Saturday, January 1, 2011

3 Happy Things

Right before Thanksgiving, Ryan from the Singles Ward blog issued me a challenge: Every day for 33 days, write down three things that made me happy that day. On the 7th day, go back and find a picture representing one of the things on my list for day one and print out the picture. The next day, find a picture from day 2, and so on and so forth (while still making the list of three things every night). Then start making a collage of the pictures. On the 33rd day, the project is finished. I finished yesterday and I thought I'd share with you the finished project:

If I did anything fun with you in that time, it is in some way represented in the collage. And not everything is what it seems exactly. The Snickers, for example. Though I do like Snickers bars, that's not why there's a picture of Snickers there - that picture represents a wager I had with my co-workers which I won. The winner got a candy bar of their choice (in my case, a Snickers). I had a good time finding pictures of things on my list and I love having a visual reminder of some of the happy things in my life from this time period.

I really enjoyed this challenge for a few reasons:

1. It helped me to end the day thinking about the positive.
2. It made me realize how many good things and good people I have in my life.
3. Throughout the day I'd find myself thinking, "this should be one of my happy things," making me think positively throughout the day.
4. I feel that my way of thinking has altered, and though the project is finished, I am now in the habit of recognizing things that make me happy now.

My niece checking out my collage

If one of your New Year's resolutions is to be a happier person (in any way), I recommend you give this project a try! It is a concrete way of counting your blessings and would be a great way to start the new year! Thanks for the idea, Ryan! 


Katherine said...

I like it! I've been writing down pretty much only the good things in my journal that happened each day and it's really helped me! Cute picture of Sammy, too!!

Sarah said...

Seeing Rupert Penry-Jones in your collage goes on my list of things that made me happy today! :)

Heather said...

My list for today: 1. Kat posting as me on facebook. That was very funny.
2. Hanging out with all of you.
3. Hearing the kids tell me all about going to the store with you and kat. They said they saw a my little pony book and a diego book. They loved the sunroof in your car. Thanks! I have such great sisters.

Elizabeth Downie said...

We loved hanging out with you today! Those kids kill me with their cuteness. It was fun going to the book store with them. They are too cute and fun!!

Katherine said...

For reals, H! good times with your FB account and your kiddliwinks!!

Ashley said...

So cool. Go Elizabeth and Ryan!

violet50 said...

Gratitude is a great equalizer. It keeps me going.

TheSinglesWard said...

This comment has been approved by TheSinglesWard.

We like the way it turned out!

elliespen said...

Do I spy Captain Wentworth there? Excellent choice. :)

Anne Elliot said...

I think my happiness would greatly increase if I got to see Captain Wentworth looking back at me from the center of a collage every day!

Elizabeth Downie said...

I know, right? Captain Wentworth cheers me up every time I look at him. :)