, it could be hilarious. Peg legged jeans and all.

3. I randomly choose a blog reader and tell them why they're not married.

4. Book reviews - this is exactly what you would think. Don't make me do this.

So what do you think?

In other thoughts, I'm going to start adding pages to the top of the blog - as you can see, "employment" is the first one to make the list on the upper left. I'm jealous of all the websites that have "employment" buttons so thought I'd become legit by adding one. Feel free to apply!

And lastly, I removed the "featured comments" section because a few of  you told me it stressed you out. So now that there's no pressure to be witty, I expect to see comments from those of you who complained. :)

Happy Wednesday!


Maxabillion J said...

First off, I hate hearing my own voice. Not as much as I used to, but I still hate it.

Number 3 could be really entertaining...

I've had a would you rather floating around in my head today.
Would you rather have this car

or this one


Elizabeth Downie said...

Jesse, can I choose both? They're both pretty awesome, though I like the action shot of the first one!

Emily said...

I like your ideas.

I have a friend who does Awkward and Awesome Thursdays, which I think are kind of fun too.

Claire said...

I'm totally a fan of #3. Hahahaha

Brady said...

Actually I'm intrigued by #3.

Mark said...

And I thought you took down the Featured Comments because my contribution offended someone.

I liked #1 when you ran it. I'd rather this than the others.

#2 might be more fun for us than for you.

I'm guessing that those interested in #3 want to know why you think they aren't married. Would you do this, or just subcontract the post to your grandmother?

Instead of #4, how about reviews of Watchtower pamphlets? I get a new one in my door every Saturday morning, and I'm wondering which I should read.

lizzie mc.- said...

Yea Mark, good ideas! I agree, I miss Would you rather. Grandma involved is brilliant. I've never been so tickled by just a prospect of a blog:D

Heather said...

I like 3# and I feel so safe because I am married.

Also I would love at least a few episodes of #2.

Book Reviews? They always make he feel inspired/guilty. I sued to read so many books before I started blogging.

Also. I can't WAIT to apply!!

Katherine said...

Would you rather!! YAY! I do miss those. (And as far as the two cars Jesse posted, I'd pick the second, but inly because it's an Audi and then when I'm leaving someplace I could always say, "Aight, I'm Audi." 'Cause that's cool.)

When I started recording those audiobooks for our nieces and nephews, I stopped feeling as weird about my voice. Maybe GarageBand just makes it sound better or something.

Maybe Elizabeth of Yesteryear could be a commentary on how those fashions/trends are coming back. I saw a girl with peg legged jeans recently - no joke! Oh, youth.

Ben said...

#1 AND #3!!

Limequat said...

I'm going to be the jerk who suggests a new feature, which is "Adventures of Mr. Neck Basket."

I hate the sound of my voice. I think I sound really doofy. ESPECIALLY my laugh.

Otherwise Would you Rather was pretty darn awesome.

Melissa C said...

I can't stand when my phone echoes or when I have to listen to myself on the answering machine/background of home movies.

I'm glad I am already married, #3 sounds hysterical.

Anonymous said...

Of course # 3!!! Maybe you could expand it with #3a - randomly choose a blog reader that is married and tell how they met their sig other. Elaborate on them by giving your spin on why you think it worked out and why they got married as opposed to not!

What about doing a review of crazy infommercials and their impact on the single girl???


Anonymous said...

What about "dating hot spots" or "dating holes in the wall". This could be a once a week feature where your roving reporter self shows married and singles a cool place in the metro detroit / toledo / northern michigan areas. Review them from you and your dates' perspective and potentilly garner ad space support from the hole in the wall. I really like the feather bowling feature you had recently. I'd worked downtown for years and never heard of that!

Elizabeth Downie said...

I love that you think I go on that many dates, Elisabeth! ;) Great ideas though!

Heather said...

I think you should do a feature titles "would you eat this?" and then find disgusting things and make people eat them.

Katherine said...

Hee hee!! Heather, that is SO hilarious and disgusting!! Cheese brownies, anyone?

D said...

i like number 2 cause that's how I remember you best! :) I'm hoping to get to MI sometime in the next year or so to see my Grndparents so then I can update my memories more. :)

Liz said...

Whenever I hear my voice in recordings or what not it always sounds so deep and manly. I hate it.
I really, really want you to tell me why I'm not married.