Friday, January 11, 2013

Birthday Rules

Originally I had planned on doing a post today where I answer your questions about me. It was going to be a really me-centric post since today is my birthday. Birthdays have the tendency to turn people into me-monsters.

But as I tried to write it, I couldn't get into it. Don't get me wrong, your questions were great. It's not you, it's me. I'll have to get to that post another day.

I thought instead, I would talk a little about birthdays in general. Even though I'm of a certain age, I still love celebrating birthdays. And not just mine; yours too. Birthdays are fun! They give us a chance to focus on one person and tell them how much we love them (cough*hint*cough)!

And for us single folks, they're kind of all we have. And they're not always good for us either because they tend to send the message: "yes you're single, but don't worry because you're also a year older." It's not a good  message. So I try to make birthdays special. I don't have an anniversary, and no one spoils me on Valentine's Day so birthdays are it. (I feel like I should add "so get off my back." I don't know why I feel so defensive about this all of the a sudden!)

Here is my guide to how to best enjoy your birthday!

Things you should do on your birthday:

  • Eat whatever the heck you want. No one's going to stop you.
  • Tweet Ryan Gosling and tell him it's your birthday! Beg him to wish you a happy birthday. 
  • Tell your crush you dig them. I mean, come on, what are they going to do? Tell you they don't feel the same way!? It's your birthday, for crying out loud!
  • Ask people to guess your age. It's your birthday - they'll be nice. 
  • Get all the free stuff you can get.

Things you should not do on your birthday:

  • Go to the gynecologist (I did this once. Huge mistake.)
  • Contact an ex and ask him/her why he/she hasn't wished you happy birthday yet. 
  • Think about what your mom/grandma were doing (how many kids they had) at your age.
  • Calculate weight watchers points.
  • Ask people to guess your age (what if they guess UP!?)
  • Think about the fact that you're the same age as Justin Bieber's mother (I'm not, but some of you are. Sorry - truth hurts).

What's your favorite thing to do on your birthday? What's the worst thing to do on your birthday?


Katherine said...

HAAAAPPPPPYYYY BIIIRRTTHHDAAAAY!!!! Here are the things I like about you: your hilarious sense of humor, your thoughtfulness, your mad baking skillz, your mad writing skillz, your ridiculousness (seriously, I wish people even knew!!), & your general awesomeness!!! You're the best big sis a girl could ask for!! Even when you're completely crazy. ;)

Liz said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!! I Love you!
I loved birthdays in Ann Arbor, getting all sorts of delicious free stuff. It makes you feel so special.
I like to get people to do whatever I want by always mentioning "but it's my Birthday"
I hope you have a very special, super wonderful day.

Sara said...

Happy birthday Elizabeth! When my mom was the age I am now, I was 11. Something to chew on...since it's NOT my birthday!

Now, find a cupcake and eat it!

violet50 said...

Well, Katherine said it all and I concur. Except that you're not my older sister. On my birthday I also like to get free things - like my presents. And have my favorite meal and birthday cake. And be with family and friends. And reflect on the fact that I have a new year in which to perfect the little glitches I still have to work out in my life. And that summer will be in 4 1/2 months. :)

Wee Sisters Three said...

Well, k and mom said it all. You are a fabulous big sister. You are also an amazing aunt. You are one if a very few people that I can completely relax when my kids are with you. I know that if anything happened to Jim our I that the kids would be ok because they are loved and family great family in their lives. I remember when we were little and it was really hot and you made a bed for me in mom and dads room and then came in and woke me up to bring me in there. So nice. I hope you have a great birthday month.

lizzie mc.- said...

Well, I was of, "a certain age", first so I have to say, YOU'LL LOVE IT! I'm chronologically experienced which means that every day I care a little more about people but a little less about what they think. It means we have enjoyed more experience at earth-life than many have been afforded the pleasure and it makes me just so excited to try new things. And I love Birthdays. Today I got to celebrate 3!!! I took a friend out to lunch, had another over for her b-day dinner and I got to live vicariously with your posts. Very happy birthday. I love you!