Thursday, January 29, 2009

An invitation to a triple dog dare

Yeah, you heard me right. I triple dog dare you guys to try this recipe. It's called the "Bacon Explosion" and it's made by weaving pieces of bacon together to create an outer shell, then filling the shell with sausage and cooked bacon. Click here for a link to the recipe and story.

You were looking for something special to make for your Super Bowl party anyway, right? Plus, it's only 5,000 calories and 500 grams of fat.

I may not know who's playing in the Super Bowl (Justin finally told me yesterday but I forgot) but I know what to make for it! (I'm actually not making this. I like my heart and I want to keep it.)


Kathy said...

Did you hear that McDonald's is offering 50 chicken mcnuggets for only $8.99 this weekend? I think I'll serve the two of them together at our party.

justin said...

awesome! now i don't have to cook anymore for my superbowl party. at least not for myself. chicken mcnuggets here I come!

D said...

I like bacon but that looks disgusting!

We are having:
Steak bites(pioneer woman cooks)
Buffalo Chicken bites
Mozzarella sticks(the fried kind)
potato skins
chips and french onion dip
Wonton something- haven't decided on the filling yet...maybe more of a dessert? Nutella? I'll have to think about it and search allrecipes.

MMMegan said...

No way! This totally got passed around my family yesterday, and we've started a pool about how long it would take for the coronary to kick in. Just have to say, when I look at this, I'm speechless. What I want to know is, did Paula Dean create it?

Anonymous said...

that looks pretty dang good! it's been added to my list of things to do this year. i'll post a pic when i've done it!

Katherine said...

Hoooooo dang! You canNOT back down from a Triple Dog Dare!! What's a girl to do? I like my heart, but I don't want to be called yella, either. (I think "neither" would have been more appropriate there, actually.) If I die from eating this, can I haunt the cemetery at MR? I promise to dress up as a librarian. Oooh, and it will always smell like bacon down there, know, 'cause that's what killed me.

Julie Barb said...

Disgusting!!!! You couldn't pay me to eat that! Although I'd bet you $10 that SCott would!

Jess said...

I saw this on NYT a few days ago and have wanted to make it ever since. It would probably be the last thing I eat before I die of a heart attack but it would be worth it.

Liz said...

Just thinking of all that bacon makes me want to throw up.