Friday, March 19, 2010

Cure for the surlies

Sometimes I find myself in the surliest mood. I'd blame it on being a woman and all that goes along with that, but that might be seen as anti feminist so I'll blame it on something else.

Today I've been fighting back the surlies. I'm pretty sure it's just because I'm tired, I'm not feeling that great, and everyone is being really annoying. Ok, that last one isn't true. But the first two are.

These moods don't come too often but when they do I know I'm not pleasant to be around. So I try to take my orneriness out on things that won't be affected by it and spare the innocent bystanders around me.

One of my favorite outlets is game shows. I watch those shows and say the meanest things to the contestants. And I have to say, it is so satisfying. Sometimes I take stuff out on Alex Trebeck too, just because he's a know-it-all. But I never say anything bad to Pat or Vanna because they are just too sweet. Although sometimes I tell Pat it's time to update his hair style but I say it nicely.

Most of my ridicule is in the form of taunting, like when I'm watching Wheel of Fortune and reach the end of my rope: "I can't believe you can't solve the puzzle yet!! Don't they have some kind of screening process to get on this show!? And you better not guess a 'b' again! If you love the letter 'b' so much, why don't you marry it!?!?! Come on!!"

With Jeopardy it's something like, "How could you possibly have gotten that wrong!? What is wrong with you? I've known that since like 6th grade! And don't let Alex talk to you like that! And Alex, quit being so dang condescending with your, 'why the answer was Samiginaokao Tinawakeewee to the fourth power, of course.' Why do you have to throw in, 'of course'!? Standing there, reading answers on your little note cards acting like you know stuff."

Usually by the end of Jeopardy, I feel a ton better. And no one gets hurt. How do you get rid of your bad moods?


David and Linda said...

I listen to you take Alex down a peg.

Priscilla said...

Haha! Hey, I think all of those exact same thoughts while watching those game shows, even when I'm NOT in a surly mood! You crack me up. :) Hope tomorrow is a little less of the surlies. Try a bubble bath or some Rocky Road ice cream, or watch a couple episodes of Saved by the Bell - might cheer you up a little? ;)

Katherine said...

Hilarious! You crack me up. I usually write angrily in my journal or punch pillows or bottle it up until I feel like I'm going to burst, then cry and punch more pillows. Or...something like that.

Anonymous said...

First off I yell when I'm feeling surly. To get out of the mood I sing to the kids what I want to tell them instead of yelling. Then they feel better and then I feel better.

Crystal said...

I don't watch Wheel of Fortune, but I definitely talk to Jeopardy. My husband and I make fun of the contestants and ridicule them when they make a mistake. I hate the way Alex is so condescending, like when he answers "no" real quick when they are wrong. And the way he can pronounce everything oh so perfectly. You know he's probably secretly stupid. (actually I think I read that he is quite smart, but I am going to choose to consider him dumb because it makes me feel better)

I also enjoy talking to news anchors, especially when they are adding their own commentary after a story. Just read the news and shut up people!

brenda hatch said...

Move to AZ!

Heather said...

Well, about an hour ago, I went downstairs and punched the crap out of the futton and then layed down on it and screamed. It helped a titch. Sometimes it helps when I make a fist as hard as I can and make a really angry fast and shake a bit.

I was going to say that maybe reading a Babysitters club book would work, but if I was in a bad mood I would probably be like, " so Jessie's black and Mallory's white..NO KIDDING Ann M. Martin!! WE KNOW ALREADY!! STOP TELLING US THE SAME THINGS OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!!
I really like your idea's though, i will definatly try them.

Drake said...

Try yelling at Trebek in a Sean Connery accent a la SNL's Celebrity Jeopardy.

"I bet ya wouldn't be so smart without those cards, Trebek! He's a card reader!"

Sarah said...

Good timing...I just finished reading this article:

It has great ideas, easy ones, too! Like, look at something orange. I recommend a Cutie clementine...they make me smile instantly! :)

Where to go from HERE said...

Remember that if you ever want to rid the world of Alex Trebeck have him say Kcebert Xela, just like Adam West did and you will send him back to his own dimension. He really is just so a know it all. Must say though, if I could ever have his job that would be awesome.