Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Concrete Plans

Ok, enough complaining about winter. Time to come up with some concrete plans to survive the next couple months. So far this winter, my survival techniques have consisted of:

♥  eating heavy, chocolaty foods (so good, only... some of my clothes are not fitting quite right, so this one needs to end. Now.)
♥  complaining (misery loves company).
♥  holing up inside, watching movies and clocking hours on my laptop (hm... not sure I can stop doing this one until it becomes less painful to go outside).
♥ feeling miserable. This is my least favorite method of survival.

It probably won't surprise you that these really aren't helping me survive. So I've come up with a strategy to get me through till spring:

♥ I'm going to repaint my bedroom a brighter, more sunshiny color. Like, this weekend.
♥ I'm going to fill my multi-window picture frame with summer pictures.
♥ I'm going to eat more fruits and veggies!
♥ I'm going to make some of these to brighten up a corner (picture and idea courtesy of Nie Nie):

Do you have any concrete plans? Please share!

Also, if you have any tips on how to kick what can only be described as a winter induced chocolate addiction, please do tell. Maybe I'll wean myself off with strawberries dipped in chocolate...


Today's Gift said...

Good ideas! Do you have a DIY for the yarn balls?

Sadly, I need help with the winter chocolate addiction too.

Elizabeth Downie said...

I just looked up a DIY and found this website - it looks pretty helpful! I'll let you know if it doesn't work:

Let me know if you end up doing the project! :)

Katherine said...

Ooooh, I'm SO excited about the new room color! I really find that feng shui can help lift your spirits - I rearranged my bedroom last November and felt awesome after! I kept thinking about it and how I wanted to go back and hang out in it! As for the chocolate addiction, I think there is no cure. But I'm OK with that.

Here's my coping contribution:

AE Jones said...

To kick the winter blues, I like giving myself a manicure and pedicure and using a totally happy, summery color on my toes. You know, a bright coral or pink... and only I know my toes are that color!

Anne Elliot said...

All of my friends have cabin fever, stuck inside with their kids all day, so they are leaving the kids at home and we are having a sleepover so we can all get out of the house and play!

lizzie mc.- said...

Repainting is ALWAYS fun. Check for coupons. You can always find a deal on quality paint. For example came across this the other day. Farm Bureau ins co. of all things has like 20% off sherwin williams. Find a less predominant color you like in a favorite quilt. I LOVE color, can you tell?

Make plans to venture out despite the weather. Don't let the adversarial weather win. Go play billiards or bowling or knock down feathers. Or if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Go to an indoor ice skating rink.

Sarah said...

I'd say buy more lamps! :) For me, the worst part of winter is the lack o' actual sunshine...this gray aura in our outside world is the pits. Sometimes, I just get home, close all my blinds, and turn on EVERY lamp. The extreme sunny yellow brightness (reflecting off my uber-yellow walls!) really perks me up! (I might have some of my paint leftover from when you helped me years ago...let me know if you want it!). :)

Michelle Williams said...

Go for short walks outside. The cold bracing air will refresh you and you'll be grateful to be stuck inside in the warmth again AND it will help you get rid of some calories gained by the chocolate. While walking, look up. Winter skys can be so beautiful and you'll get more light on your face. Also look for things of beauty, just like you photograph in the summer, they are there but you may need to search a little. Then put up a bunch of photos of thing you appreciated in winter (as well as summer), to remind you they are there waiting for you to discover them again. ;-)

Michelle Williams said...

I also agree with Sarah, lots of lights! We have a ton of lights in our house and they are invaluable during our gray winters!

Brady said...

I've actually been thinking about going to a tanning place, just to have warm feeling light on my skin. Cancer Shmancer!

Melissa C said...

I don't know what to tell you about the chocoalte addiction. I just started a 10 day cleanse diet (just call me TAMN now!), and it pretty much cut me off cold turkey from chocolate (except the meal shakes I take in the morning are chocolate flavored), as well as a ton of other stuff that is not vegetable or whole grain, and I am freaking STARVING right now, counting down until I can have my can of tuna in 5 minutes. YUM-not! I haven't told a ton of people about it, as if it doesn't work out well, I don't want people bugging me about it, but check back with me in 10 days and if things went well, I can let you know the details!

Heather said...

Keep eating the chocolates...I mean you are having them with strawberries.
I think your ideas rock!! I can't wait to see your room.

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure I am identical to your first four bullets. <3 :)