Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wednesday Thoughts

 I meant to do several posts about reflections on 2012 last week but somehow time got away from me. Now here we are almost into the double digits of January and I'm just getting around to it. I hope you're not too "over" 2012 already. (I kind of am, actually but oh well.)

As I was thinking back on 2012, I thought about some things I managed to avoid that I take some pride in. Those things are:

1. I  never said YOLO (writing it here doesn't count).

2. I never saw the Gangnam style video. I'm only vaguely aware of who "Psy" is. I know he wears Hammer pants. I think he's from South Korea. I've seen pictures where it looks like he dances like he's riding a horse.

I don't get it.

When the song came out, I heard it sometimes on the radio and I thought he was saying, "Open condom style." I was like, "wow. Open condom style? What even is that?!" Then when I heard people talking about Gangnam style, I eventually figured out it was the same thing as that Open Condom Style song I hated. At that point I was 100% annoyed with the whole thing, and when I heard there was a video, and that he was on some awards show doing his dance, I was just like, "pass."

Now I hear that it's one of the most viewed youtube videos ever? I don't get it nor do I want to.

In other Wednesday Thoughts, I went to a trampoline gym with some friends last night. I have some other friends who go to these all the time, but they're all in their early 20's. I'm not.

Here's a fact about me: I've never done either a back flip or a front flip. So I tried to teach myself a front flip yesterday - - with very little success. But I'll keep trying. At my age it's important to know how to do a front flip. You'll understand when you're older.

One of these people is me

And lastly, in Wednesday Thoughts, I'm going to do a post on Friday where I answer reader (ahem - you) questions. If you don't want to put your Q's in the comments, you can email them to me: downie.elizabeth (at) What are some things you would like to know about me? I will try to be 100.5% honest. YOLO, am I right?


Happy Wednesday.


Katherine said...

Technically you still avoided saying YOLO in 2012. You failed for 2013, though. Might as well just give in and watch the Gangnam Style video and learn all the lyrics and the dance and join the fan club.

That trampoline place looks AWESOME!!!!! We definitely need to go. Maybe bring some food for the people living in the foam pits. ;)

As for questions, I think all your readers really want to know this: what's your deepest, darkest secret? Also, current crushes, secret desires, and most embarrassing moments are welcome blog fodder. You said it yourself - YOLO, so might as well SAYS (Share All Your Secrets!!) (I claim copyright on "SAYS," btdubs.)

Melanie said...

So funny. I haven't seen the gangnam style video either! (gasp). I spend more time watching videos like this:

Here are my questions for you: (take them for what they're worth)
Do you make money blogging? How many blogging friends have you met?

Why aren't you married? Why aren't I married?

Can you please share more wisdom from your grandma?

karajean said...

I've never seen the video either! I had never even heard of it, or of the song, until about a week ago. I am starting to suspect that the same person just watched that video a billion times, instead of a billion people watching it once.

Also, you should start with a backflip. They are much easier.

Angela said...

ok. i think i started to watch the video once and thought it was beyond stupid and had to just stop it. I mean, I wasn't even sure whether or not it was a for reals video. And apparently, I am SO out of the loop, because I am having a hard time figuring out what YOLO even is? But then, this is also the girl who really confused at all the moustaches lately until someone explained to me that that was part of being a "hipster." oh.