Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wednesday Thoughts

Well, it's finally Wednesday! This week has been really rainy and gray where I live, so I'm kinda ready for it to speed along to the weekend. As per usual, I have some thoughts for you this morning. They are all unrelated so I'm going to number them to make it easier to follow along, k?

1. As I have mentioned on here at least once before, I have started running recently. About a month ago, to be precise. And to be honest, I'm not a natural runner. By which I mean, even five weeks into my training, I'm not awesome. I can do it, but it's clear I wasn't born to run. And I'm  not an attractive runner, to say the least. In fact, when I run my first race next month, I want no "after" pictures taken! I tend to turn a reddish purple color after a run, reminiscent of Violet Beauregarde after she ate the three-course dinner chewing gum even though Willy Wonka specifically told her not to.

Me, crossing the finish line (in color, not size)

Yesterday something kinda cool happened when I was on my run though. I was struggling. I only had another five minutes to go but I was losing stamina. Just then another runner ran by me, going to the other direction, and he reached out and side-fived me (like a high five, but on the side)! It made me feel like a legit runner, part of a club. It was the motivation I needed to finish up.

2. I'm just going to warn you right now - if you're a classy individual who is offended by bathroom talk, just skip to number 3. I'll meet you there.

I hung out with a guy friend last night and something weird happened as I was leaving. My friend was walking me out to my car and it was super dark outside. So, I asked him a simple question about turning the porch lights on and found out more than I'd bargained for.

me: why don't you turn the porch light on?
him: cause I don't want people to know I'm peeing.
me: how will they know you're in the bathroom from outside?
him: because I'm going to pee outside after you leave.
me: What!? Why?
him: because it's awesome.
me: What!? I don't understand! Why would you pee outside?
him: because peeing outside is better. Ask any guy! All guys love peeing outside! Put it on your thing! (Translation: put it on your blog.)

I'd be kinda surprised if I got a bunch of comments from guys confirming this, but I was curious if this is a thing.

3. I'm getting my hair done after work today and I'm thinking about mixing it up and getting a few inches cut off. I'm nervous about this though. I know hair grows, but it can be really traumatizing for a woman to lose too much length on her hair. I'm sure I'm not the only woman who's cried over a hair cut  before. When I look back on my hair experience, I can think of many mistakes but these are my top four biggest regrets:

1. cutting it too short (cried)
2. accidentally dyeing it purple (had it fixed)
3. purposely dyeing it red (huge mistake, ended up having it stripped....both times)
4. short bangs (rarely a good idea)

Do you have any hair regrets?

Happy Wednesday!

PS, Happy birthday Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson! Call me!


Sara said...

I'm always tempted by the short bangs. It wouldn't work with my curly hair but I'm always tempted. A few inches off for the summer sounds fun though!

violet50 said...

I remember getting the call about the purple hair. When you talk about not running "pretty" I think about Phoebe on Friends and no pictures at the finish line I think about the marathon on Up All Night. Funny images. Do I watch too much t.v.? I admire your persistence in trying new ways to get fit. Keep it up!!

Liz said...

I'm not a guy but I too love peeing outside. ;)
My biggest hair regret was cutting my own hair, never a good idea. Happy Wednesday.

Katherine said...

Boy are weird. Moving on, I actually haven't had a ton of hair regrets. In America, at least. I had some terrible cuts in Thailand. They just didn't know what to do with my curly, not black hair! I'm super excited for your runner's side-five. You're totally in the club now!!! And I, too, turn purple when I run, so you're not alone there. I'll be sure to take a picture at the end of your 5K and keep it for blackmail. I mean…I won't take any pictures...... :D

NOURNME said...

When God created man, man peed outside, look it up. I don't know who that guy was, he sounds strong, but he seems like someone who knows what's up. It's the simple pleasures in life.

lizzie mc.- said...

My only point of reference are boys under the age of 8. They love to 'paint' the fence, yellow the snow, or wait until we've left the public restroom. When they're too little to water the bushes, I'm the toilet. Perhaps that's why I'm not a fan, but they certainly keep it real. And by real I mean they never outgrow toilet humor... I guess that's why I find them funny.

Dallan said...

Your friend is right. It is most definitely a thing.