Friday, January 23, 2009


Reason #467 why winter stinks: it keeps making me sick. I've been sick with the flu, or the flu's evil cousin, since Wednesday. The last several days have been filled with sleep, reruns of Sister Sister, more sleep, and Kleenex boxes. And now I'm getting cabin fever. (I guess it's better than the actual fever I couldn't get rid of until this morning.)

I think the thing that would make me feel a lot better would be my Snuggie, but it hasn't arrived yet. It feels like it's been a couple weeks since I ordered it, but I'm pretty sure it was just Wednesday. Time moves in slow motion when you're sick I guess!

I keep telling myself that summer is only months away to try to cheer myself up, but it's not really working. One of my coworkers named the months of January and February "Janufeb" because they seem to just blur together becoming the longest months of the year, which is ironic since February is actually technically the shortest month of the year. Technically.

Ok, I think I've done enough complaining for one post, so here are a few lighter things. First of all, when February finally does come, here's the picture on my "Just us Chickens" calendar for that month. Something to look forward to, indeed. Oh, and if you are interested in seeing the cake Amy and I made for the Lost party, here's a link to her blog, which has some great pictures of it!

And lastly, because I did so much complaining in the first half of this post, I feel I owe you one more funny thing. This video made me laugh. Enjoy!


opticwalrus said...

I made an allusion to Doogie Howser in a conversation with Erica Shirts the other day and she had no idea what I was talking about. Kids these days - don't they learn anything in school?

(P.S. - I just looked it up and there is a common in the title "Sister, Sister." You might want to do some more thorough research before you post.)

Katherine said...

Ah, youth. So unaware of what they've missed! Sorry I got you sick, E. I thought sisters were supposed to share everything...just as you share the joys of your chicken calendar with me.

Elizabeth Downie said...

Brian, thanks for the laugh! :) I feel so bad for Erica that she's been missing out on the joys of Doogie Howser all these years. Honestly, he is referenced all the time in pop culture whenever someone seems to young to be a doctor. What ARE they teaching in schools these days!?

Katherine, thanks for sharing. You're too kind.

emily said...

Being sick is the worst. It's almost as bad as pickle juice in your eye.

Sorry you're sick.

Sarah said...

That SNL with Doogie was great! Loved the skit where he was Fran, the air traffic controller lady with crazy press-on nails! (By the way, I'm going to remedy the situation next week by tossing out some Doogie references for my students!)

Julie Barb said...

Hope you feel better soon Elizabeth:) Like the look of your blog these days:)

Elizabeth Downie said...

Thanks guys!:)

Sarah, I just watched the Doogie sketch where he was Fran the air traffic controller - that was funny! How could anyone function with those nails!?

Sarah said...

When he tries to unzip his jansport, and use a pen, and open the sierra mist can...classic! :) Hope laughter really is the best medicine and you are feeling all better soon! :)