Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Nuh uh

It's possible some of you are a bit masochistic. Many of you chose Option 3 but you can forget about it! I would never actually tell any of you why you're not married! First of all, I don't know. Second of all, even if I did know, I wouldn't tell you. I can picture exactly how that would go:

Me: "Look, you have a lot to offer, but you're obsessed with Weird Al Yankovic, you wear sandals with socks, you carved 'Pretty fly for a white guy' in the side of you hair, and you wear Where's Waldo glasses. And that's just a start."

You: "Yeah? Well here's why YOU'RE not married..."

Me (thinking): "I'm not ready to hear this."

Plus, honestly, I don't know why anyone's not married. Marriage is this huge mystery to me.  In my mind, it's a miracle anyone gets married. Two people finding each other, liking each other, not getting completely fed up with each other, and wanting to be together forever? And both feel the same way?? How does that happen as often as it does!? Honestly, it's a miracle. (A wonderful miracle.)

And that's why I won't be doing option 3.

Since everyone wants something different, I'll rotate between a couple of the features below every Friday on "Feature Friday." Don't expect to see any Option 3's though, unless I'm particularly mad at one of you in which case I'll let you have it! You asked for it! (Literally.)


Katherine said...

Hee hee!! That's totally why I'm not married. Weird Al, "pretty fly" shaved into the side of my hair, and my AWESOME Where's Waldo glasses. It's all good, though. I have my weekly Nerd support group to keep me going. ;) I agree about how miraculous it is that 2 people who are MFEO can find each other! Total mystery to me, too.

I'm way stoked for Feature Friday, too! Would You Rather, here we come!

karajean said...

:) When you look at it that way it does seem pretty crazy that so many people get married... even crazier that so many of them stay happily married :) I am most excited for seeing pictures of you, circa the 1990s. Bring on feature Friday!

Elizabeth Downie said...

Wow, two comments. This is an all time low for me. You two commenters are awesome though! Thanks for your comments. :)

Elizabeth Downie said...

I said comments three times in that comment. Crap, I can't stop! Blast, now there's four comments but only because I can't stop saying comment.

Kate said...

I totally agree with the how do people get married part. How do they both feel the same way at the same time? Basically just what you said. It's a mystery to me too. Maybe we to believe it's possible/real so that we can get there. ha. Who knows.