Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wednesday Thoughts

Yesterday Kathy asked Justin and me if we are doing anything for the Super Bowl. After discussing Superbowl parties, food, and commercials for a bit, Justin looked at us and said, "Do you guys even know who's playing in the Super Bowl?!" Can you believe his nerve? I mean, it's true that we don't know who's playing, but still. Of course at that point, we started acting even more ignorant that we are, with Kathy suggesting that the Super Bowl was a golf tournament and saying that she heard Tiger Woods and Shooter McGavin were going to be playing. (I would watch it if Shooter McGavin were playing in it.) Anyway, my point is that men always think they know more than women. Maybe my point would be stronger if Kathy and I had actually known who was in the Super Bowl, but still. I'm sure some women know.

In other news, I was really hoping this whole thing with Blagojevich would blow over before I had to learn to say his name but it doesn't look like that's going to happen. I try to stay up on current events, but whenever I try to say his name it comes out Glaboyglavich. It's embarrassing.

It's snowing today. Again. Maybe instead of hating winter, I should make some kind of challenge for myself to distract myself from my impatience with the cold and snow. Here are some ideas:
  • Break a world record for most snowmen built
  • Break a record for most time spent under a Snuggie (mine hasn't arrived yet)
  • Spend two to three hours a week sledding
  • Wear a different crazy winter hat every day for the rest of winter
Any other ideas? I did get a new sled a couple years ago, so the sledding idea is a real possibility. But honestly, I think you and I can agree the second one is the most probable.


justin said...

so do you know who's playing in the superbowl yet? :P

Emily said...

You should just embrace winter. You've still got a few more months before you can make an escape. Pretend like it's your last winter ever. And definitely make lots of snowmen and post them on your blog. Try to make a snowman that looks like me. That would be awesome.

Christi said...

Don't worry, I know who is playing in the superbowl, and I even know who I want to win. They won't win, but that's not the point.
And Amen on the whole Blagojevich thing. How DO you say that?

D said...

We only watch the superbowl for the commercials. Of course my husband has worked on superbowl commercials that aired last year and the year before. This year he doesn't have one though. So we are just going to watch videos of commercials instead. Though I do know who is playing. Go Cardinals!!!

Lisa said...

Hey look, a whole article about the snuggie and how it's gained a bit of a cult following. : ) I know, you're such a fan I'm sure you've already read it.

Jess said...

I don't even try and seem like I am interested in the super bowl. Instead I talk about the tennis, specifically the Australian Open, that is going on right now. I would rather watch a Nadal and Federer match than watching 20+ oversized men run around a field in pads and spandex.

Ben said...

You might already know what I'm going to say, but I'll say it anyway.

You should totally do photography stuff! There's a photographer on Flickr who takes pictures of birds from inside the warm confines of his home. Here's some of his work:
Just set up a bird feeder and practice practice practice... in the warmth, while wearing your snuggie. Here's how he set up the shots: