Saturday, January 3, 2009

We can do it. I'm pretty sure.

Hey guys! Ready for a new year? Well, ready or not, it's here. I for one am so ready to start a new year. I've already forgotten almost everything about 2008. And yes, I am making (and so far keeping - third day and I haven't given up yet!) New Year's resolutions. I know some people don't believe in making New Year's resolutions. I've heard people say it's pointless and that they never keep them, so why make them? To each his own, I suppose. But I am a believer in New Year's resolutions. Yes, I often fail at them, but I succeed at them at times too. And why not keep trying if you fail? (Isn't there an old adage about that?) If it makes you feel better, you could make new goals for yourself on a different day - like your birthday or Groundhogs day or Labor Day or something. Your choice.

Some of you might be wondering what my resolutions are. Sorry, that's private. Plus, if I tell you, you'll hold me accountable if I fail. I'll already be feeling bad enough if that happens, and I don't need you hovering over my shoulder asking, "are you suuuure you want to eat that?" Oops, that may have given away one of my resolutions. No more hints!

My birthday is coming up which actually helps me with my New Year's goals since I will also be starting a new age with the new year. I'm pretty sure this is the magic age where all women start lying about their age. Or at least, I will be. Count on it. So don't ask how old I'll be - or do ask, just don't expect an honest answer. Fair enough?

Anyway, what with the new year and a new age, I'm feeling motivated. Some of my goals are pretty lofty, and might take awhile to achieve. So I'm thinking about making a few that are easily achievable to go along with them. I think that will boost my self esteem and empower me to keep the harder ones, such as waiting for the Snuggie to get off backorder. Here's a list of these easier goals:

1. Don't miss an episode of Lost.
2. Eat at least one meal a day.
3. Laugh really really hard at Seinfeld reruns.
4. Hug my nieces and nephews three times (minimum) per visit.
5. Use more italics in this blog. So far so good.

Let me know if you think of any other fun and easy goals. Good luck with your goals! Here's to 2009, the best year ever!


Katherine said...

I'm pretty sure you can achieve those goals, too! I'd be happy to help with the Seinfeld goal and the hugging nieces and nephews one. I'm proud to say that I have yet to set ANY goals!! I thought I'd start the year off on a lethargic note. Don't worry, this is my Year Of Adventure, so it's sure to pick up!

Katherine said...

P.S. This WILL be the BEST YEAR EVER!!! I can really feel it!

Emily said...

I'm not generally good at setting goals. I only really caught on to the idea a few years ago.

I like the goals you set. I'm positive you will achieve them all. And I'm really hoping you get the snuggie because I want to borrow it when I come over to your house. My sisters and I talked about going in together to get a couple - who can pass up the two for one deal?

Amy said...

Not to be a naysayer or anything, but some of those easy goals might be harder to meet than you think. I once missed an episode of Lost and didn't realize it until over a year later. And what if the economy collapses and the United States devolves into anarchy and there is no food to be found? So much for goal number 2. Or if someone hacks your blog and removes all the italics? Or your nieces and nephews get sunburned right before one of your visits and don't want anyone to touch them? I say stick to the hard goals, because at least you have control over those.

Happy 2009, and good luck with your goals. All of them :)

Elizabeth Downie said...

Amy, that would be horrible! Now I'm nervous. Especially about the prospect of missing an episode of Lost! That would be awful! (haha)

opticwalrus said...

You helped me (twice!) with my resolution, so I'll help you with yours. I remember being in the MTC and thinking that I needed to set one goal for my mission that I absolutely couldn't help but achieve so that I could feel like I had a successful mission. My goal was not to get any speeding tickets on my mission and I achieved it, so I must have had a successful mission (it helped that I never drove a car on my mission).

Annjilla (Fernandez) Baillio said...

I love the "eat atleast one meal a day" goal. I should add that. I know MT. DEW isn't a meal, though it's usually my breakfast. Poor Blade! Atleast his milk is sweet and green instead of bitter and green. (brocolli, spinach, etc) I'm rambling.

Liz said...

I'm pretty sure if you tell people your resolutions they won't come true... Oh, wait that's birthday wishes.