Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Weekend Update

Is it still ok to write a weekend update on a Tuesday? I hope so because (in case you couldn't tell) I'm doing it.

My weekend was a whirlwind which I suppose is why I didn't update on Monday. But even though the weekend was jam-packed, it was fun and full of good things. Here are some highlights:

I saw The Avengers: The reviews of the Avengers are all over the place, ranging from:

Best: "it's the most amazing movie you'll see in your life time."
Worst: "it's the most amazing movie you'll see this decade."

With reviews like that, I really had no idea what to expect. Was it going to be the best movie I'd ever seen? Or just the best movie I'd seen this year? Was I going to get a crush on the obvious eye candy, Captain America? Or the less obvious eye candy, Bruce Banner, in Hulk form?

I think the best part of the movie for me was the crowded audience I was in, specifically the super animated man sitting next to me. About 20 minutes into the movie he jumped and said, "Oh crap. I fell asleep!" But later he made up for it by stomping his feet excitedly whenever the Hulk was in a scene and occasionally loudly saying things like, "Where's the rewind button!?!?!" I enjoyed him.

In conclusion, here's my review of The Avengers: "Yeah, it was pretty good."

Ethan's birthday party: My adorable nephew, Ethan, turned six last week. One quick story about his birthday party: I had to leave a little early to pick up my grandma for a graduation party, and when Ethan found out I was leaving early, he grabbed me by the hand, led me into the kitchen, and told me to get a piece of cake before I left. Adorable? Or super adorable? I love that kid.

Graduation party: Later that day, we had a family graduation party for our three recent college grads (including one with her masters degree): Polly, Dana, and Katherine.

We had a bbq, played a game called Ladder Ball, and had a bonfire. My nephew, James, and I created some entertainment for people when we were playing our own version of Ladder Ball (which has nothing to do with the way the game should actually be played), and got one of the balls stuck in the tree. I'll let the following pictures tell the rest of the story:

I saw a snake.  And lived to tell the tale. The snake was heading right into the bonfire, but Brian saved it, and guided it to safety (shaking fist at Brian). Silly Brian. I don't know what it is about snakes, but they're creepy. I think it's the way they move - it's too snakey. Last night I laid in bed, wondering what could make snakes less scary. Legs wouldn't work because then they'd be more like centipedes. Fur wouldn't help either. I finally came up with the solution: mustaches. I really don't think I'd mind snakes if they had mustaches.

Mother's Day Mother's Day was fun. We had a nice dinner for my mom and gave her some gifts. My mom is great, and I love her a ton. Here's a picture of us from about 20 years ago*

How was your weekend?

* Indulge me.


Katherine said...

I know I already wrote this on Facebook, but this post contains possibly my favorite Elizabeth-ism ever: "I really don't think I'd mind snakes if they had mustaches." That's the BEST!!! HA!!! What a way to make snakes less scary! It really was a great weekend, and Ethan really is SO sweet!! I love that little guy! I also love our mom - she's the best ever!!!! I'm glad we got to celebrate her! :)

lizzie mc.- said...

Cute nephew. Cuter you. Post more childhood photos. I LOVE it!

elliespen said...

I think the insurmountable obstacle to making snakes not creepy is that the study of snakes is called "herpetology." I just don't think there's any recovering from that one, mustaches or no.

Erin Gong said...

I just picture snakes in their underwear.