Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wednesday Thoughts

I was thinking today about one of my childhood best friends, Caitlin. Caitlin was a great friend who lived in my town for a year or two when I was around 8 or 9 years old.

Here are some of the things Caitlin and I did together:

*came up with the best recipe ever: melted chocolate chips and peanut butter eaten in a bowl, with chopsticks.

*listened to 96.3 all day long waiting for our favorite Prince, Madonna, and Weird Al songs to come on so we could tape record them. This was a lot of work but paid off in the end.

*adopted a three legged cat and felt really sorry for its misfortune, cooing over it and wondering what had happened to it and worrying profusely about its future and the difficult life it would lead.

*pulled in the most pathetic looking tree branch Caitlin could find and decorated it for Christmas instead of a Christmas tree.

*wore plastic charm necklaces, Michael Jackson pins and tons of plastic bracelets.

*attempted to make our own clothes. This is my favorite Caitlin memory. My mom had some left over fabric that she let Caitlin and I use. We spent the afternoon cutting out fabric based on what we assumed were our body types. Luckily for us, we were sticks back then and guessed correctly. I made a t-shirt and shorts, and by made I mean stapled, safety pinned, and taped. We were so proud of our work. We spent the entire day in those outfits, running around outside, riding our bikes, and pretty much showing off our sewing skills to anyone who cared. It's truly a miracle that the clothes stayed intact all day. We never wore them again and I have no idea what became of them. I assume they either fell apart or my mom "lost" them.

I would love to hear about some adventures you had with your childhood best friends.

Happy Wednesday!


Katherine said...

Those are such fun memories! I remember eating that delicious chocolate/pb recipe, too - but I don't think I used chopsticks... I remember all of the things Heather Rockwell (down the street) and I did - pretending we were gymnasts, accidentally leaving her hamster in the fridge all day (he was OK), also listening to 96.3 and taping our favorite songs, getting into trouble for getting her into her sister's make-up. I also remember making my own clothes, esp. shirts as well as clothes for our Barbies. Ah, good times.

brenda hatch said...

I totally remember 96.3!

Can your blog be one of the best to read?!

Heather said...

I remember walking around the block to Payal Shawl and Kym Lyke's houses.

I remember Kurt (who mom watched) told me his name was easy to spell because it was Truck backwards ( he must have thought truck was spelled truk) :)

I remember hanging out at Emily Monty's house. Good times.

Natalie said...

I remember writing to the new kids on the block in behalf of my best friend, Marne Pehrson when I was nine. She loved them and I was sure one of them would fall in love with her too, if they just gave her a chance! But secretly I figured one of them would fall in love with me too, so it wasn't a purely selfless act.

Kathy said...

My childhood best friend and I decided to make a friendship quilt together. We collected old pieces of fabric, including old t-shirts. Hand sewing an entire quilt turned out to be a bigger project than we expected. I still have the small block that we did finish.

I also remember that going to her house to spend the night was absolutely terrifying. She lived in an old farm house with raccoons in the attic. You could hear them at night. Spooky. And her family also had two giant mastiffs that they had to keep locked in the bathroom because they were so vicious to visitors. I remember having to pee SO bad, but I didn't want them to release the dogs on me. I think my parents only let me spend the night the one time. :)

Pollz said...

you are totally adorable in that picture. Sounds like some fun adventures. It reminds me of my childhood so long ago....


Melissa C said...

great memories! I did some of the same things with my neighbor and sister(except in Ohio, we listened to 92X or something) Loved the plastic charm necklaces, we made Oreo cake in the microwave out of smashed oreos and milk, had a fort in the backyard, wore our Superwoman Underoos in publci and sewed tons of barbie clothes and pillows. Great times!

David and Linda said...

I listened to WXYZ and CKLW - the latter out of Canada - on my little pink transister radio, hidden under my pillow when I was supposed to be sleeping. Apparently I listened to CKLW a little too much, according to my kids, who hear oot and aboot in my speech patterns. I think it is all in their imaginations.

Vaughn said...

Anthony and I blew stuff up, alot of it, all the time. Fireworks were never more than a few feet away when we were together.
Curtis and I used to people watch, and piss people off as best we could. This included pranks such as calling his grandma and Grandpa to tell them on April Fools day that his little brother got hit by a car, which we got whipped for.
Josh and i burned just about anything would could get our hands on, i cannot go into detail, because we could still be in trouble for some of it. We also used a go-kart as a getaway vehicle and got chased going about 15 mph (our top speed that we had to push to get started) running from a cop...we thought we could get away.

Caitlin said...

Don't forget;

*Rollerskating in your garage to Madonna music
*Playing Monopoly
*Making those silly God's eye thingies and planning to get rich selling them
*My parents bringing me to your house when one of your siblings (Katherine?) had chicken pox so I could catch it from her. (Thanks a lot, Mom and Dad)

I can't believe you remember me!

Liz said...

A few of my friends and I would go around the neighborhood collecting weeds and then we would eat them.