Thursday, January 13, 2011


Soundtrack: Kings of Leon album: Because of the Times, with a little White Stripes thrown in.

Grateful for: My snow boots. Snow's got nothing on me today!

Feeling: Lots:
1. Sad because my really good friend is moving.
2. Excited because I get to see an old mission friend tonight.
3. Tired, and excited for the weekend.

Confused by:
This Dove chocolate wrapper. At first I thought it was an insult, but then I realized it was a compliment. Compliments that feel like insults are the worst kind of Dove message:

Day dreaming about: Summer and traveling.

Hoping: You'll vote if you haven't yet! Today's the last day for the poll.

Worried: that this post is boring but,

Wanting: to put it out there anyway.

Needing: entertainment. Entertain me? Tell me about your "today!"


Katherine said...

Oh, Nobody. Hmm, my day has been:
Soundtrack: the "Where in the World is Carmen San Diego" song going round and round my head. Pandora is about to get clicked on.
Grateful for: Also my snow boots! And Frank Lloyd Wright. Thank you for being so interesting (although not the most moral guy) so I can research and teach about you.
Feeling: Sleepy, excited to read later, so-so about buying wood later.
Confused by: supply inventory.
Day dreaming about: summer, too! As well as registration and the future...hmmm...
Hoping: that something awesome will happen today.
Worried: about the future...
Wanting: a Kit Kat
Needing: a good snuggle. Boys...step up! ;)

Heather said...


Grateful for: My garage that keeps my car nice and warm and clean from falling snow.

Feeling:Stressed. Realizing I am way behind in getting Ethan ready for Kindergarden.

Confused by: how to teach him Rhyming words.

Day dreaming about: Being rich and being able to put him in preschool.

Hoping: I will win the lottery. Oh, wait, do you still have to play it to win? Maybe then I am wishing for some random, unknown, long lost very rich family member to come forth and give me money.

Worried: That he will fail because I've failed.

Wanting: This to be easier and Someone to organize me.
Needing:A printer that works. Someone to watch my kids for 3 days so I can organize without kids running through my piles. lol

Heather said...

I forgot a soundtrack, how about: "We just figured out blues clues, we just figured out blues clues, we just figured out blues clues, because we're really smart!"

Ashley said...

Soundtrack: The loud chatter of first graders.

Grateful for: Indoor heat.

Feeling: Hungry

Confused by: Boys. Always.

Day dreaming about: Warm weather.

Hoping: To take a vacation soon.

Wanting: Some good times!

Needing: Money!

I'm AE Jones said...

Ha- you're right. That does kind of sound like an insult. My today: I just sat through the most boring two-hour movie talking about a new app for the iPad. Blah.

Sarah said...

Soundtrack: "Bolero" by Ravel...that song has some serious motivating powers!

Grateful for: The internet...seriously, what did I do without it?

Feeling: Hungry, tired, cold feet, and wanting a hot shower

Confused by: People's lack of recycling...the bins are RIGHT THERE!

Day dreaming about: Summer and nailed it! :)

Hoping: My body will just magically get in shape

Worried: That it probably won’t

Wanting: Good food

Needing: Fast food

lizzie mc.- said...

Soundtrack: Sesame Street

Grateful for: Resolutions

1. Overwhelmed: Too much to do before a luncheon tomorrow.
2. Perturbed: If Santa loved me he put the tree down for me.
3. Tickeled: I make me laugh at least.

Confused by:
Men of ALL ages... still. Being married doesn't solve anything.

Day dreaming about: Time travel.

Hoping: Your mission friend is the one I'm thinking about.

Worried: That I'll forget to put the ham in at 6am tomorrow morning.

Wanting: a maid.

Needing: entertainment. And I got it. Always love your blogs.

Heather said...

That wrapper gave me a headache.
No one threw up on me.
Sad because husband is out of town.
Glad because I am alone and I get to hold the remote.

Brady said...

Katherine- I have stepped up.

Katherine said...

Well, well, Brady....