Friday, December 31, 2010

The Pressure

Is there any night of the year with more pressure to do something "cool" than New Year's Eve? As far as pressure filled holidays go, I think it goes something like this:

1. New Year's Eve
1. Valentine's Day

(Yeah, I know they're both 1.)

It seems like all anyone is talking about lately is New Year's Eve plans. Several friends of mine are throwing little parties but secretly I am just in the mood to stay at home and watch a movie with a few people. Is that so wrong!?

I'm all hyped up with New Year's pressure today. Someone did something that ticked me off earlier today and I found myself thinking, "I can't believe he did that on New Year's Eve." What? Why!? It's not like it's my birthday. I need to just calm down. This day is clearly making me more sensitive than I need to be.

And I don't even want to talk about the pressure to kiss someone at midnight.

So I won't. Moving on... do you feel pressure to do something awesome tonight? Do you feel like a loser if you don't?

I'm excited about the new year. I just wish we didn't have to pass through New Year's eve (pressure) to get there. That having been said, I hope you all have a fun one - in whatever way is fun for you! No pressure! Do whatever you want to do! It's ok with me if you just stay home! Go to bed at 10:00 for all I care! (Actually, don't do that. Stay up till midnight. It's the one rule I enforce.) 

Happy New Year!


Sarah said...

Remember, as long as you have one awesome "Guess what I did on New Year's Eve" story, even if it was something you did to celebrate in 1999, just retell that, and then feel free to stay home in your pjs, eating pizza, watching a feel-good movie! :)

Katherine said...

Ugh. NYE. Too much pressure!!!!

Heather said...

It is so annoyingly stressful. I just want people to accept that I am going to do what I do every night, accept stay up an hour later and use my outside voice to say happy new year.

Anonymous said...

We've moved all our clocks ahead by three hours to fake out our kids. We will countdown til "midnight" at 9pm and then make a lot of noise and then tuck the kiddos into bed at a reasonable time. We won't be too far behind them! Earlier the kids made party hats and wrote out their resolutions, which will be tucked into their Christmas stockings for next year. HNY, Elizabeth!

Heather said...

Anonymous is a genius.

D said...

We told our kids it was NYE but they didn't really get it and didn't know they were supposed to stay (except they weren't since we put them to bed at the normal time). When i was a kid NYE meant good babysitting money. And really it hasn't changed much except now it's my own kids and I don't get paid in money.

We did a new year time capsule of the kids heights and favorite things. Matt and I made our budget and goals for this year.

I'm anti holiday pressure! Break out of the box! Start your own traditions! Everyone will think you are genius and follow your example. :)

Heather said...

I decided to have no stress. I went to my best friends party. She of all people understood that I had to leave when the two babies got fussy. So we were at home by 10:30. But the oldest three, the hubby and I did stay up to ring in the new year. (Then promptly fell asleep!)
Hope your 2011 is great.

I'm AE Jones said...

Just found your blog on The Singles Ward blog. Love your blog!! And yes, I felt a little pressure to do something on New Years Eve, but did I do anything? No. I ended up staying home with the fam - had a blast. :) Definitely following!

Amy Mauch said...

There's pressure to kiss someone at midnight? I don't feel that. is that something that someone without a boyfriend feels?

Anonymous said...

you need the website

actually dont go there, i have no clue what you will find and can not be held responsible for any scaring that may or may not occur.

Liz said...

I've always found Halloween to have a lot of pressure surrounding it to do something fun.