Thursday, April 7, 2011

Would You Rather

give up:

TV for one year,


your cell phone for one year?

Things to consider:

For the tv:
You can't watch tv shows on the internet either.
You can't watch youtube (or other) clips from shows you like (or don't like).
You can't watch movies on your tv.
You can watch movies in the theater.

For the cellphone:
You can use a land line.
If you need to use a cellphone for work, you may use it for work purposes only.

Which do you choose, and why?


Emily said...

Easy, no cell phone. I can find all sorts of land lines if I need them. Plus, there's email.

Anonymous said...

What happen to yesterday's #3 fun post? It seems to have disappeared!

I think today's question points to some reasons people don't "#3" (get married).

Seriously have you ever gone out with a person that is more in love with their tv than you? Does the tv schedule rank in their daily schedules? For instance, I can go out before or after american idol - but not during it.

Then there are the cell phone addicts and the rude cell phone talkers! Still, giving up the tv might be better to get a date than giving up the phone. Phones help you network, tvs only have networks.


ps, I'd give up the cell phone. There are enough land lines in my life and enough out of areas that I don't use it much anyway.
What would you give up Elizabeth?

Anonymous said...

correction: What happened (instead of happen)


Katherine said...

That's a little trickier for me! I don't have easy access to a landline, though I suppose I could use gmail's phone line. Even though I don't have cable, I rely on tv on DVD or on the internet to keep me from total boredom. I really do I feel so disconnected without my phone, though! Urgh. I think I'd have to say...yeah, no cell phone. I think. Maybe. I'll get back to you.

Elizabeth Downie said...

I'd give up my cell phone. I'm too addicted to it and it would be good for me to get rid of it. I'd just use land lines. Not saying it would be easy though... in fact, it would be really really hard.

Oh, Elisabeth, the post is still up - it's just beneath the rootbeer one.

Limequat said...

If we were talking feasibility, no TV for one year. I think I've done that before excluding youtube, so I bet I could expand that to include youtube. But my cellphone? That is now 1/3 of my internet usage. And internet is life.

However, the lofty part of me would LOVE to force myself to be free of connectivity by ditching my smartphone.

Not gonna happen though.

D said...

TV definitely wastes more of my time so that is what I would give up. I only just got a fancy cell and since I use it mainly to talk with family (don't have a land line) or read books(generally classica cause they are free) I think I'll keep it. Those are better uses of my time than TV. I would have to go to the movies a lot instead. Gotta keep my husband employed. :)

Ashley said...

You know, I do have some friends who don't watch tv, and thus they have time to do a lot more. Tv is a big source of entertainment and relaxation for me, though. Maybe I watch too much tv when I could be doing other things, so it would probably be the best for me to give tv up. I'd rather give up the cell phone though. I'd be saving some money and I wouldn't mind as much compared to giving up my tv "stories."

Anonymous said...

No phone. Our tv broke a week ago and it's been a blessing not having it. I'm spending way more time w/ my kids.

p.s. Thanks for posting on my blog earlier!

Melissa C said...

I would totally ditch my cell phone. While I am not a huge TV watcher, there are a few shows that I like and it is a lifesaver to let my kids watch TV. I guess if they could still watch it even though I couldn't, it might make a little difference.

I don't have internet or texts on my phone and forget it at home all the time, so it wouldn't be that big of a sacrifice.

Amy said...

It's weird for me to think that when I was an undergrad, I didn't have a TV or a cellphone. And I did just fine for four years. Now it would be really hard to give up either of them for even one year, though I'm sure I'd adapt. I'm not wedded to my cell phone, but TV would be more convenient to give up. It would just be sad because I enjoy movies and televisions shows and talking about them with other people ("Did you see the latest Community? is always a topic of conversation at family dinner on Sunday).

karajean said...

Pretty easy... cellphone. I know this sounds lame but before I got married I would have NEVER given up my phone, but now that Scott and I are together all the time, and I could have access to a land line, I could go without it. But I need my Modern Family!

lizzie mc.- said...

Cell. I just barely joined this century and could do w/o, but it sure makes life easier.

Brady said...

It's easy for me. I could give up TV and almost not notice (Now that LOST is over). The dishes might not get done though, because I basically can't wash them if Buffy isn't slaying vampires simultaneously.

The one thing I'd miss is Doctor Who.

I'd go nuts if I didn't have my cellphone. It's not like I use it that much, but what if I needed it.

Pia said...

I'd definitely give up the cell phone. I need my trashy TV shows!!

Melanie said...

When you say you can't watch movies on your tv, do you mean, you can't watch movies that are playing on tv, or that you can't rent a DVD and watch it on your tv? I hope I could still rent DVDs (I just started using RedBox!)

Yesterday, I forgot my cellphone at home and felt lost all day. I went home and saw tons of texts and missed calls and voice mails (which is surprising, because that doesn't usually happen)

I think that as long as I can look up ridiculous things on YouTube that are not tv related, I'd be good giving up tv for a year. (I mean I just did that like 1.5 years ago...) But going without a cellphone would present logistical problems since I don't have a landline and would have no way other than email to communicate with my family. BUT, it would really help me if the writers went on strike again.

Mark said...

I'd give up my phone. I use it about once a week, while I watch the news on TV nearly every day.

If I lived in a world without American Idol, the choice would be more difficult.

Heather said...

I choose to lose the cell phone.

I dropped mine in the toilet Tuesday and it has been kinda nice to not have it. The kids are having to plan their pick ups in advance instead of just calling me at a moments notice to tell me detention is over.

Yes. My kids are in detention.

I am considering not replacing the phone and instead getting a new pair of jeans.

Ashley said...

I'd give up TV.

violet50 said...

I would give up my cell phone. I MUST HAVE MY T.V. We still have a land line and while I do like having a cell phone, I must have my Modern Family and 24 hour news.

Crystal said...

I'd definitely live without a cell phone. I rarely use my minutes and only use data because it's there - it's not really anything that I need to have. Of course, I still have a pretty basic phone - once I eventually get a smart phone, I very well might change my mind. I do love TV though ...

McChesney's said...

I couldn't live without my cell phone, I could seriously live without the TV!

Liz said...

If give up my cell phone. I can't live without TV.