Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wednesday Thoughts

This Wednesday Thoughts is coming in right under the wire due to the flu. I was completely caught off guard by this flu. One minute I'm fine, the next I'm trying to stop moving or breathing because it hurts too much. And forget sneezing. Sneezing is the devil. I know I'm not alone either - this flu is rampant. How many of you have it?

And none of my "sick-day" stand by's appeal because rather than watch re-runs, I'd rather just sleep 20 out of 24 hours. I know, woe is me, right?

I've been listening to Dracula on audiobook to pass the time, which is really good. Super spooky! And I've been drinking a lot of smoothies. In fact the only time I've gotten out of bed today is to get more medicine and make a fruit and veggie smoothie. I basically can't stop making smoothies. Sara created a monster. I'm almost exactly like the mom from So I Married an Axe Murderer. "I juice everything now. I'm on the Weekly World News Garth Brooks juice diet."

Please tell me you've all seen that movie?

Ok, I'm not funny or interesting today so I'm going to wrap it up. If any of you have any tips for surviving the flu, please share them.

Happy Wednesday.


Sara said...

Top 5 favorite movie. "Pregnant man gives birth. That's a fact!!"

Yeah, green smoothie monster. Just in time for the flu. Boo. But glad it's giving you something worth getting out of bed for. I hate sick days that are so miserable you can't enjoy them even a little.

Katherine said...

Tomorrow will be better! My only advice is to stick with what feels right, and if that's smoothies and sleep, then go for it!

elliespen said...

Juice Tiger!

Maybe I'll pop that movie in to get me through the afternoon. This is day 5 of the flu for me. Blech. Hope you feel better soon!