Thursday, January 10, 2013

Ten things to do in 2013

Two of my good friends, Sarah and Sara (the Sara(h)'s) have inspired me. They have been been making lists and checking them off (thought I was going to say "twice" didn't you?! They're not Santa Claus, you weirdos). 

Both of them have been making these lists of things they want to do within an allotted time (a year or less). All of the things have to be things they've never done before. Sarah even made a blog about it last year and checked the crap out of it. I was really inspired by it! And bonus: I got to do some of the things with her!

And this week, Sara sent us (Sarah and I) her list for the year. It was full of some SUPER fun things, including the trampoline gym that we went to the other day, and going to a monster truck rally which I am doing with them this Saturday. I have always wanted to go to a monster truck rally so I am beyond excited about this. Huge trucks running over cars? Yes, please!!

I felt so inspired by their lists that I decided to make one of my own. But mine is short - just ten things! I'm sure I'll do lots of impromptu interesting things this year, but here is my focused list to finish by the end of the year:

1. Go to a Detroit Redwings hockey game - the NHL lockout is finally over and I know we're all supposed to be really T.O.ed at all involved and stick it to them by not buying tickets, etc. But frankly, I wasn't all that invested. And I've always wanted to see a professional hockey game (mostly to satisfy my blood lust).

2.Go to a national park I've never been to before (Isle Royale, maybe) - I love visiting National Parks and would like to visit as many as I can in my lifetime. Isle Royale would be a fun one to go to, but even though it is in Michigan, it's quite a hike (and flight) to get there so I'm not sure if that's the one I'll choose. Do you have a favorite National Park?

3. Eat at the Whitney in Detroit - I've always wanted to eat at the Whitney, an old restaurant in Detroit. It's rumored to be haunted, which is about 99% of the appeal.

4. Drink a vegetable based smoothie - This one kinda scares me. I like vegetables but not really in drink form. But maybe I'll love it?

5. Get my passport renewed - Unfortunately, I let my passport lapse. I feel like I should get it renewed so I can flee whenever necessary plan a trip abroad.

6. Take a yoga class - for relaxation and exercise. I've never taken one and always wanted to.

7. Find a charity to become actively involved with. It'd be nice to feel like I was giving back more. And not just one time, but consistently.

8. Blog about something personal (more personal than I usually blog about) - I'm not sure what this will be. I try to keep the blog pretty light though so it will be a challenge for me to write about something personal. I'm kind of looking forward to it.

9. Visit a place in Michigan I've never been to before - if I go to Isle Royale, I won't count it for both #2 & #9. That'd be cheating.

10. Go downhill skiing - I have a feeling I would really like this. I've been cross country skiing but never downhill. I blame it on being from Michigan where the nearest "slope" is a landfill.

Which one of these do you want to join me for?


Sara said...

Port Austin is on my list if you haven't been there. Oh, and I told you about Nordhouse Dunes and it is by Ludington and really great! I can make you a green smoothie for your birthday long as it a veggie smoothie can also contain some fruit? I like the ones with spinach or kale. I'm also in for the Detroit Wings and the Whitney if the timing works out.

Elizabeth Downie said...

That smoothie sounds perfect, Sara! :) Thank you!

And I just looked up Port Austin - I totally want that to be the new place I go. I've never really traveled in the thumb so that would be new all around.

Brady said...

I;ll do yoga with you.

Katherine said...

National Park & Whitney!!!

Sara said...

Cool!! :)

Liz said...

Those are some great goals. I do have a few thoughts on them.
I will only be ok with you going to a Redwings game if you promise to cheer for the other team. No matter who it is. Redwings are evil.
I love the national parks. Going to visit them more is something I need to do
The Whitney seems so fancy. A restaurant in a haunted mansion. What kind of outfit would you wear; keep in mind that you may be murdered then stuck in said outfit for all eternity.
Veggie smoothie? Couldn't you just drink a glass of v8?
You should try and get your passport renewed before the new Canadian bridge is built from Detroit.
I highly recommend supporting TWLOHA (To write love on her arms) I love this charity.
I recommend blogging something personal, it's scary beyond all belief but very liberating.
If you have not been to the American Museum of Magic in Marshall MI I would go. I've never been but I wanted to. And who doesn't love magic.
I think you would really enjoy skiing

Savd said...

I'm in for a hockey game for sure! :) And will definitely join ya for anything else you need a partner in crime!