Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer Goals

Yesterday was the official start of summer! To me, it had already begun. I mark it's arrival by things like:
  • the return of fireflies (which I started spotting a week or two ago),
  • temperatures over 80 degrees,
  • ice cream cravings (started back in February),
  • and of course, summer romance plottings (sort of hard to plot but I do my best)
Several of my friends have told me that because summer tends to fly by, they like to make a list of summer goals at the beginning. I thought this sounded like a good idea so I thought I'd make one of my own. But to make it slightly more interesting, I used one of those word cloud programs:

These types of programs have a tendency to over emphasize words that don't really deserve it. For instance, I am planning a trip to Utah but I'm only going to be there for a week so "Utah" probably shouldn't be the biggest word on there. I kept randomizing it to make it smaller but it kept making it big. Maybe that means something really special is going to happen on my trip to Utah?

Those of you who are familiar with this blog know that I talk about summer romance every summer, so that one isn't new. The rest is pretty much self explanatory. Well except that the program separated "hot dogs" so the word "dogs" is on there randomly which looks pretty weird since dogs pretty much live year round and aren't exclusive to summer, as far as I know. It also separated "farmers market" into two. Oh well. I think you can get the spirit of my summer expectations well enough, right?

What are some of your hopes and dreams for this summer?


Kathy said...

I love to hike, camp and swim in the summer. Oh, and I like to go fishing at least once. So hopefully I can find some time to do that. I would love to sit in the sun and finish reading that book you let me borrow about a year ago.....sorry about that.

Christi said...

I'm hoping to get our yard looking good so we aren't 'those neighbors'.
Yesterday a neighbor offered to cut two of our dead trees down. I can just imagine him and his wife looking out their front window commenting on how we haven't even bothered with them.
We took him up on the offer.

The Boob Nazi said...

I was about to do a post like this! haha

Katherine said...

I saw some of my first fireflies of the year the other day! And they were the country ones that have a whiter light that looks like sparklers on the side of the road. Sigh! :) I read a quote about summer romances just last night! It's in a book that I read every summer, but which shall remain unnamed because it's a bit too embarassing... Anyway, here's the quote: "Do you know what a summer romance is? It's a timed event on the field day of Earth. A race to the finish. Speed counts...but not necessarily style." So It's not really lauding summer romances, but I think it sums them up well! Doesn't mean I don't still want to have one, too... :) That and eat lots of ice cream and spend as much time outside as possible!! Preferably outside in Ludington. Sigh!

Sara said...

Laid in the grass last night and watched the fireflies! Love this collage.

thesinglesward said...

We want to get to the lake or the river more.

Summer romance just sort of happens, but is hardly reliable and vulnerable to summer itself. We take it in stride.

SofiB said...

I love summer time! I am in a happier mood because of the sun, heat, and fireflies! This summer, I want to try new things. I don't know what exactly I am going to do but I hope this summer is full of unexpected events. I want to do things that I wont have time to do when I am in school. I am learning how to play the guitar and spending a lot of time at the gym. I want to make new friends and go camping and hiking. No matter what I do, I know this summer the best!

Anonymous said...

meeting admirers is missing from the list.

An admirer from the distance. ;)

Elizabeth Downie said...

Don't worry singles ward guys, I'm not actually plotting a summer romance. ;)

Heather said...

I don't think it would be right for me to have a summer romance, I'm thinking Jim would frown on it, But I don't see why I can't watch all the hallmark loveey summer movies I want!! Whoo hoo.

I would love to sand my kitchen table and re-stain it. I would like to love 10 pounds and I would like to teach my children to be nicer. I'm thinking 2 out of 3 will be my success rate, but we'll see.

Anonymous said...

More ice coffee, walks in Central Park, visits to our new Brooklyn Library where they have water spouts along the sides of the steps so you can sit and get your feet wet as you read your book...delicious, I'm with you and icecream and so more icecream and a few trips to Atlantic City...not to gamble - I love the beach there. Hope it just doesn't wiz by like usual. Smiles. I gotta go check out that Word Cloud thingy.

@ Hauplight

~ Malissa ~ said...

I know why UTAH turned out so large - cause you're going to see ME!! Just kidding, I'm not THAT self-centered. Maybe a special someone is waiting for you here and you don't know it yet...just in case, I'll have some dates lined up for you upon arrive (maybe the singlesward guys will have some suggestions).

I'm hoping for some romance...I heard that Sqwa Peak is a pretty happening place in Provo (fyi, it's other name is "make-out point"). I do have a couple dates this weekend (finally) so we'll see what happens...maybe I can start preparing for a wedding in December (really just kidding there!!)

Ashley said...

I like the idea of summer goals. Who says we can only make goals/resolutions at the beginning of the year? Summer is the time to have fun, enjoy the outdoors (us Michiganders thaw out), and of course, the summer romances. I'm inspired to do my own summer goals post now!

Anonymous said...

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Liz said...

Utah should be the biggest word, because Utah is great!