Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wednesday Thoughts

Sometimes "Wednesday Thoughts" is a hard post to write. Today, for example, I'm kind of in a "blerg" sort of mood. Just feeling kinda blah, you know? We all have days like that I suppose.

So I think the right thing to do for Wednesday Thoughts today is to write about "things that are making me happy" rather than vent about all the things that are buggin me. (That would make for a more interesting post, but would probably lead to fighting as well, so I'll just do the happy one instead.)

1. Kittens
I captured this wild kitty yesterday and he temporarily made my life complete until he escaped my friends arms and ran free. He was so cute!

2. Vespas
I've decided owning a Vespa would make me happy. Random, I know.

 3. Graduations
Three members of my family just graduated! Katherine with her MFA and Polly and Dana with their bachelors degrees. I couldn't be more proud of them! And I'm really looking forward to the big graduation party we're having for them Saturday night!

4. Holidays
This Sunday is Mother's Day! And this weekend is also my nephew's SIXTH birthday! I can't wait to celebrate both.

5. Spring
Last night my friend Erin came over to hula hoop outside. The weather was perfect - it was the kind of weather meant for optimal human comfort. You know - neither too hot nor too cold. Perfect spring weather. And it got me thinking about what will be appearing soon: fireflies!

6. Hooping
Hula hooping has been making me happy lately. It's relaxing, fun, and good exercise! Win-win-win! Even my friend Adam has gotten into it. He likes it way too much when I reference him on my blog so I try not to but this is too funny not to share. After hooping a lot recently, he declared himself: "a hoopa loopa, like an oompa loompa but different."

7. Camping plans IN ACTION! Already requested some time off in August for the trip and now can start the planning. Super excited to hold a bear cub and see the Falls. I wonder if I can combine the two and bring the bear cub TO the falls? Probably not, huh? Oh well.

Ok, after focusing on the positive for a bit I think I'm feeling a little better.

What's making you happy today?

Happy Wednesday!


lizzie mc.- said...

I've always loved your positivity, and when you need to vent that it's always humorous!

Birthdays are hard for me. I get too introspective, like for New Years (since it's my personal new year.) I think of the amazing people in my life like you and then do what I ought'nt; I'm sad that I can't seem to be like them. Such wonderful, funny, thoughtful, hard working, big loving, beautiful in and out people. So for the wonderful person you are and your ability to lift others even on your yichl type days... thank you. I needed you today!

violet50 said...

I want to be a hoopa loopa toopa.

Liz said...

What's the difference between a Vespa, a scooter, and a moped? I really have no idea.
I guess I really need to get into hooping, I mean if Adam likes it it's gotta be cool.
I like to go camping. Hint hint.

Katherine said...

I would love a vespa, too! It would be so fun!! I'm excited about the summer, too! I've been seeing more commercials and things that are referencing summer and I'm looooving it!!! I'm also way excited about graduating - it was awesome times! AND I'm stoked about the party on Saturday - yay us!!! I'm pretty much excited about all of the stuff you're excited about! Sorry to be such a copycat. That's what little sisters are for!! (Oh, but I'm not excited about the kitten...sorry...allergies and all.)

Melanie said...

So last year I bought a weighted hula hoop and I really like it too! I'll have to hoop with you sometime!

Liz said...

A couple of things;
I hate, HATE cats, but I have to admit that kitten is really cute.
Another cute pic, the one of your parents dancing. So sweet.