Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bear Cubs

I've mentioned the bear sanctuary I'll be visiting later this summer several times recently, so imagine my surprise when pictures from said sanctuary began appearing on my Facebook news feed!! My friend Hoon, who is in the U.P. for a dental rotation, visited our friend Dustin's family owned bear sanctuary and posted some pictures from his visit. 

I could hardly take in the cuteness! Look how cuddly those bear cubs look! With Hoon's permission, I had to share with you some pictures from his visit to the sanctuary. 

Cuteness overload, right!? My camping trip isn't until August, so I kinda need to stop thinking about those adorable bears or I'll just torture myself for the next four months. But I just had to share since several of you have asked about this place! Is anyone else as curious about this place as I am?


Claire said...

Here in Logan we have this event every spring at a local heritage farm place called "Baby Animal Days"

It is the highlight of springtime, really.

This year, they had baby bears. And they were the cutest thing ever. And all my roommates and I could talk about for days were how cute they were and how much we wanted to hold one.


Natasha and Jesse said...

I need to go there! I have a friend living in the U.P. and my husband and I just might have to take a trip out to visit her and her family...and visit the bears while we're there.

They look so cute!

Taylor said...

They're all cute and cuddly until they go mauling Siegfried & Roy style on you.

Elizabeth Downie said...

That's why I will only stick around when they're cubs! :)

Ashley said...

I went to a bear sanctuary up north when I was really young... I wonder if this was the place! I didn't hold a bear, though, so I'm super jealous and giddy for you!

Katherine said...

I'm also way excited about holding a bear cub!!!! I hope there are still some cubs small enough when we get there to hold! I just want to snuggle with them!!!