Monday, January 21, 2013

Flu Survival

While this flu hasn't officially been called an epidemic yet, I believe it's well on its way. I got the official call today that my test came back positive and what I have is the flu. (I didn't really need a test to tell me that.)

Because I know several of you are also sick, or will be (sorry), here are some tips for flu survival that I have written for you. None of these tips are official medical advice nor have they been approved by the CDC, so take them for what they are. The advice of someone with no medical training whatsoever.

1. First and foremost, if you know you have the flu, or are even pretty sure it's the flu, I beg of you not to go to work, or social functions, or anywhere where you can spread it! Seriously, just stay home. Some people are not very compassionate to illness but who cares. You gotta take care of yourself. And not infect those around you.

2. Watch movies that don't stress you out. You don't want to be tense or sad when you have the flu. There's no need to produce more fluids in your face by crying. Trust me, your face is already suffering enough.

3. Also when it comes to movies (or tv) don't watch anything that's too funny. Laughing equals coughing. If you insist on watching a funny movie, you'll have to figure out a new temporary laugh that doesn't require any deep breathing. Once you do this, record it and send it to me. I'll tell you if it's any good.

4. You need to shower and wash your hair from time to time, but don't worry about keeping it looking nice. This is a picture of my hair yesterday morning after I took it out of a two day ponytail.

5. As long as you're stuck at home, write an email to one of your favorite authors. I did this and got a response! It cheered me up.

6. If people offer to take care of you, or bring you things, take them up on it. It's hard to have people spoil you, but just this once, let them.

7. Read. It's relaxing and a nice thing to do when you have to be in bed all the time anyway. I read three books in the past 5 or so days! I'm usually too distracted and busy to sit down and read.

8. Call your doctor and get some good cough syrup. It's so worth it.

Those are all the tips I can think of. I'm on the mend now and can't wait to be 100%. There's nothing like being sick to help you appreciate how good you have it when you're healthy! I hope that none of you catch this flu, but if you do, I hope these tips help you get through it!


violet50 said...

Love the hair. That's a sure sign of illness for women. The tips for movies and reading and laughing are good. I don't plan to ever get the flu again, but I'll keep them in mind.

Liz said...

Oh my goodness! You wrote Donald Bain, author of the Murder She Wrote books, and he replied. That's great. ;)
Couple of questions, what movies do you recommend and what books did you end up reading?

Katherine said...

That hair is sooooooo good!!!! And those are good tips. I went into a several minute coughing fit after laughing at something on YouTube a few days ago. It was rough (but worth it in the end). I definitely agree with number 1!!!! Also, please wear your hair like that to a social function once you're better. PLEASE!!!!

Sara said...

Your post is helping me convince Matt to not go back to work. He wants to play hockey tomorrow night...

Mer said...

When Grandma said guys like curly hair, I don't think this is what she meant!