Tuesday, January 15, 2013

"Like" for Heaven, "Ignore" for Hell

Those of you on Facebook will recognize the title of this post. For awhile now, an exhausting meme has been making its way around Facebook manipulating people into "reposting" pictures that say things like "Click 'like' if you love your mom," or "Like this picture of a girl who survived cancer, ignore if you don't care about her." Feelings of guilt wash over us as we see these... "Will my mom know I didn't repost this? I tell her I love her but is that enough? What if the little girl finds out I didn't 'like' her picture? Will her cancer come back?"

The more dramatic ones say things like "Like this picture for Heaven. Ignore it for Hell." Um, excuse me Facebook meme, but I don't think you really have that kind of authority. Yet even as I mentally sass Facebook, I wonder if angels are looking over my shoulder, writing in my permanent record that I did not press "like."

You know that old phrase, "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em"? Well, I decided to make some of these horrid memes of my own. If love me, you will repost them. If you want to see me dead, you will ignore them. If you like me, you will comment. But no pressure.

I don't want any of you to go to Hell, so please follow the directions on those pictures very closely. The rules of the internet are very strict. Let your conscience be your guide.


Katherine said...

Hee heee!!! These are so good!! I really do hate it when I see one of these on FB. Just when we thought we'd gotten rid of the torture of chain letters, these things pop up. Who IS this group that is determined to curse everyone around them whether they like it or not?!?! Sigh. Next thing you know, we'll have holograms pop up in our homes that will say, "high-five me if you want to go to heaven, ignore me if you want me to send a virus to your smart house's hard drive."

violet50 said...

Ha - Katherine, I agree about the chain letters and I'm afraid of the hologram idea. Elizabeth-you've hit the nail on the head. Are there different degrees of hell? Because I have ignored all of these memes so if there is some kind of supernatural torment for that, I'm doomed. I loved the picture of the guy who was too busy with his game, and laughed out loud at the "somebody that I used to know" picture. Thanks for a good laugh. See you in Hades.

Melissa C said...

those are awesome. yeah, I totally hate how everytime you like something random, it shows up on everyone else's news feed. I am trying to make an effort to only like posts from things that I actually follow or that friends are sharing, to cut down on the spam in my news feed of others. I don't know it it really helps or not. Sorry about the tag on fb today. I couldn't just send that link as a message, which is what I really wanted to do, from my phone. I really do hope you like Heather's blog. She loves those mud runs, and is really good at them.

Mark said...

How awesome is it that I get to wear my Halloween costume all year round! Just on the inside, though.

Here's my comment. It probably count's as a "like" too.

Mark said...

Grammar alert: counts, not count's

Like if your sense of order has been soothed, ignore if you blog stream-of-consciousness style.