Saturday, April 9, 2011


Ok, so someone unfollowed my blog today. Which one of you was it? Was it because I made you choose between tv and your cell phone? Look, these decisions aren't binding! There's no reason to freak out.

But anyway, I can be strong. This isn't the end of the world. I'd say crying for three hours is a reasonable response and now I'm ready to move on. (Please know no tears were actually shed, I promise. I just had dust in my eye.)

Now to move on to the point of this post. Art. Specifically, my art. Many of you know that my sister, Katherine, is quite the artist. She has sold paintings, been commissioned to do more paintings, is getting her masters degree in painting, and is all around a pretty talented gal. But what you don't know is that she's not the only one in the family with drawing skillz.

The other day, Katherine and I were chatting, and she mentioned a place called Brains, which is in the city where she lives. I guess I was only half listening (sorry, Katherine), because I suddenly backed up and said, "Wait, 'Brains'? Is it a Halloween store?" She said, "No, it's an actual medical place." I said, "Well, it doesn't sound like a legit medical place. It sounds like a Halloween theme store." And I quick-like drew up a few sketches of what they might have on their store sign.

Now keep in mind, I am not making fun of the actual medical place, since I know nothing about it. I'm sure they do wonderful work and don't deserve to be mocked. I simply think the name of the place is amusing and odd. Halloween monsters popped into my mind because it seems like they're all the time hobbling around yelling "Braaaiiiinnnsss!"

Dang, I'm going to lose more followers from this aren't I?

Anyway, which do you think would be the best drawing on the front of a place called Brains? (Think of it as a Halloween store called Brains so you are less offended. I will do the same so I feel less offensive.)

I often get my monsters mixed up. The one above is supposed to be Frankenstein. Katherine reminded me that he doesn't want to eat brains, he just wants a brain. Also, his bolts go in his neck, not on his head like ponytails. My bad.

This is a zombie looking for brains to eat. Duh.
This picture requires no explanation.  

This is something straight out of a horror movie, especialy because of how life like it is, right? It's just a Halloween decoration, not real, so don't be scared, ok?


Katherine said...

These are SO good! They still make me laugh as hard as they did when you first drew them! Braaaaaainnnnnsss!!! My favorites are Pigtail Frankenstein and the very flat stick man at the bottom (though they're all amazing!). Hilarious! I'll have to take these over to Braaaaaiinnnsss for their consideration. Hooo hooo!! Man, that's good stuff! Clearly I only got a part of the art talent in the family.

Claire said...

As soon as you said you were crying because you had dust in your eye, I thought of this:

If I knew how to make that a link, and make your life easier, I would. But I don't. But you have to watch it anyway!

Elizabeth Downie said...

"It's just been raining on my face." haha! Thanks Claire, I love that video! That's pretty much what happened to me.

Joe D said...

Saw a Bamboo Pen and Touch at Sam's Club yesterday for $99.. Just sayin'.

Heather said...

I want to be mad that your friends and followers probably only think you have one sister. This birlliant katherine you speak but I can't be when I see the picture of the guy laying on the ground with his brains spilled out. Its hilarious. Expecially since he has a frown on his face.

Ben said...

Def the zombie one. I like how he's holding his arm in one hand. Nice touch!

Heather said...

I think I would have been able to enjoy Frankenstein more if the bolts HAD been ponytails!

All in all though I like #3 the best.

By the way I didn't unfollow you and I am sorry. If I could follow you again to make up for it I totally would.

Stephanie Curtis said...

So I must admit that every time you post I end up saying wow how can she get anymore talented. It happened again today. Are you selling any of these pictures to put up in my apartment?

Melissa C said...

Thanks for the laugh! Those were so entertaining.

BTW, you need to see my Brad Pitt treadmill video on my running blog that I recently started. The music in the montage makes it a lot more funny than in the movie. The treadmill part is about 30-40 sec in.

Sofi said...

I think the last one is the best! yeah, they are all, umm, nice? (and gory)lol

Thanks Elizabeth!

lizzie mc.- said...

Number 3... but my favorite part is when I read silently to myself and Andy asks, for the umpteenth time, what are you laughing at... Oh you know, it's just Elizabeth... isn't that ALWAYS the answer?! Don't worry, you have followers that aren't listed!

BTW, apparently I didn't start reading long enough ago. I'd like to see some of Katherine's work... does she have a page?

violet50 said...

I don't want to sound all logical and everything, but is it likely that the person who stopped following your blog will answer the question and tell you that it was them? Just askin'! They're a fool, anyway. Just look at the "brainy" pictures they missed!

Liz said...

Those drawings are so scary! I might have to unfollow you now.