Friday, January 30, 2009

Candy Challenge

Yesterday at work, something big and exciting happened: a new candy was added to our vending machine! A crunchy Reeses Peanut Butter cup has never gotten as much attention as it did yesterday in my office. And the bonus is that our vending machine guy forgot to change the price, so it was only 25 cents. After we all had one (or more) we remembered the peanut butter recall and were (slightly) concerned. But I think Justin spoke for us all when he said, "it was worth it."

All the excitement over the new candy got us talking about our favorite candies. This led to some heated debate, accompanied with shock and outrage over disagreements about which is truly the best candy. This isn't the first time we've debated about candy, but it was the funniest. I've never seen anyone so strongly object to toffee (Justin said it should be illegal). He even said I should do a poll to prove that many people find toffee disgusting. I told him he is going to be disappointed (see poll on upper left).

So I thought I'd do a little experiment. Today I brought some of the more controversial candies in to work. Here is a list of the candy I brought in along with the reactions they received:

Boston Baked Beans
Both Ann and Justin had never tried these and were repulsed by their name. This morning Ann said, "I can't wait to see the so-called 'baked beans.'" But when she tried them she reluctantly said, "they're ok. I don't hate them." Both she and Justin agreed that they almost broke their teeth on them. Fifteen minutes after eating them, Ann claimed her jaw still hurt.

Another co-worker said that they have something similar in the country she grew up in and that she loves them. She was gobbling them up. Kathy also said she can't stay away from them.

Overall reaction: people like them, but think the name leaves much to be desired. I disagree. I think the name is the best part.

Almond Joys

Coconut is surprisingly divisive. However, we had one shocking reaction. Ann, who thought she hated them, tried one today and absolutely loved it, practically shouting, "It's really good!!" But did say she could do without the almond. A little later, she proclaimed, "Elizabeth, you have just changed my candy bar world."

Hot Tamales
Kathy's favorite! Justin's reaction: "candy shouldn't be spicy."

Cow Tails

I love these things. Justin said, "it's a little weird. I'm leaning towards not liking it." In the end he decided to give it a C- because he liked the inside (calling it "delish").

Ann said they're good (agreeing that the cream center was the best) but said that with no outer coating, they're a bit dry.

Milky Ways
I thought it was a given that Milky Ways are totally delicious (they're in my top five), but I was wrong. Turns out some people think they're gross. Justin tried them again today and said, "it's not doing anything for me."

Other controversial candy that I could have brought but was too grossed out by: Necco wafers (nasty!), Circus Peanuts, and Good and Plentys. What do you guys think? What's your least favorite candy?


justin said...

I really tried to like the Milky Way. I even ate the whole thing, hoping the second bite would surprise me. Unfortunately, it only left me feeling disappointed and somewhat sad, with a horrible taste in my mouth.

The first (of at least 5) votes for "Hate it!" has been cast. I'm certain I'm not going to be the only one.

Kathy said...

I'm open to just about any candy, other than circus peanuts (gag!).

I think the fact that Justin like the cheese brownie is testimony enough that toffee is amazing. And so are Hot Tamales.

Ben said...

Worst candy ever: 99.9% of all Mexican and Chinese candies.

Other felonious fabrications:
Anything involving black licorice flavor.
Wax lips/any wax candy.
Salt water taffy.
Bit o' Honey.

If Justin likes any of the above mentioned candies I move to have his toffee vote stricken from the record on the basis that his taste buds cannot be trusted.

Katherine said...

For the record:
I love toffee and Milky Ways.
I can't handle Good N Plentys, Hot tamales, or any of the candies Ben mentioned.
I kind of like Circus Peanuts, am ok with Cow Tails (especially the creamy center)and Almond Joys, and am so-so about Boston Baked Beans and Hot Tamales.

Katherine said...

Oops. Apparently I'm both ok with and can't handle Hot Tamales. I actually am so-so about them, and meant to erase them from the "can't handle" category, but got sidetracked thinking about weird candies I've eaten. I'm really craving Candy Corn right now.

Heather said...

I love milky ways, snickers. When i was prego alll i would eat and i mean eat 2 full sized bars a day was 3 musketeers. (Maybe that's why i gained 60 lbs with Ethan) I do not like good and plenty.yuck.You know, i'm ok with circus peanuts about once every other year or so.

Amy said...

Have you ever tried salted licorice? This has got to be the most disgusting candy known to humankind. It's pretty big in the Netherlands, apparently. One of my roommates once got some in a package from her grandma. He had grown up with it, but I was the only roommate brave enough to try it. I managed to keep it in my mouth for about two seconds before spitting it out - after which my roommate rinsed it off and ate it herself. Ugh.

Annjilla (Fernandez) Baillio said...

Cow Tails are Splendid when frozen. Then it's broken into pieces and chewed that way! Yummy. My favorite is to take Snickers and bake them in cookies. I rarely use chocolate chips anymore. I also would pay $8 for a Smoke Salted Caramel Truffle! They're everywhere in Chocolate Stores on the Strip. The best.

My least favorite is Black Licorice. You might as well massage me with cold oil. That'll be a better experience.

Priscilla said...

I'm going to have to send you some Idaho Spud Bars (chocolate flavored marshmallow center, dark chocolate and coconut coating). Ever had one? Also, Raspberry Almond Premium M&Ms.

Totally off topic, but I wanted to ask you where you get all the pictures you use for your posts? I can never find a picture of random things when I need it!

Elizabeth Downie said...

I've never heard of Idaho Spud Bars! I've never had raspberry almond premium M&Ms either, but they sound really good!

I get my images from Google images. Just type the word you're looking for, then when the search comes up, click on images. It's great!

Sarah said...

Current fave candy is the Take 5 bar...I see them at gas stations a lot, and tend to pick them up by the handful on roadtrips. :) It's a candy bar with peanut butter, pretzels, chocolate, and I think I'm missing something. It's the perfect salty/sweet combo! :)

(And I totally voted "hate it" on toffee...glad Justin brought it up so we can all start bonding over it together! I once bit into a chocolate that secretly was hiding some of the nastiness inside its delicious chocolate shell, and despite being a pretty normal adult, I spat it out as if I were a repulsed little child!!)

David and Linda said...

I agree with AnnJilla that black licorice is disgusting except when it is part of Good and Plenty, which I like. That's right - I said it! But mostly my favorite candy is anything chocolate, unless it has black licorice inside. Do they make candy like that? In hope not. That would not be a good surprise! And I like toffee, especially when it is smothered with chocolate! Linda

Erin said...

Once when we were in Mexico, by brother-in-law purchased a gummy apricot candy covered in chili powder. Sometimes you can judge a book by its cover.

Note on Neccos - apparently Necco candies fed the entire US Army in WWII. Take a look at the wikipedia entry. My favorite line: "The candy is practically indestructible during transit, making it ideal for shipping overseas to the troops.
Necco wafers are often used as stand-ins for communion wafers by children who are practicing for the Eucharist."

Gee, practically indestructible is exactly what I long for in the perfect candy.

The Leo said...

This has been an educational experience. I'm truly shocked that someone somewhere does not like Bit O' Honey, or Hot Tamales for that matter.

Mike said...

So I'm pretty sure I'm one of the few people, over the age of 8, who likes circus peanuts. I bought a bag like a year ago, and sure enough, even though they make me sick everytime, I still liked them. I tried to be nice and share, but anyone I offered them to shot me down pretty quickly.

Michelle Williams said...

I've never heard of circus peanuts but yes I LOVE Good and Plenty. My husband hates it!! So when I eat it I occationally try to kiss him and breathe gusts of licorice breath at him just to make him crazy ! But then I grew up eating licorice, even the dutch salty kind. I liked it as a kid but now can't tolerate it! There are black licorice cigars that are closer to the dutch taste, that all my Dad's family buy in bulk when they go to Costco in Canada! It's too much for me, I need the sugar coating now.
(found your blog through Danielle, love you! Now I can spy on all the Downie girls!!)

justin said...

what's wrong with salt water taffy?!?! EVERYONE loves that.

I do agree with black licorice. part of the reason Kathy and I get along so horribly is because I think that is the worst taste in the world. I would eat toffee and milky ways every day for the rest of my life before even taking a bite of anything black licorice.

oh...and I love Take 5 bars! I think I found my new candy bar be fri.

Kathy said...

Before I get to Justin, I forgot to mention how much I like chic o sticks! Delicious. Also, I believe that anyone who hates wax lips is a stealer of joy in the world. It's just how I feel.

Justin, from now on I plan on chewing a piece of Black Jack every day and then sticking the abc gum somewhere on your desk. Then you can enjoy the aroma of black licorice for days on end. Take a big whiff.

Sarah said...

Justin, I totally accept your candy be-fri request. :) We can make t-shirts depicting our hatred for black licorice and toffee. And, meet up after work to share Take 5 bars together! :)

Dallan said...

Hilarious post. I'm with you on the toffee, but very, very against you on Milky Ways. YUCK. A few other "controversial" candies to add to your list: Big Hunks (sick), Bit o Honeys (really sick), Skors (meh), and Unos (meh again). I heard the groundhog saw its shadow today - Michiganders must be in despair while us Texans are rejoicing!

Mary Burnette said...

Necco wafers are suspiciously like colored chalk! You know how I feel about Circus Peanuts and Spearmint Leaves....and now when it's my week to pick the candy every week....I can't eat candy because I'm always dieting. Boohoo! I like Paydays and snickers. Never like Milky Ways but the new dark chocolate one is tolerable.

Elizabeth Downie said...

Michelle, I'm glad you found my blog! How fun!! It's been fun for me to see what Danielle is up to on her blog as well. We miss you guys!

Michelle Williams said...

Check out Maria's and Mat's blogs too. Danielle has a link to them on her sidebar. Samantha gets home from her mission this month, YEAH!!

We miss you guys too. I hope to come there this summer and will be there for sure next summer with all the kids I hope!

Liz said...

Almond Joys without any almonds? Isn't that just a mounds.