Monday, January 28, 2013

Unnecessary Review

The reason I titled this post "Unnecessary Review" is because I am about to review something that everyone already knows is good. That is, the Little House on the Prairie Books. I first read one of these books in third grade, which is about the reading level they are perfect for. Even though I have advanced past that level, lest you think otherwise, I have recently revisited these books and have found them completely delightful.

The first book in the series I read, in third grade, was called "On the Banks of Plum Creek," which follows the Ingalls family as they first live in a house underground, like hobbits, then later a farm house. My teacher that year gave it to me as a Christmas present.

As a kid the book really made an impact on me. I was enchanted by it and I learned to be grateful for all the things I had, and how easy my life was. After all, Mary and Laura were delighted to get mittens and ONE piece of peppermint candy for Christmas! I wanted way more than that! Yet they were happy with it!? And peppermint candy, of all things! I mean, who even likes that!? Least of all, kids!

I recently bought the boxed set of the first five books in the series and have been reading about one book every two days. They're obviously meant for a younger audience, but I have been really enjoying them. The things the family goes through are a very interesting look back at the life of the pioneers as they settled in the west. They build their own houses, kill their own meat, grow their own produce, make their own sugar, trade for goods, help their neighbors, sew their own clothing, and enjoy the simple things in life.

If you have children, ages 3 and up, I would highly recommend this series, either to read to them, or for them to read on their own.

Next up on Unnecessary Reviews: 

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Mexican Food: Spicy!


Katherine said...

Hee hee! I'm excited for the next unnecessary reviews!!! So many things to say about each. I do love these books, too. They're enchanting and pull you in!!

violet50 said...

I've enjoyed reading Rick Riordan's series'. Just because they're for children doesn't mean they aren't entertaining for adults - Harry Potter e.g. Another unnecessary review: Snow Days - wonderful!

D said...

Sweet! I just started reading The Wednesday Wars by Gary Schmidt again. It's awesome. It's YA fiction but probably more fifth grader to middle school level. I love YA books. :) Generally I can pick any up and not have to worry about the content being inappropriate. But it can still be deep and meaningful.

Can't wait for the rest of your unnecessary reviews!