Monday, January 21, 2013

The Worth of a "Like"

I know that just last week I complained about a Facebook phenomenon but I can't help it - I'm annoyed again. And this time it's because of the abundance of "If I get X-many likes, my husband/wife/boyfriend/dad will do ____ for me!" Or "let me get/do _____". What is the power of a like? And do any of these people keep their promises if the number of likes are received?

I don't have any kids, but if I did, I certainly wouldn't want them to post a picture on Facebook saying, "please forward this to 1,000,000,000 potential kidnappers/weirdos and my dad will buy me a pet."

And what about the ones that say, "If I get X-many likes, my wife will consider having another baby." A BABY!? Because of Facebook?? "Well honey, we had you because 500 strangers 'liked' the idea. Otherwise we would have been done after your brother and sister. That's why your middle name is News Feed."

These people aren't serious, are they? In just ONE scroll through my Facebook timeline this evening, I saw four of these:

Not one to be left out, here are some I've come up with. Should I post them?

What is a "like" worth to you? Or a "share"? Is a "share" worth more than a "like" in Facebook bucks? And what about a comment? Why is a "like" worth more than a comment? I don't understand Facebook currency. But I do know that "likes" are worth more than conversation (about having another baby), or committing to being responsible (for a pet), and they are definitely worth more than dignity (acting like a fool in public).

"Likes" have a lot of power, that much I've learned this evening. Maybe more power than they're worth.


Maxabillion J said...

I like the bottom one.

Wee Sisters Three said...
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Wee Sisters Three said...

I do not like the second to last one! NOBODY LIKE IT. I WANT TO KEEP MY KIDS. Well, maybe we can make a deal. You get them when they are sassy and I get them when they're good.

This post is hilarious. I agree, people are out of control. I think we should secretly trick people so that everytime they "like" something they actually just paid us a dollar. Who can figure out how to do this? They'll get something on their bank statement the next month that say's "$1.00 taken for "liking" something stupid. SUCKA!". Genius. (this idea is copywrited to the downie girls)

Katherine said...

I like that idea, Heedj!! These are awesome. Better than any I've seen!!!! And I agree - are "likes" better than a conversation??? Ridiculous. Also, "Facebook currency!!!!!!!!" HEE HEE!!!!

Christi said...

I have to admit, the very first one of these I ever saw said, "My sister said if I get 1,000,000 likes she will name her baby Megatron"

And I thought it was awesome. Because you know she was just some snotty older sister who didn't think he could do it.

But yeah, it's getting a little out of hand at this point.