Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!!

Growing up I was often drawn to the tv by the Monster Truck rally commercials. The loud booming voice shouting "SUNDAY, Sunday, Sunday!!" along with the revving of engines mesmerized me. I always wanted to go to one. Little did I know as a small child, that that dream wouldn't be realized until I was in my 30's. And more specifically: yesterday.

I have been super excited about this all week. When I told my mom about my plans to go to this with my two friends Sarah and Sara, she said, "you girls were obviously raised in a farm town because I never would have considered going to something like this."

She's right - it's in my blood. Growing up in a town where we had "tractor day" in high school when everyone drove their tractors to school, and going to the demolition derby every fall, I was raised on noisy big trucks and cars. And I love it.

As soon as we walked into Ford Field (where the Lions play) we heard the engines revving, and a little kid yelled, "MOM! I just saw Grave Digger!!!" Grave Digger, it turns out, is the star of the night. "He" is the most exciting truck to watch. Though Crushtation (a truck that looks like a lobster) was my favorite.

It was exciting to be at Ford Field which is a beautiful arena. I have never been there since I refuse to pay $100 to watch the Lions lose.In fact, I'm pretty sure there were more people there than are ever there for Lions games! The place was packed.

I expected the Monster Truck Rally to be a bit like the demolition derby - nonstop action and smashing, but I was somewhat disappointed. It was pretty cool to see the trucks making huge jumps and running over Winnebagos,  but there was a ton of down time. Especially when the trucks flipped over and needed to be dragged off the arena floor.

The nice thing was that the people watching situation did not disappoint. Did we see Kentucky waterfalls (mullets)? You bet we did! Torn off sleeves? By the thousands. A flask of Southern Comfort being passed back and forth between the teenagers in front of us? Check. Barbed wire bicep tats? Every other person had 'em. But don't be mislead - this event was much more culturally diverse than I would have ever anticipated.

I guess Monster trucks know no race. They are the force that can unite us and help us see each other as brothers and sisters regardless of skin color. Maybe Monster truck rallies should be the new American pastime (Sorry baseball, I love you forever, but you aren't uniting us like Monster trucks).


Here's a picture of me (middle) with the Sara(h)s. Pretty sure this is the only picture of me that exists with me wearing glasses. Following that are pictures from the night. Enjoy.

Would you ever go to one?


Maxabillion J said...


And that's all I got to say about that.

Angela said...

1. The Femullet is TIGHT!

2. The Whiskey is no joke!

3. We've known ea. other for some time and I've NEVER seen you in glasses! It made me look twice.

Yes, I'd go.

Katherine said...

Hilarious!!!! I like Angela's #1 comment - that is Fa Real. And the cut-off sleeves + barbed wire tattoo!!!! SO good! This is one of the best blog posts. So moving. ;D

Sara said...

Barbed wire bicep tats. That pretty much sums it up. Half the "fans" left the Lions game before the fourth quarter, in droves, so I'd definitely say Monster Trucks has a more hard core fan base. Who knew?

D said...

Made me look up when there would be one here. This looks like a blast and something all of my boys would love!!

Jeff Chase said...

Fun :) I'm pretty sure I saw Grave Digger on display on the side of the highway in North Carolina. Small world!

Check it out and tell me if it is the same: