Sunday, May 20, 2012

Junk in the Trunk

Saturday was the perfect day to do some planting! So I went to the garden store and bought some flowers and soil and whatnot. When I got home and opened the hatch to take everything out, I realized that my car has some pretty random stuff in the trunk. So I thought I'd do a little show and tell. Feel free to judge away, but then I want to hear what's in your trunk!

1. Glove with ice scraper inside - one of my favorite winter survival tools! 

2. Blanket for emergencies (cold legs on winter morning drives to work) (or impromptu cuddling).

3. Flowers, plants, and soil.

4. Bag with blanket for picnics.

5. "Preach my Gospel" manual. 

6. Ice scraper. I keep it in the car year round so I don't jinx myself. The moment you take it out, it snows or ice-rains. I don't care if it's July. That thing stays in my car year round. You're welcome, fellow Michiganders. 

7. Shoe from when I broke a tiny bone in my foot last summer. Not sure why I haven't thrown this away yet.

8. Mad Gabs. You never know when you're going to need an emergency game! Or when you're just too lazy to bring the game inside...

9. Fireworks left over from last summer. Think they're still good? I'll let you light them and find out. 

So what's in your trunk?


Liz said...

I have a tent, a sleeping bag, and a lantern (for those impromptu camping trips) ;)

Mark said...

I don't have a trunk, but I do have space behind my seat. There's a hydraulic jack, tarp, change of clothes, blanket, practice guitar, and of course, a frisbee.

Yesterday was so nice we had our 3rd hour of church outside. A couple of the teenage boys were concerned that their clothes would get soiled sitting on the grass. I ran to the parking lot and returned with the blanket that has gone with me to concerts for 20 years. "Here you go, ladies", I said, and the boys took it.

Being prepared is good, especially if you use it on a 16-year old brat.

Mark said...

Oh yeah, my ice scraper stays in my car year round too! I keep it under my front seat, so it can slide forward and get wedged behind my brake pedal when I stop suddenly. I like to live dangerously that way.

Katherine said...

I have my reusable grocery bags, an umbrella, some ropes, and my ice scraper. I used to have a camping axe, but I think I finally took that out. It felt weird having it in there since I never camp. Except for that one time, which is when I bought the axe. Also, I'm not an axe murderer.

Liz said...

That's a nice size trunk. You could probably fit a couple dead bodies in there. Just a thought.