Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wednesday Thoughts

I'm thinking about buying a tent. If you have been reading this blog for awhile, you might be shocked to hear this because last summer I wrote a post about how I don't like camping. But this summer, I think I like it. Or at least, I like the idea of it. The reality might smack me in the face when I actually do it - too cold to sleep, dirty clothes, muddy shoes, frizzy hair, marshmallow-y fingers, raccoons and snakes, walking to the bathroom...

Nevermind about the tent.

Over the weekend I made some insanely good cookies. I realize that sounds like bragging, but it's not since I did not come up with the recipe for the cookies myself. All I did was mix the ingredients perfectly then bake them in my skillful way until they turned into the most delicious cookies anyone had ever eaten. See, that's not bragging at all. The reason I mention these cookies (besides the joy of bragging) is because some people asked for the recipe, so here it is! (Link) But be warned, it's a huge recipe - I had to mix it in a punch bowl it was so big! 

Speaking of cookies, I'm on a diet. Sort of. Lately I've been impersonating someone who's not on a diet and I've pretty much mastered the disguise. But in reality, I'm supposed to be on a diet, according to my scale. Last night, Katherine and I decided to work out together, so we got our hula hoops out and hooped for a good while. It was a really sunny, warm day and my mind got to thinking about ice cream. But I didn't dare mention it because once you put that into the universe, it sets a string of events into motion.

About fifteen minutes after we were done hooping though, Katherine and I had the following conversation:

Katherine: You know what I'm thinking about?
Me: Dairy Queen.
Katherine: Yes! 
Me: I know. Me too. But we can't. We shouldn't.
Katherine (sighing): I know.

Ten minutes pass:

Me: I wonder how many calories are in a small sundae.
Katherine: I'll look it up!

We got online and let the justifying begin. We decided walking there would help, and getting bananas in the ice cream would make it even healthier. Not to mention the cherry on top. Fruit. It's in the food pyramid. Look it up. Then to make things even healthier, on our walk back, we saw a guy we wanted needed to avoid (for reasons of him being weird), so we turned a corner and walked an extra two miles to get home.

In the end, I'm not sure who won: the ice cream or us. Pretty sure it was us though.

Happy Wednesday!


Katherine said...

HA!! I love to read your summary of the evening's events. Good times. Maybe avoiding Boo was just what we needed to kick-start our diets. (Those delicious cookies didn't help it! SO good!) And the sundaes were the best ever! Just what we needed!

Ben said...

That reminds me of mine and Isabel's healthy Greek yogurt we had the other day!

I've actually been reading a book on weight loss lately that I find quite fascinating. You might like it too.

april millar said...

YUM! Looks like it's cookies for dinner tonight.

violet50 said...

I like "Let the justifying begin". I'm very good at it. And now that I know that I can have an orange cream bar for just 50 calories, I will be visiting DQ on a regular basis. I also imitate a person who is not on a diet very well. Too well, actually.

Nancy Face said...

Just last night I made oatmeal M&M cookies with my youth group girls to take to people as a surprise. I thought they looked pretty amazing, but they only had about 1/4 of the M&M's that your cookies have! Wow! Amazing! You win! :)

I gave up sugar 7 months ago. This is NOT a happy thing, but it has gotten a lot easier now that it's a habit. But I LOVE Dairy Queen! I recently discovered that they sell sugar free Dilly Bars that have 190 calories - not too shabby, considering how scrumptious they are! I better go get one tonight! Ha!

lizzie mc.- said...

Great blog! I haven't laughed from beginning to end so hard in a while. Oh dear friend. I'm going to read this one over and over!

Sara said...

I'd say rent a tent from REI. Or borrow one.

I bought myself a cupcake yesterday. And I haven't exercised all week. So you definitely win!

Liz said...

Just the mention of the DQ make me crave a delicious dilly bar. Although I've noticed that over the years they've shrunk in size. What the heck.