Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Today I am...

laughing at this quote from my Office day calendar:

looking forward to the Mindy Project tonight, mainly because of the Morgan character. Hilarious.

listening to "The Ocean" by Led Zeppelin on repeat.

trying not to look outside at the gloominess out there & wondering if we really are going to get thunderstorms today. Thunderstorms in winter are just weird.

thinking about 5ks I want to run this summer. I think I will start with this one (link). Anyone want to join me? It's in Ypsi, and it goes through Depot Town - both of those facts strike me as really strange but I can't explain why. But Sidetrack would be a great (delicious) slash horrible (crowded) idea afterward!

experiencing a Monday on a Tuesday since I had a snow day yesterday.

reconsidering my relationship with Facebook. I find it an upsetting site to visit more often than not. Certain aspects of it, I love - like staying in touch with people I care about. But other aspects of it stress me out. I'm not going to get off of it, but I might need to change the way I Facebook.* Have any of you experienced this? Any tips?

What about you? What are you up to today?

*Is it ok to use Facebook as a verb?


Katherine said...

Today I have spent the day applying for jobs (a tedious task, which has included ordering copies of my transcripts, etc) in my PJs! No better way to apply for jobs than that. I've also been pretending it's a beautiful day out instead of the sad, mopey reality. At least there's the Mindy Project to look forward to!

violet50 said...

Today I am reading your "quotes that make me laugh" and loving them. My favorite (and it's hard to choose) is Phil Dunphy saying: Where jealousy meets desire and the result is murder...I was lost in my jams. Speed walking and Speedwagon." And enjoying a rice krispie treat or two.

Liz said...

I'm so glad you asked what I've been up to. Today I've been laughing at so many quotes, I watched Arrested Development all day. The Mindy Project is always fun, it's surprisingly so cute and funny. Music I'm listening to, anything country especially the soundtrack to Country Strong. I like other music but have just been in a country mood. You know what would be even better than eating at Sidetrack after your race? Skipping the race and just eating at sidetrack. Mmm I love Sidetrack. Facebook=Blah. Hardly anyone updates their status anymore. I would stop checking it so often if it wasn't so easy to do so from my phone. That's my day, in hindsight I probably should have spent the day applying for jobs like Karherine. Oh well there's always tomorrow.

Savd said...

Only 38 days until we Spring Forward!! SOOOO thankful for your countdown clock! :)