Friday, May 25, 2012

What's Making Me Happy Today

My goof-ball nephews

1. An eye doctor named Dr. Goggle
A back doctor (chiropractor) named Dr. Backian
A dentist named Dr. Pain
These are all real. 

2. My new bathing suit which should be arriving soon!

I look nothing like this person. But this is the suit.

3. Northern Michigan, where starting this weekend, I will be spending as much time as I can this summer.

4. Summer!!! Please read that in a sing-song voice. And more specific than summer: the lake. And more specific than the lake: Lake Michigan and Hamlin Lake, where I plan to get some tubing (and plenty of swimming) in this summer.


5. Green. Michigan is finally green again. Technically it's been green for at least a month now, but it still fills me with joy. I hate the greyness of the state from November to March. Michigan is meant to be green. I took this picture while on a walk with friends this week:

6. Ok, how cheese is this, but I'm about to say "friends." But seriously, I know it's such a cheesy, girl-ish thing to do but I have the best friends! I have always prayed to find good friends, and the Lord has always delivered. Not all friends are pictured here, by any means. But here's a selection of the people who help make my life happy. If you and I are bff and you're not pictured here, it just means we need to take more pictures together. Doesn't mean I don't love you tons!

Also, if you are pictured but don't want to be because you're in the Witness Relocation Program but forgot to tell me, let me know.* 

What's making you happy today??

*This is my sneaky way of finding out which of my friends are in the Witness Relocation Program.


Bingyu said...

This is great! I should be writing down things that make me happy each day! :)

Luigi Mario said...

My swimsuit looks just like that, except it's angry red polka dots on itchy pink, 'cause I swim naked in poison ivy.

P.S. Thanks for hiding my face in the picture array.

Heather said...

I know I look a lot like you, but when I was a baby an evil man named Voldemort killed my parents so I had to be placed with a new family to keep me safe. I've been meaning to tell you.

`Disney Movies make me happy.(Sam and I watched Peter Pan)
`Seeing flowers I've planted actually grow. This makes me very happy.(See pics on facebook of my flowers today)
`Having a clean house and yard.(I have not yet acheieved this today, but am working on it.
`Bagpipe music.
`Having funny (sarcastic) sisters to joke with on facebook.

violet50 said...

I am happy that I have a 3-day weekend in which to hear bagpipes, experience Ludington, sleep, play games, look at Lake Michigan, sleep, walk to the light house, eat ice cream, and SLEEP!

Emily said...

Elizabeth. Have some Michigan fun for me. This post makes me a bit homesick, but in a good way. :)

Katherine said...

-The Fam!

Sean Cameron said...

I caught a bass this morning at the cabin. I was fishing all of four seconds and it was Gimungous. That's how Corinne woke up this morning. I ran in and showed her the fish, still on the hook. She's a good sport and so was the bass. Though it may have been delicious, he swam off this time. This time.
Also we saw about a dozen chickens. One of them had a broken beak and one was named Ellen.
Then we took special-lens-super-close-up (one word) pictures of moss.
And I made a pie. It was my first strawberry-rhubarb and it turned out great!
This weekend gets a check plus.

Liz said...

I'm pictured not once but twice! That really turned my frown upside down today. Thanks. (And I'm totally not jealous that Janice is pictured thrice)